Is Quartz Better Than Granite?

quartz countertops

When it comes to countertops, there are many materials, but none are quite so durable as granite and quartz. What’s the difference? Is Quartz better than Granite for countertops? Do quartz countertops stain? What is the average price for granite countertops installed? We’ll give you the facts and let you decide what you think.

Natural or Manmade?

Quartz countertops are actually manmade whereas granite is 100 percent natural. Mined from a quarry, granite is sliced and polished to become a counter for your home. Also mined, quartz is crushed and then reformed into a durable surface through the use of polymer resins.

granite countertopsTough Enough?

We thought we’d check with experts on this one. According to Consumer Reports, both granite and quartz deserve excellent ratings for heat resistance, cutting and abrasion. Testers tried sharpened steak knives attached to a special rig which hit the countertops 25 times. The same testers dropped a weighted saucepan that had been heated to four hundred degrees and contained heated oil. They even used 100-grit sandpaper to try and rough the surface. In every case, there was little evident wear. Now that’s tough.

Colorfast or Easily Stained?

Consumer Reports testing showed that the two materials are equally resistant to many different substances. They did give a higher rating to quartz when it came to food coloring or beet juice.

How Unique?

Quartz countertops can be quite unique. The fact that they are manmade allows for distinctive colors to be added. You can get quartz that looks like marbled stone or that matches your color scheme.

On the other hand, granite has a one-of-a-kind look. Granite’s unique color patterns are made as molten materials cool and solidify. You may find yourself building your kitchen around your countertops’ color palette.

How Much?

According to the experts at HGTV, quartz countertops start out cheaper than granite. For instance, the least expensive quartz might be $1,500 while granite might run $2,000. However, the two meet in the middle and then quartz becomes more expensive. The most expensive granite might top out at $4,000 while quartz may run as much as $5,500. In either case, professional installation is a must.

According to Consumer Reports, more contractors and home owners are choosing quartz. This means it is more likely to improve home values. This may account for the price difference.

If price is your concern, you should definitely get quotes from Peeks staff. You can compare your choices and see which one actually saves you money.

Final Analysis: Is Quartz Better than Granite?

Well, we have to defer to your opinion. We like them both. If you are going with traditional materials, granite may be the most logical choice. If you demand a modern look, quartz can be rendered in contemporary, monotone colors.

Tell us what you think and let us show you what’s available. Peeks offers quartz countertops, granite countertops, and professional installation.

What’s the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile?

What's the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile

Which is better porcelain or ceramic tile? From Bob Villa to Better Homes and Gardens, reviewers seem to agree that home owners can’t go wrong with either one. There are differences between porcelain and ceramic tile, but today’s quality and choice has never been better.

These tiles are more desirable than laminate and can truly be an alternative to real wood. For instance, styles are as diverse for these tiles as they are for laminate or vinyl plank. Best of all, ceramic and porcelain flooring are likely to add significant value to the home. Wood look porcelain tile Dallas TX gives hardwood a run for its money. For that matter, ceramic tile that looks like wood is an equally good choice.

If you are considering new floors, you should get to know these siblings, their advantages and disadvantages.

Which is better porcelain or ceramic tileCeramic Tile Advantages

Ceramics cost about 30 percent less than porcelain tile flooring. It is less expensive to produce, and, therefore, less expensive to buy. To make the tiles, a less refined clay is kiln-fired to achieve a hard surface. These tiles are durable and long lasting.

Like porcelain, ceramics come in a wide variety of beautiful looks. You can find something to fit your style, whether its traditional, contemporary, bold or artsy. Namebrands, such as Interceramic and Mohawk, are familiar to Dallas TX shoppers.

In hot climates, such as ours, the ceramic surface is desirable for its natural coolness. It feels good to bare feet.

The product is easier to cut, and installation requires less skill. Porcelain is likely to break in the hands of an inexperienced contractor. Tile density has a good side and a bad side. While ceramic tile is less dense than porcelain tile, it is also a far easier material for do-it-yourselfer homeowners to cut manually, by wet tile saw, or with a snap tile cutter.

Porcelain Tile Advantages

The first thing to note is that porcelain is a type of ceramic. Today’s porcelain is a modern scientific achievement known for low water absorption rates. True porcelain has an absorption rate of .5 percent or less.

