10 Ways to Use Barn Doors

If you want to incorporate barn doors into your home, here are ideas and examples to get you started.

Barn doors have become a must-have for interior designers looking to accent hardwood floors. Create a unique twist with this charming form of antique lumber.

1. Make a Unique Entrance

A single barn door can be finished with exterior urethane or painted to make a charming front door. Brightly colored front doors are in, so go ahead and paint that door bright yellow, classic red or even a soothing blue. Take your time choosing door hardware like hinges that complement the rough, handmade look. Hammered metals and wrought iron are an excellent place to start.

Barn Door Front Entrance

2. Cozy up a Bedroom

The warmth, texture and relaxed vibe of a barn door makes it a perfect fit for the bedroom. You aren’t limited to the main doorway. Consider using them on closets or as the entry to the master bathroom. If you want to paint your door to match your decor, consider products like milk and chalk paint that will maintain the authentic look.

3. Divide a Space with Style

One of the most common ways barn doors are used in Dallas homes is as functional yet magnificent room dividers. They can split rooms that have to do double-duty, like separating a computer area off from a kid’s play area or a dining space from a living area. They’re also a great choice for replacing existing dividers like old pocket doors and outdated, stationary dividers.

4. A Unique Twist for a Library or Entertainment Center

Rooms and closets aren’t the only thing that can use doors. One large or two small barn doors can make a wall of built-ins for books or even an entertainment center look cohesive. If you must have some exposed shelf space to give the doors room to move, set it up as a display area for art and nick-knacks.

5. Conceal Niche Spaces

Barn doors are unique and using them in a unique way is sure to get attention. Use a set of smaller doors in front of a closet converted into a crafting space or to dress up a storage area. Hide your hall laundry closet or stow away guest beds in a one-of-a-kind way. You could install recessed bunk beds or a fold-down bed into a wall to save space in an office, play room or craft room without sacrificing room for guests.

6. Add Drama to the Kitchen

Barn doors are fun to use and great to look at, so why not put them in a room you use frequently? The kitchen can offer a few spots for a barn door. Use one at the entrance to your dining room, pantry or even a wet bar. Choose a wood door that compliments your kitchen cabinets or paint it white and use your new door as an excuse to outfit your kitchen in stunning shiplap.

7. Fitting Tight Spaces

Sliding doors are an excellent way to eek extra space out of small rooms. Unlike a traditional swing door, they don’t need clearance in front of them to open. You can fit larger furniture into the space and consider more interior layouts. A door with plenty of personality and chunky barn hardware even doubles as a great art piece.

8. Conquer Awkward Corners

For awkward corner doorways, there might not be enough open wall space for typical exposed track hardware. But is there space for a sliding pocket door? An experienced contractor can take an appropriately sized barn door and transform it into a custom pocket door. You’ll need special hardware for the track and handle, but it’s worth it to turn an awkward space into a gorgeous one.

9. Make a Statement in Modern Decor

Having a minimalist design doesn’t mean forgoing rustic elements. A barn door with simple lines is a great way to bring warmth and texture to your design. Work the door into the space by choosing barn door hardware with a clean design. You could even use a modern-style handle.

10. Tying it All Together

Barn wood looks right at home in rustic design, but you can incorporate it into any design scheme. Paint the door a color that matches your decor, use wood tones similar to your door elsewhere in your design or bring in other rustic elements that play off the style. Projects like turning salvaged lumber into a simple end table or turning an antique window frame into wall decor are fun and easy ways to bring it all together.


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