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Flower Mound is a great place to live. We know this because the book, Best Places to Raise Your Family named Flower Mound one of the “Best of the Best” as well as one of the “best places for big houses on a budget” (cf. We know this because D Magazine rates it one of the top 10 Best Dallas Suburbs. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country (1,685 residents in 1970, increased to 73,547 in 2016, with a 358.9% growth rate since 1990 and 28% growth between 2000 and 2010.

People love to live here, as seen by the growth, the superior public parks and trails infrastructure, the fact that it is seen as a moderately affluent community, with the positive standard of living that term implies, and the unemployment rate less than half the U.S. average. On top of all that, Flower Mound is now the home of the newest Peak’s location of Peek’s Floor Company. Of all Flower Mound flooring stores, Peak’s is the one that brings the easiest access to best-quality products and top-level service and installation.

hardwood flooring Flower MoundWhat Does Peeks Floor Co. Bring to Flower Mound, TX?

With such rapid population growth, a community like Flower Mound needs good, convenient access to high quality flooring products and friendly, knowledgeable flooring service people – people who can advise you on the products and help you find what is best for your needs, as well as the best help on getting your new flooring installed quickly, beautifully and economically.

Peek’s has been providing top-level products and service in the Dallas Metroplex since 1969, when Massey Peek opened the doors to a new flooring company in Dallas. Today, Peek’s Floor Co. has five showrooms around Dallas-Forth Worth, maintaining one of the largest selections of flooring products in the area, providing some of the best flooring contractor service in the Dallas region. For example, with the increased popularity of hardwood flooring in the Flower Mound area, Peak’s is a natural and easy choice for the best, cutting-edge knowledge and service in a growing and changing market segment.

Customers are the highest priority for Peeks Floor Co. in Flower Mound, TX. All Peak’s stores act as a global direct source supplier, importing a great variety of flooring products through a long-established, trusted network of manufactures, stone quarries and brokers from Europe, Asia, China as well as Central and South America. That is how Peeks is able to offer hardwood, carpeting, vinyl, laminate, tile, countertops and window treatments from sources they know and trust.

With 48 years in the flooring business, Peeks has seen the results of trading with less than reputable suppliers. Their purchasing decisions are based on the integrity of the company and well as the quality of the products. As a result, Peeks Flooring consistently wins the “Consumer’s Choice Award” for best flooring company in Dallas for the past ten years. This honor certainly substantiates Peek’s declaration that their our goal is to make your experience an excellent one – that they are here to meet your product, design, installation and floor repair needs and make your home-decor dreams come true.

Peek’s Flooring takes on a mission as “problem solvers.” The company has one of the most experienced team of sales associates and flooring installation contractors in the Dallas area, with all representatives having worked in the the flooring industry for at least 15 years. They know how to take care and advise on all kinds of design trends, eco-friendly options, flooring for damp basements, or whatever else you might need. This level of expertise is rare, and the Peek’s staff understands that flooring is a big investment (and a hugely important one, at that): they are dedicated to ensuring that it is not an intimidating investment by making their knowledge and skill easily available to you.

It’s All About Selection and Service

We mentioned Peek’s supply network previously. How else could they stock America’s top brands from carpet to hardwood, along with tile and window treatments. When you enter a Peeks Floor Co. Flower Mound, TX showroom, you can expect to find well-known names like Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong, Bella Cera and American Tile, including the latest in waterproofing, stain resistance, decor trends and beautiful looks at affordable prices to help customers meet their every need. There is no larger selection of home decor products in the Dallas area. No matter what your style, Peek’s Flooring Company has flooring, tile and countertops to match.

Once you find the perfect product for your tastes, what you want in your own home, you want to make sure that the installation goes well: the highest quality products will not look good in your home if they are not installed well.

Peek’s flooring installers know what to do. From uneven subfloors to intricate backsplashes, they have dealt with all installing situations and challenges. They can match moldings to flooring for a perfectly polished look, repair existing hardwood by stain matching replacement boards, have granite countertops cut to fit unique configurations and more. Our installers will respect your home and your time. You can depend on them to fulfill their deadlines to give you the decor of your dreams, as you want it, without headaches or problems.

As you choose among Flower Mound flooring stores, we are certain you will find Peak’s your best bet for a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Going Grand: 7 Luxurious Bedroom Flooring Options

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s your place to rest, unwind and feel like the ruler of your realm. Every good monarch needs their royal chambers, and luxury details like silky sheets and gorgeous floors can help you achieve that regal ambiance. Before you go searching Flower Mound for the floors that will give you that special something, get acquainted with seven luxury options to keep in mind.

1. Ultimate Luxury: Wool Carpeting

You might have to worry about economy and practicality in your main living space, but not in the bedroom. You can go for the most sumptuous choice. Satiny, luscious wool is the king of carpets and an unmistakable mark of luxury.

