Why Choose Bamboo Flooring in Your Dallas Home Remodel?

Every homeowner has a remodeling wish list. What’s on yours? Maybe you want whole-home hardwood despite a tight budget. You might be shooting for a green remodel, or you have a child with asthma and good indoor air quality tops your list. All of these wishes can be met with one flooring type, beautiful and durable bamboo. Bamboo flooring is a Dallas decorator favorite for good reason. If you haven’t considered bamboo flooring before, take a closer look at this fantastic option.

Material Sustainability

We often refer to bamboo as “wood,” but it’s not wood at all. It’s a type of grass that grows as dense, thick reeds. While it takes your average hardwood tree 25 to 50 years to be harvest-ready, bamboo can be harvested in as little as three years. It also grows in compact stands and is so resilient that it requires almost no pesticides or fertilizers. That means it can be grown on sustainable plantations with minimal disruption to surrounding habitat.

Bamboo is consistently awarded LEED certification by the US Green Building Council and is heavily favored by eco-conscious interior designers and architects. If material sustainability is a must-have for you, go all the way and ask about Forest Stewardship Council-certified bamboo flooring at our Dallas showroom. FSC certification verifies that your flooring was produced in an ethical, eco-friendly way.

Bamboo Flooring with that Dallas Flare

When you picture bamboo floors, you might think of thin, pale blonde planks with a distinctly modern look. That style is certainly available, but bamboo has broadened its horizons. Think traditional, contemporary, Old World, ultra mod and everything in between. There’s something to fit every design scheme.

Bamboo is now available in a range of plank widths, including extra wide, and a rainbow of colors from deep darks to pale gray. Manufacturers are also taking advantage of bamboo’s unique texture to make breathtaking styles. The incredible tiger striping and rich plank-to-plank tonal variation you spy in high-end home design owe their colors to bamboo. You may even find weathered options for flooring with some Dallas country style.

Natural Materials, Great Prices

Natural materials are the Rolls Royce of remodeling, but it’s no secret that they’re an investment. With a strict remodel budget, you may think you have to choose between your natural material dreams and laminate or similar options to keep costs down. Bamboo offers a way to save your dream of authenticity without breaking the budget.

Bamboo flooring averages about a third of the price of hardwood flooring like oak and pine. Engineered choices are often comparable to the cost of laminate and are available in easy-to-install, click-lock styles. Seamless, room-to-room natural flooring isn’t a pipe dream with bamboo.

Grown Tough

Hardwood toughness is rated on the Janka Hardness Scale. Low on the scale are soft woods like balsa, which you can practically carve with your fingernails. Up at the top are virtually dent-proof exotics like Brazilian ebony. It may come as a surprise, but bamboo is so dense that it actually outstripes flooring favorites like oak and ash on the hardness scale.

Bamboo’s denseness also makes it more resistant to warping than other woods. It can often be used in light moisture areas like kitchens without issue. For maximum toughness, new manufacturing methods use extra-hard coatings or the core strands of the bamboo to make flooring strong enough to withstand the busiest lifestyles.

Indoor Air Quality

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are natural and man-made substances that easily evaporate into the air we breathe. Many are harmless, but some people are concerned about the presence of harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and benzene in their home. Some homeowners have health concerns like allergies or migraines, but many simply want the best possible indoor air quality.

It’s possible for the glues, adhesives and finishes used in flooring to contain VOCs. Bamboo is readily available in low-VOC options. When you ask about bamboo flooring at our Dallas showroom, you can review options that meet EPA low-VOC standards, third party certifications or manufacturer guarantees.

Other Eco-Friendly Flooring

Bamboo isn’t the only green flooring choice. For bathrooms and basements, go for recycled materials. Moisture-friendly, recycled material floors like luxury vinyl tile come in wood and stone looks. For bedrooms and living rooms, softer flooring like carpet is available in both recycled and low-VOC lines. If you’re looking for another sustainable, natural choice, check out cork. It’s elegant and comfortable to walk on.

Bamboo isn’t just for minimalist apartments. With its top-notch durability, startling affordability and a litany of stunning styles to choose from, bamboo can find a place in any eco-friendly home design. For pricing information or to take a look at some samples, stop by one of our four showrooms. Our experts can give you the run-down on our bamboo flooring choices.

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