The same thing that makes porcelain water resistant, also makes it more durable than ceramic. Porcelain’s composition is denser and smoother. This fine-grained composition helps make it impervious to stain-causing liquids.

To create porcelain, engineers use a combination of quartz, clay and feldspar. Then it is fired at 1,200 degrees Celsius. Generally porcelain contains more kaolin and is purer than ceramic.

As a result of its higher concentration of feldspar, true porcelain tile is more durable. Furthermore, not only is it less likely to break or chip, but if it does, the color is true throughout the tile. Ceramic tiles have an exterior glaze, and a chip will reveal a different color.

Since it is smooth and nonporous, Porcelain is easier to keep clean than ceramic. There’s less upkeep and more reward. This may be important in high traffic areas.

Lastly, flooring experts agree that ceramic should never be used outdoors. This is due to its tendency to grow as it retains water. This leads it to crack easily. Porcelain is better suited to outdoor use and to indoor use, where water is involved. This is why home owners prefer porcelain for pools, bathtubs and showers.

You really can’t go wrong with ceramic or porcelain tiles. Peeks Floor Company staff will help you find the right fit for your style and budget. Five Dallas area locations mean that there is a showroom near you.

How to Detect a Foundation Leak?

Detect a Foundation Leak

Water can get under your house in multiple ways. The plumbing system may be old and leaky, the gutters may be clogged, or tree roots may have infiltrated beneath the construction.  Each problem increases unwanted moisture. Regardless of how it takes place, you need to know how to detect a foundation leak and fix the situation before it affects the stability of your home.

Here are a few tips from Jim at Granite Foundation Repair, a professional foundation repair company in Dallas, that will help you find a foundation leak without having any plumbing experience.

Check the appliances in your home

The first sign that you are dealing with a foundation leak should appear in the form of a high utility bill, which is most likely the result of a leaky appliance in your home. Check for dripping faucets, pipe leaks and even your toilet. The excess water is most likely pooling under the construction and could have a severe impact on your house.

Search for damp carpets or floors

If there are no visible leaks from your appliances, it might be the plumbing system has developed small holes or cracks. You can identify the leaking ducts by looking for damp carpets or floors in and around your home. The water may infiltrate the walls and create small pools where the leakage takes place.

Recognize the smell of moldRecognize the smell of mold

A clear sign of having a foundation leak is the formation of mold. If you cannot see it yet, you need to recognize its smell, which is musty, sour scent emanating from wet drywall or damp carpets. Mold or mildew appears after extended periods in which the water has gathered on the floor or in the internal structure of the walls.

Inspect the water pressure

Sometimes, a pipe leakage is difficult to identify as the leading cause for a foundation leak. However, you can test it by checking the water pressure. Inspect all the faucets in your home, but one at a time, to determine if the lack of power is the result of a plumbing leak.

After discovering where the water comes out at a lower pressure than usual check the pipes that lead to it and pat them with a dry cloth to find the leaking spot.

Run a checkup of your water heater

Old and overused water heaters may cause significant leaks. Very often, a water heater would power out of the standby mode and start heating water even if you did not program it to do so. This can be the sign of a hot water leak that causes a drop in temperature and a subsequent restart of the heater that is trying to warm up the water. Check the system for any leaks or seek repair advice from a professional.

Look for warm spots on your floor

If you suspect a foundation leak that causes damage under your home, you need to look for warm spots around the house. Try walking barefoot and identify the spots on the floor that feel warmer than any other areas of the room. Mark that location and check it again the next day. If the warmth persists, you might be dealing with a leaking hot water pipe.

Search for foundation cracksSearch for foundation cracks

If you notice any cracks appearing in your wooden floors or kitchen tiles, you could be dealing with a major foundation leak. This kind of crevices in the floor take place when a water pipe bursts into pieces and the water pressure hits the foundation.

In this situation, you have very little time to spare. Close immediately all the water sources coming in and out of your home. Call a plumbing professional and check the basement for flooding.

Look out for efflorescence

When you have a leak in your foundation or in one of the walls, you can notice a sort of white powder that appears in that area. These dust-like particles are the minerals in the water that has evaporated. Also known as efflorescence, this powder will indicate the place where the pipe is leaking, so you won’t have to look too much for the spot you need to repair.