Wool carpeting has a natural radiance and cozy texture no other carpet can match. It’s unique fibers are also natural insulators and humidity regulators, helping your bedroom maintain ideal conditions for sleep in any season. Wool is a long-lasting investment, and carpeting a single room can be surprisingly affordable.

flower mound floors2. The Most Popular Flower Mound Floors: Plush Carpeting

Plush carpeting is a bedroom staple, but you can take it a step further for the softest carpet imagination. Ultra plush carpeting, the same carpeting you’ll find in high end hotels, is the pinnacle of softness.

Ultra plush carpeting features a dense, high pile that feels like walking on a cloud. It’s an excellent high-end look for pet owners. Ultra plush can be made from dirt- and stain-resistant fibers or treated with special coatings to make them easy to clean.

3. Playful But Contemporary: Shag Carpet

If you want a bedroom that invites you to dive in and cuddle up, it’s hard to match frieze shag carpet. Frieze brings a fresh, youthful look that can be made fun with bright colors or classy with neutral choices.

Frieze carpet is made with high pile, tightly twisted fibers. The longer the fibers, the closer to a classic shag look. It hides dirt beautifully, and some choices have a wonderful, light-catching sheen.

4. Worldly Tastes: Exotic Hardwoods

With deep color, stunning tonal variation and eye-catching grain patterns, exotic hardwood makes a statement in the bedroom. From zebrawood to koa wood, you can use exotic woods as the base for any design.

You can get an exotic hardwood look at a lower price tag by looking at engineered and luxury vinyl options. Engineered floors use just a thin sheet of the feature wood over a dense, man made core. Luxury vinyl feels soft underfoot and is a cinch to take for.

5. Refined Style: Patterned Hardwood

Even classic hardwood can be dressed up for a fancy bedroom. Patterned installations like parquet, herringbone and two-tone grids are a glamorous way to show off even the humblest of hardwoods. You can mix some variation into a whole-floor hardwood installation, add interest to a minimalist design or give a small master bedroom a noble presence.

Custom patterned installations are an investment, but you can save by looking for premade parquet tiles. Some engineered hardwood is available in easy-install, tongue-and-groove parquet, mixed width planks and other interesting variations. Ask at our showroom to see what’s available.

6. Cool and Natural: Stone

One of the hottest design trends in Flower Mound is floors that bring in a natural look indoors. Nothing delivers quite like stone tile. Stone’s serene, organic aesthetic is grounding and timeless. New options like elongated and large format tiles make a fantastic base for a contemporary design.

For tight budgets and second-floor bedrooms, a stone tile look isn’t out of reach. High definition printing and embossing techniques can transform ceramic, porcelain and even luxury vinyl into a nearly indistinguishable stone mimic. LVP is comfortable to walk on while ceramic and porcelain give the most natural look. They can even be taken onto the walls for accents and bold designs.

7. Resort Vibes: Clay Tile

Every day is a vacation when your bedroom feels like a beachside hideaway. Clay tile is a rich, romantic foundation for a bedroom design. Go for large format tiles for a Mediterranean villa feel, smaller tiles for the “Southwest rustic” classic or contemporary patterns with a Bohemian feel.

Clay tile will keep you cool on summer evenings, and installing radiant heat will keep your toes from getting chilly on cool nights. Maintenance is a snap, making is a great choice if you great if you have pets that curl up in your bedroom at night. There’s no need to invest in the most durable tile you can find. Affordable ceramic is fine for most bedrooms.

As the premier flooring company in Flower Mound, Peek’s believes floors should transform your space and make you feel good every time you walk on them. If you’re looking for more ideas, stop by our showroom to browse or get advice from our flooring experts.

From Ceramic to Granite: Tile Flooring in Flower Mound

Tile is the world’s oldest custom flooring option. The fact we still love it today is a testament to its durability, beauty and ease of care. If you’re looking to put tile flooring in your Flower Mound home, you have several options to choose from to find the perfect tile to your space.

tile flooring flower moundCeramic

Ceramic was the first tile ever made, and it’s the most widely available today. It’s made with a mixture of clays and minerals that are molded and kiln-fired at high temperatures. Most indoor tiles have a colorful, protective glaze that’s fired in to give it a resilient finish.

Ceramic tile is:

  • Affordable
  • Available in the most variations
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Easy to clean
  • Moderately durable
  • Water resistant
  • Stain resistant

Ceramic is well-suited for low- to medium-traffic areas, backplashes and tub and shower surrounds. Some classic tile looks, like Spanish tile, are typically made from ceramic.


Porcelain is a type of ceramic. It’s made with the same process, but it’s crafted with finer clays and fired at higher temperatures. The finished tile is denser and a little more expensive than standard ceramic. Today’s porcelain choices can be made to mimic the look of stone and even wood.

Porcelain tile is:

  • Highly durable
  • Available in glazes or full-body color
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly water resistant
  • Highly stain resistant

Porcelain tile is often made with pigments mixed into the clay for “full body color.” It helps hide scratches and other damage. Porcelain’s density makes it perfect for high traffic areas and outdoor use. However, being dense means it’s tougher to cut. It makes DIY projects harder and could increase installation costs on complex, professional projects.


