What’s the best carpet for allergies Dallas TX?

best carpet for allergies Dallas TX

Just because you have allergies, it doesn’t mean you can’t have carpet. Today’s carpets may be better for allergy sufferers than the old styles. Let’s look at what’s the best carpet for allergies Dallas TX.

Normal carpets will trap dust, pollen, dander and other unwanted visitors. For some allergy sufferers, this is actually a good thing. It makes these things less likely to circulate in the air. Of course, the more they are absorbed, the more cleaning is needed to remove them. Vacuuming stirs the particles up in the air where they have a chance to reach human eyes and noses.

best carpet for allergies and asthmaNonorganic carpets are actually good at repelling many natural allergens. Organisms, such as mold, are looking for food. Today’s carpets give them nothing to eat. Pollen will dry out when met with nonorganic fibers.

Stain-resistant materials also keep allergens at bay. They are less likely to absorb liquid, and that keeps the fibers from molding. Since cleaning is more effective, there’s less residue to trap or attract allergens.

This brings us to which specific carpets are best for you to buy. The most effective allergy-controlling fiber is nylon. That means you’ll have plenty of options. You should consider tightly woven strands. This means you don’t want long or shag carpeting. It is best not to get wool, although it may be tempting, because it is an organic material.

If you are worried about environmental factors, you can choose carpet that is labeled low VOC. That standards for volatile organic compounds, such as benzene and formaldehyde. You may want to invest in “green” carpet padding and “green” carpet glue to ensure that your carpet will not release offending particles or off-gases.

To keep the carpet cleaner, consider a deep-penetrating vacuum with a HEPA air filter. You could invest in a steam cleaning vacuum for regular use.

Peek’s has a large selection of carpets and other flooring types. Our well-trained staff can help you decide what’s best for your lifestyle.

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