Keep an eye on perimeter leaksKeep an eye on perimeter leaks

Poor drainage can cause perimeter leaks in your foundation, which are some of the most difficult types of leaks to repair. They usually appear where the wall meets the floor and causes the formation of water pools, mold, and mildew. If you don’t act quickly, the leak can cover and damage your home’s entire foundation.

Check your windows

Last, but not least, you may discover that the water pooling on or around your foundation may not be from a leaking pipe or a faulty plumbing system. Sometimes, a poorly-built or ill-maintained window can allow rainwater to enter your home and infiltrate the walls and the floors.

In time, repeated leakage can affect your foundation. In this case, you will need to approach a builder or a handyman that can fix your windows and prevent any future leakage.

Spectacular and Unique? Try Reclaimed Wood.

reclaimed wood

Every once in a while you come across an interior area that just jumps out at you. I looks elegant and rustic at the same time, with a kind of a vintage look and charm that tells you this is a place with a lot of class. It could be an upscale restaurant, the office of a law firm, or the home of a friend you are visiting. Whatever the setting, the room captures your attention and lingers in your memory.

Something about wood, especially antique or reclaimed wood, proclaims distinction and good taste, with a sense of luxury.

reclaimed hardwoodWhat Is Reclaimed Wood?

This charming material comes from antique barns and houses, and reclaimed wood offers a uniquely rustic choice. A dark grain and variation in texture provide a striking impression and gives a noble personality to the room. According to your taste, you can either leave reclaimed planks as the are for a true weathered rustic look, or you can have them remilled for a smoother finish. For a finish, you can choose from among durable urethane or classic tung oil,  which is a durable, water-resistant, natural finish that brings out the warmth of the wood like no other finish can.

Pine, and longleaf pine in particular, provides some of the best and most beautiful reclaimed lumber. This wood develops attractive, cozy warmth as it ages and takes on some color variation from plank to plank. True pine has greater durability than classic floor choices like oak and ash, making it a great choice for high traffic areas.

In the Dallas – Fort Worth area, Peek’s Floor Co. in Grapevine is the exclusive showroom for Antique Lumber Company with its headquarters in Gainesville, TX. Antique Lumber Company specializes in finding all kinds of reclaimed and distressed wood in old houses, barns and other sources, and preparing it for use in your home in such a way that your visitors will leave with a stunning impression of exquisite taste and a lush home atmosphere. Come look at our beautiful selection of antique and reclaimed wood in our showroom in Grapevine TX.

How Affordable Are Granite Countertops?

white granite

What do people envisions when they think about granite?

Nothing beats stone countertops when it comes to elegance and the “Wow!” effect. Visitors to your home cannot help but be impressed with granite, quartz, or marble in your kitchen or bathrooms. If the way your home looks influences the way people will look at you, you will not get a better effect than stone.

euro style countertopWhy Is Granite such a Good Material?

Granite, in particular, gives us a very attractive and interesting countertop surface. The very name speaks to that: “granite” comes from the Latin granum, ‘grain,’ referring to the coarse-grained structure, made up of a combination of quartz and feldspar, produced under conditions of intense heat, such as in a volcano.  It is the granular pattern that gives granite its variegated and unique beauty.

Can I Afford Granite in My Home?

Selecting granite countertops is a major decision, more important even than what color to paint the walls. The process requires thought, as well as a vision of your long-term intentions for the home. This is not a spur of the moment decision and having competent and professional help is an excellent idea. The quality of materials and expertise of the installation becomes a sure thing when you get the right kind of help. Now you can go forward with confidence that the countertops you get are cut to the perfect thickness with optimal grain matching for the best look.

For this reason, Peek’s Floor Company partners with only top-quality sources for all the products we offer, and our work with granite countertops underscores the excellence of our overall service. As an example, Peek’s works directly with Wholesale Granite Direct in Arlington, which serves the entire Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area. Let us help you get the materials you want and provide you with the installation service you need. The result will be a kitchen and bathrooms you can show with pride at the best possible price.

Carpet Installation Near Me

What’s that old cliché? Home is where your heart is? We all recognize that a home is much more than just some house – or apartment, for that matter. When the place we live is near and dear to us, when it evokes warm, pleasant feelings, that is home, be it ever so humble.

