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What’s that old cliché? Home is where your heart is? We all recognize that a home is much more than just some house – or apartment, for that matter. When the place we live is near and dear to us, when it evokes warm, pleasant feelings, that is home, be it ever so humble.

Carpet Living RoomWhen you look around your home, do you like what you see? Does it feel good to be home? Or do things look a little shabby? Would you look forward to inviting your boss or a client or any person you want to make a good impression on to your home?

Often, it’s not so much that things are showing wear and tear that makes us seek change. We like variety, and we like things that look fresh and new, including what is underfoot. Replacing old carpeting with new can transform your entire home, even if you change none of the furniture or wall coverings. A new flooring installation can make a huge difference.

In the information age we often look first to the World Wide Web to figure things out. When you search online for something like “carpet installation near me,” you will find many options. There are many options for carpet in Dallas, TX. How do you decide?

Don’t let the enormity of the enterprise intimidate you. Peek’s Floor Company will make everything easy and painless for you. Come to any of their local showrooms to see the collection of carpets available from multiple mills and manufacturers. Check out the range of quality, let us help you educate yourself and research your options.

When You Search for “Carpet Installation Near Me” Online

What to Expect when You Come to a Peek’s Floor Showroom

Your Peak’s Sales Representative will want to know some information in order to help you:

  1. How is the room going to be used?
  • Is traffic in this room light or heavy?
  • Is this room an activity center for family or entertaining?
  • Does this room have direct access from outside the house?

These questions help your Peek’s representative gauge which grade and style of carpet would will work best for your home. When you can give a detailed picture of your expectations for the new carpet, you ensure that it is appropriate for its usage. Will it be it important that the carpet stand up to pets, running children and bustling activity? Or do you care more about how it will look and feel in a formal living room that doesn’t get a lot of use?

  1. What color and style of carpeting do you like?
  • How much will the room get used? (a heavily used room may not be the best place to install white or very light-colored carpet.)
  • Will kids be playing down on the floor? Or is it a formal room that doesn’t get much use? (Again, this influences the color but also the type of carpet – a floor for playing on should have carpet that does not shed and that is stain resistant)
  • Is it a small room or a large room? (Smaller rooms feel larger with a lighter colored carpet while larger rooms can feel cozier with a mid-to-darker colored carpet.)
  • What are the lighting conditions in the room? (Natural light will show the true color of the carpet while rooms on the north side of a house may need a lighter shade of carpet to keep them from feeling darker than they are.)

If you had the presence of mind to keep fabric swatches from drapes and furniture as well as wallpaper samples and paint chips from the past, you should bring them when selecting new carpeting (and we congratulate you for your unusual and profound level of organization). Otherwise, take digital pictures of furnishings and walls as a reference point. But you should also remember that the lighting in the store is not exactly the same as in your home. Your best bet, especially if you are highly particular about color, is to take some carpet samples home with you.

Even if you don’t need to find the perfect match with your existing décor, you should remember that color can affect your mood – warmer colors energize and cooler tones provide a sense of calm – and pick a color you can live with for years to come.

  1. Are you installing this carpet for the purposes of selling the home or are you re-decorating it for your enjoyment?

Your Peek’s Floor sales representative can help you determine which style of carpeting might be best for your purpose. A home seller wants to select a neutral toned carpet in a simple style, such as a cut-pile texture. But a home-owner who is re-decorating for future pleasure has more varieties and choices available.

  1. What is the size of the room to be carpeted?

The sales representative needs to know the approximate size of the area to be carpeted in order to give an estimate on total cost of the carpeting. Come prepared with a rough estimate of the size of your room and a sketch of the layout if it is not a perfect rectangle. When you’re ready to buy, Peek’s Floor Company will send a professional to take the final measurements.

All cost estimates should include padding, installation, seaming, stairs (if applicable), thresholds, the moving of furniture and the removal of old carpet or other flooring and materials.

When it comes to flooring installation, Peek’s Floor is dedicated to making your life so much easier. You can rely on Peek’s Floor Company.

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