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Is Engineered Hardwood the Same as Laminate Flooring?

At Peeks, our staff is sometimes asked: is engineered hardwood the same as laminate? It’s not surprising for shoppers to be unsure. After all, there are many flooring products these days. So, we thought we’d explain what engineered wood flooring is, what laminate is, and how they differ. Why Choose Engineered Hardwood? More luxurious choice …

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What is Engineered Hardwood?

If you’re shopping for hardwood floors in Dallas TX you’ve likely come across the term “engineered hardwood.” It’s often sold right alongside regular hardwood, but what’s the difference? Engineered hardwood is a more eco-friendly, moisture-friendly and temperature-flux tolerant alternative to regular hardwood. They’re about the same price, so if you’re set on the warmth of …

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Natural Worthington Herringbone Hardwood

Specifications: CONSTRUCTION: Engineered SURFACE TEXTURE: KaraFinish WIDTH: 5-inch THICKNESS: 9/16-inch SQ.FT/CARTON: 9.84 SUBFLOOR TYPE: Wood/Concrete SHADE: Medium SPECIES: Oak

Soft Golden Villa Pointe Hardwood

Specifications: CONSTRUCTION: Engineered SURFACE TEXTURE: KaraFinish WIDTH: 7-1/2-inch THICKNESS: 9/16-inch SQ.FT/CARTON: 23.48 SUBFLOOR TYPE: Wood/Concrete SHADE: High

Ecru Ashmore Hardwood

CONSTRUCTION: Engineered SURFACE TEXTURE: KaraFinish WIDTH: 9-inch THICKNESS: 9/16-inch SQ.FT/CARTON: 32.65 SUBFLOOR TYPE: Wood/Concrete SHADE: Medium SPECIES: Oak


Hardwood Floors Make a statement with the perfect combination of natural strength and style. Our hardwood flooring is easy to clean and undeniably stylish. Hardwood is a timeless selection for homes that will last for years even under heavy foot traffic. You’ll love the strength that hardwood floors offer your home without sacrificing beauty. Our …

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Hardwood Floor Installation

Peek’s Premier Dallas Hardwood Floor Installation If you’re one of Peek’s customers in Dallas that has hardwood floor installation on the horizon, you may be wondering what to expect. Understanding installation before you shop and being prepared for the big day will help make your installation smooth and free from surprises. We asked one of …

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Finding Kid-Friendly Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound

Life with children can be unpredictable. For every unforgettable moment and goodnight kiss, there are spills, dirt and stomping feet to go along with them. If you’ve always wanted hardwood flooring for your Flower Mound home, you don’t have to put it off. Today’s hardwood is tough enough to stand up to the rigors of …

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