Carpet Living RoomWhen you look around your home, do you like what you see? Does it feel good to be home? Or do things look a little shabby? Would you look forward to inviting your boss or a client or any person you want to make a good impression on to your home?

Often, it’s not so much that things are showing wear and tear that makes us seek change. We like variety, and we like things that look fresh and new, including what is underfoot. Replacing old carpeting with new can transform your entire home, even if you change none of the furniture or wall coverings. A new flooring installation can make a huge difference.

In the information age we often look first to the World Wide Web to figure things out. When you search online for something like “carpet installation near me,” you will find many options. There are many options for carpet in Dallas, TX. How do you decide?

Don’t let the enormity of the enterprise intimidate you. Peek’s Floor Company will make everything easy and painless for you. Come to any of their local showrooms to see the collection of carpets available from multiple mills and manufacturers. Check out the range of quality, let us help you educate yourself and research your options.

When You Search for “Carpet Installation Near Me” Online

What to Expect when You Come to a Peek’s Floor Showroom

Your Peak’s Sales Representative will want to know some information in order to help you:

  1. How is the room going to be used?
  • Is traffic in this room light or heavy?
  • Is this room an activity center for family or entertaining?
  • Does this room have direct access from outside the house?

These questions help your Peek’s representative gauge which grade and style of carpet would will work best for your home. When you can give a detailed picture of your expectations for the new carpet, you ensure that it is appropriate for its usage. Will it be it important that the carpet stand up to pets, running children and bustling activity? Or do you care more about how it will look and feel in a formal living room that doesn’t get a lot of use?

  1. What color and style of carpeting do you like?
  • How much will the room get used? (a heavily used room may not be the best place to install white or very light-colored carpet.)
  • Will kids be playing down on the floor? Or is it a formal room that doesn’t get much use? (Again, this influences the color but also the type of carpet – a floor for playing on should have carpet that does not shed and that is stain resistant)
  • Is it a small room or a large room? (Smaller rooms feel larger with a lighter colored carpet while larger rooms can feel cozier with a mid-to-darker colored carpet.)
  • What are the lighting conditions in the room? (Natural light will show the true color of the carpet while rooms on the north side of a house may need a lighter shade of carpet to keep them from feeling darker than they are.)

If you had the presence of mind to keep fabric swatches from drapes and furniture as well as wallpaper samples and paint chips from the past, you should bring them when selecting new carpeting (and we congratulate you for your unusual and profound level of organization). Otherwise, take digital pictures of furnishings and walls as a reference point. But you should also remember that the lighting in the store is not exactly the same as in your home. Your best bet, especially if you are highly particular about color, is to take some carpet samples home with you.

Even if you don’t need to find the perfect match with your existing décor, you should remember that color can affect your mood – warmer colors energize and cooler tones provide a sense of calm – and pick a color you can live with for years to come.

  1. Are you installing this carpet for the purposes of selling the home or are you re-decorating it for your enjoyment?

Your Peek’s Floor sales representative can help you determine which style of carpeting might be best for your purpose. A home seller wants to select a neutral toned carpet in a simple style, such as a cut-pile texture. But a home-owner who is re-decorating for future pleasure has more varieties and choices available.

  1. What is the size of the room to be carpeted?

The sales representative needs to know the approximate size of the area to be carpeted in order to give an estimate on total cost of the carpeting. Come prepared with a rough estimate of the size of your room and a sketch of the layout if it is not a perfect rectangle. When you’re ready to buy, Peek’s Floor Company will send a professional to take the final measurements.

All cost estimates should include padding, installation, seaming, stairs (if applicable), thresholds, the moving of furniture and the removal of old carpet or other flooring and materials.

When it comes to flooring installation, Peek’s Floor is dedicated to making your life so much easier. You can rely on Peek’s Floor Company.

Chester Hollingsworth Still Working at 100

Chester HollingsworthChester Hollingsworth has accomplished a great deal in his life. You might think that is not surprising, given that he is closing in on 100 years of living, but even at that, his work has been remarkable. He started making his mark on the world when he volunteered for the navy the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

After returning home from World War II he began working in the flooring business, eventually becoming a partner in S&H Flooring, the parent company of Peek’s Floor Co. With a lot of hard work and great leadership, Chester helped create a solid and profitable service company, marked by a strong commitment to quality and benefiting the community. Finally reaching the age when people think about retiring, he left the work-a-day world to a life of – leisure. Soon, however he discovered a life of idleness was not his cup of tea, and he asked to come back to work. Now at the age of 99, he works two days a week for the company, managing inventory and helping out around the store.

Chester HollingsworthIf you ask him about the secret of his good health and longevity, he will tell you that he neither smokes nor drinks alcohol, but even more significantly, he touts his customary breakfast of Dr. Pepper and a chocolate donut, “heavy on the chocolate,” as the key to his excellent health. That may well be, but we have to believe that his positive outlook on life and his enthusiasm for living certainly contribute to who he is today.

And the recognition of who he is today continues to come in various forms. His partner and his co-workers love and appreciate him for his great attitude and the solid contribution he still makes to the business. On an even larger scale now, the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team honored him – he threw the first pitch at a playoff game. The honor of throwing the first pitch is rare and special, but then Chester Hollingsworth is a rare and special guy. As he approaches his centenary, we hope he has many more years ahead of him.

Rustic Floors from LVP to Reclaimed Wood in Dallas

The look of reclaimed wood is a Dallas design staple. Now that it’s a popular element in mainstream decorating, getting the rustic barn elements and cozy, weathered texture you want is easier than ever. Distressed and reclaimed wood floors make an excellent foundation for decor with plenty of comfortable character. Check out Peek‘s top rustic flooring picks plus a few tips for taking your design to the next level.

Authentic Reclaimed Wood for Dallas Flair

Taken from antique barns and houses, reclaimed wood is the quintessential rustic floor choice. Its dark grain and texture variation are striking and full of personality. Reclaimed planks can be left as-is or remilled for a smoother finish. You can choose from finishes like durable urethane and classic tung oil. Tung oil is a durable, water-resistant, natural finish that brings out the warmth of the wood like no other finish can.

A lot of reclaimed timber is made from pine. Pine develops phenomenal warmth as it ages and takes on some color variation from plank to plank. Different species yield different durabilities, so make sure to ask your flooring specialist what variety they think their material is. True pine is more durable than classic floor choices like oak and ash. It’s the best choice for high traffic areas. Heart pine is a little less durable and is more comparable to beech. Longleaf pine is further down the scale, closer to cherry and cedar.

reclaimed wood dallasDistressed Hardwood

New flooring with a distressed finish can get you that reclaimed barn wood look with easier installation, more color options and greater color consistency between planks. New wood floors come in seemingly unlimited combinations of wood species, stains, finishes and special coatings that enhance durability. They can also save you time and a bundle on installation with prefinished and glueless options.

If you need maximum durability, engineered hardwood is an ideal choice. The wood veneer can be stained and distressed just like regular hardwood while the man-made core offers better water and impact resistance than wood alone. The way the edges are finished give you a slightly different look than normal plank flooring, but many people can’t tell the difference.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl plank, or LVP, offers the ultimate combination of durability, water resistance and comfort. Don’t let the word “vinyl” deceive you. High definition printing processes and advanced embossing techniques let LVP manufacturers mimic high-end distressed hardwood and reclaimed wood with Dallas country style for a fraction of the cost.

LVP ranges from high water resistance to completely waterproof. It’s great for basements, kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. Options like LVP can also help you focus your budget in the areas where it matters the most. You can put genuine reclaimed wood in key areas like the entry, invest in shiplap or install a barn wood accent wall, then use LVP floors to save money without sacrificing looks.

Green Reclaimed Design

For eco-friendly homes, there are a surprising number of ways to get the cozy country look you want. Salvaged flooring is green by nature. No new trees have to be cut down to make it. Instead, reclaimed wood from Dallas is saved from flooring in barns, antique homes and old out buildings to have a second life.

Even new flooring can be green. By using a thin veneer instead of a full plank, engineered hardwood yields a lot more flooring with fewer trees. Bamboo, a sustainable resource, can now be made into wide-plank floors and has recently become available in more distressed finishes. For a unique twist, consider cork flooring for large spaces. Its natural texture and color variation is reminiscent of salvaged material.

More Rustic Charm

Flooring isn’t the only antique and antique-style lumber you can use in your design. For walls, traditional wood siding and gapless shiplap can be worked into contemporary, cottage and even Scandinavian-inspired decor. You can also take flooring planks and repurpose them into custom furniture and art pieces.

Consider replacing columns with wooden posts or updating your fireplace surround with reclaimed brick. Carrying shiplap onto the ceiling is popular in luxury design, and it looks fantastic when set against dark-colored barn beams. You don’t have to have vaulted ceilings for exposed beams. Thinner beams with wood siding ceilings cozy up kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms beautifully.

Round out your design by upgrading your doors. Sliding barn doors and reclaimed antique doors add immediate interest and are great conversation pieces. Don’t stop at the front door. Rustic doors can be used for your pantry, hall laundry, outdoor living space and even as room dividers.

At Peek‘s, we’re here to help you find the perfect pieces for your projects. Stop by one of our convenient locations today to take a look at our reclaimed lumber and talk to an expert about your needs.

Getting a Cozy Country Look with Barn Wood Decor

Here in Dallas, we’ve always loved rustic decor. Now that the rest of America is jumping on the bandwagon, country design is officially in. Whether your inspiration is a cozy cottage or a country star estate, reclaimed barn wood adds instant rustic charm to any home. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring antique flare to home design.

barn woodGo Bold with Barn Doors

Used as a front door, concealing messy built-ins or as a creative room divider, barn doors are a great statement piece. Traditional installations have exposed tracks that look interesting and are fun to use. Peek’s sells a variety of new barn doors that let you take advantage of the natural wood grain, easily paint them to match your decor or weather them for an authentic look.

Go Rich with Reclaimed Floors

Distressed flooring has been popular in area homes for years, and it doesn’t get more distressed than reclaimed planks. Their beauty and warmth comes from darkened wood grains, worn texture and plank-to-plank tonal variation you can only get from exposure to the elements. They’re a popular choice for entryways, living rooms and even kitchens when properly sealed.

Get Classy with Shiplap Walls

Many popular design shows, blogs and magazines today are showing off white plank walls that look both rustic and elegant. These walls are made of a material called shiplap, a special tongue-and-groove wood siding. It’s traditionally an outdoor siding material, but designers like HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines have been turning it into an indoor must-have from floor to ceiling. Any horizontally installed plank can give you the look of shiplap, and you don’t have to take it all the way to the ceiling to capture the style. Half-walls or just the ceiling is fine.

Go Big with Barn Wood Focal Walls

Reclaimed boards aren’t limited to flooring. Take your salvaged boards up for an accent wall. Cover the whole wall, choose a special area like above the fireplace or do a half wall treatment with a chair rail all the way around the room. Widen a cramped space with a horizontal installation, go vertical to add height to stuffy rooms or mix things up with horizontal planks. Focal walls make the biggest impact when the boards are either unpainted or have a weathered paint look, so be prepared to match the wood color to existing furniture and fixtures.

Play Up the Details with Salvaged Wood Accents

Working salvaged wood into a space doesn’t require a grand move. Salvaged wood details can warm up a space or help tie big elements like barn doors into the rest of your design. Shop for pieces in antique stores or make some yourself. Turning salvaged wood into shelving, wall art or picture frames is easy. Even larger pieces like a headboard only require the right screws and glue.

Save Some Cash with “Upcycled” Furniture

A simple weekend project can help you update your space on a budget. All you need is a piece of furniture that could use an update and a barn wood board or two. You can replace the top of an old coffee table, make new cabinet doors for a buffet or replace door fronts on a desk. A complementary paint job will complete the look. Soft whites, “antiqued” finishes, milk paint or chalk paint would emphasize the rustic feel. Bright whites and vivid colors can help you tie rustic elements into modern decor.

Get Creative with DIY Furniture

If you’re handy with tools, a few pieces of reclaimed wood can become a piece of custom furniture with perfect country charm. Purchase whole boards to make end tables, benches, mantle pieces and consoles. Scrap pieces from flooring or shiplap installation can be made into spice racks, mini shelves and even candle holders.

Get Outdoorsy with Landscaping Elements

Take some waterproof polyurethane to your wood and add a little character to your landscaping. Barn doors are a unique touch on sheds, play houses and outdoor living spaces. Reclaimed planks can be turned into potting benches, planters, seating and even “pavers” for a garden path.

Make It Work with Matching Elements

When it comes to design, barn wood is just one “paint” you can use in a palate of colors and textures. You can pair it with elements like wrought iron, galvanized steel, old tools and rough-spun fabrics for a more country vibe. You can mix it with concrete, brass, and a monochromatic color scheme for a more modern look. No matter what your overarching theme, mixing in details like natural fabrics, stone, leather and plants will help your design look cohesive.

From major renovations to little updates, reclaimed wood adds character and texture to any room. Start transforming your decor into your dream design today with a little help from Peek’s Floor Co.

10 Ways to Use Barn Doors into Your Dallas Home Decor

They aren’t just for horses anymore. Barn doors have become a must-have for interior designers looking to create a unique twist on rustic design. If you want to incorporate barn doors into your Dallas home, here are some ideas to get you started.

barn doors dallasMake a Unique Entrance

A single barn door can be finished with exterior urethane or painted to make a charming front door. Brightly colored front doors are in, so go ahead and paint that door bright yellow, classic red or even a soothing blue. Take your time choosing door hardware like hinges that compliment the rough, handmade look. Hammered metals and wrought iron are an excellent place to start.

Cozy Up a Bedroom

The warmth, texture and relaxed vibe of a barn door makes it a perfect fit for the bedroom. You aren’t limited to the main doorway. Consider using them on closets or as the entry to the master bathroom. If you want to paint your door to match your decor, consider products like milk and chalk paint that will maintain the authentic look.

Divide a Space with Style

One of the most common ways barn doors are used in Dallas homes is as functional yet magnificent room dividers. They can split rooms that have to do double-duty, like separating a computer area off from a kid’s play area or a dining space from a living area. They’re also a great choice for replacing existing dividers like old pocket doors and outdated, stationary dividers.

A Unique Twist in the Library

Rooms and closets aren’t the only thing that can use doors. One large or two small barn doors can make a wall of built-ins for books or even an entertainment center look cohesive. If you have to have some exposed shelf space to give the doors room to move, set it up as a display area for art and nick-knacks.

Conceal Niche Spaces

Barn doors are unique, and using them in a unique way is sure to get attention. Use a set of smaller doors in front of a closet converted into a crafting space or to dress up a storage area. Hide your hall laundry closet or stow away guest beds in a one-of-a-kind way. You could install recessed bunk beds or a fold-down bed into a wall to save space in an office, play room or craft room without sacrificing room for guests.

Add Drama to the Kitchen

Barn doors are fun to use and great to look at, so why not put them in a room you use frequently? The kitchen can offer a few spots for a barn door. Use one at the entrance to your dining room, pantry or even a wet bar. Choose a wood door that compliments your kitchen cabinets or paint it white and use your new door as an excuse to outfit your kitchen in stunning shiplap.

Fitting Tight Spaces

Sliding doors are an excellent way to eek extra space out of small rooms. Unlike a traditional swing door, they don’t need clearance in front of them to open. You can fit larger furniture into the space and consider more interior layouts. A door with plenty of personality and chunky barn hardware even doubles as a great art piece.

Conquer Awkward Corners

For awkward corner doorways, there might not be enough open wall space for typical exposed track hardware. But is there space for a sliding pocket door? An experienced contractor can take an appropriately sized barn door and transform it into a custom pocket door. You’ll need special hardware for the track and handle, but it’s worth it to turn an awkward space into a gorgeous one.

Make a Statement in Modern Decor

Having a minimalist design doesn’t mean forgoing rustic elements. A barn door with simple lines is a great way to bring warmth and texture to your design. Work the door into the space by choosing barn door hardware with a clean design. You could even use a modern-style handle.

Tying It All Together

Barn wood looks right at home in rustic design, but you can incorporate it into any design scheme. Paint the door a color that matches your decor, use wood tones similar to your door elsewhere in your design or bring in other rustic elements that play off the style. Projects like turning salvaged lumber into a simple end table or turning an antique window frame into wall decor are fun and easy ways to bring it all together.

Shopping for Barn Doors in Dallas

Peek’s Floor Co. is helping homes throughout Dallas capture the simple, homespun magic you can only get from authentic pieces. We offer a beautiful range of barn doors, antique wood flooring and reclaimed shiplap. Come and browse the selection at one of our convenient showrooms today.

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