Travertine is a type of limestone, a variety of rock that forms from mineral deposits slowly building up and solidifying into a single stone. Travertine is often the byproduct of natural hot springs. Like most stone floors, no two tiles are the same, but travertine is popular for having most pattern variation from tile to tile.

Travertine is:

  • Available in many gorgeous, heavily veined options
  • An affordable option in the stone group
  • Moderately durable
  • Highly stain resistant when buffed

Polished travertine is practically stain-proof, but the polish has to be maintained with regular buffing. When you stop by to shop tile flooring at our Flower Mound showroom, we can give you more information on the different finishes. Travertine can be prone to denting and damage from acidic liquids, so it’s best kept out of the kitchen.


Granite is formed by crystallized magma that contained elements like calcium and iron. It’s one of the most durable tiles on the market. It rarely needs to be replaced and provides a grand, earthy foundation to any room.

Granite is:

  • Striking
  • Often subtly glittery
  • Highly durable
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Highly stain-resistant

While cost-effective in the long term, granite requires a larger up-front investment. It can also be scratched by quartz, which is found in dirt and tracked in on shoes. It needs buffing to maintain its good looks. It’s also heavy, which can make installation costly and rule out upper floor uses.


Slate forms when a different type of rock is subjected to extreme conditions that morphs it into slate. It has a distinct, “cleaved” texture that’s popular and often featured in upscale home design.

Slate is:

  • Textured with a distinct, natural look
  • Slip-resistant
  • A good way to hide muddy footprints
  • Highly durable
  • Highly stain-resistant

Like granite, slate is a heavy material. It rarely needs to be replaced but requires a larger up-front investment. It also needs to be resealed annually.


Marble is one of the most classic choices for tile flooring in Flower Mound. Like slate, it’s formed when another type of rock is subjected to extreme conditions. Marble has an undeniably opulent look that many homeowners dream of.

Marble is:

  • Luxurious
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Takes a high polish
  • Easy to match for replacement tiles
  • Affordable when cultured

Marble requires a lot of love to maintain. It’s prone to staining, denting and acid damage. Sealing and regular polishing will help maintain it.

The Best Selection of Tile Flooring in Flower Mound

Every type of tile has its own personality, and the best way to find what will mesh with you is to come and introduce yourself. You’ll find hundreds of popular choices at our showroom. Stop by today!

Finding Kid-Friendly Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound

Hardwood Flooring Flower MoundLife with children can be unpredictable. For every unforgettable moment and goodnight kiss, there are spills, dirt and stomping feet to go along with them. If you’ve always wanted hardwood flooring for your Flower Mound home, you don’t have to put it off. Today’s hardwood is tough enough to stand up to the rigors of an active family.

What to Think About

Kids are energetic, messy and always trying new things. The ideal hardwood for a family home will be able to withstand the demands of active kids while looking great for many, many years.

As you shop, your priorities should be:

  • Slip resistance
  • Scratch and scuff resistance
  • Dent resistance
  • Water and stain resistance

Preventing Falls

While not as slick as tile, hardwood can be a slip hazard for kids running across the floor. There are three things you can do to reduce the risk of slips and falls. The first is choose textured hardwood, like a distressed or hand-scraped finish. Ridges, ripples and notches let shoes and feet get some traction on the floor. Some brands advertise “kid-friendly” or “anti-skid” hardwood options that are adequately textured.

The second thing to look for is gloss level. High gloss finishes are often more slick than satin or matte. Satin floors are a good compromise of sheen and slickness. Finally, use rugs with proper anti-slip pads in high traffic areas to provide maximum traction and cushioning.

Scuff-Free Floors

From illicit indoor roller skating to tracked in dirt, scratches are a top concern when you put hardwood in a family home. The hardwood flooring available at our Flower Mound showroom features the latest protective finishes on the market. Focus on prefinished floors with aluminum oxide coatings. Aluminum oxide is a metal powder that provides some of the strongest protective coatings available.

Once your hardwood is installed, habits and maintenance is your next line of defense. Most hardwood gets scuffed by tracked-in dirt abrading the finish.

The following changes will help keep your floors looking new:

  • Establish a firm no-shoes policy in the house.
  • Use tough dirt-collecting mats outside every exterior door
  • Establish a regular sweeping and mopping schedule

Of course, it’s impossible to avoid every scratch and scuff. Some homeowners opt for a hand-scraped or distressed finish that helps camouflage minor wear. Lighter woods and satin finishes also help conceal the appearance of scratches.

Avoiding Dents

It’s easy to laugh at ads that claim their product can withstand a bowling ball being dropped on it, but when you have kids, you never know what can happen. To see how dent-resistant your hardwood choices are, take a look at the Janka hardness scale. It ranks the hardness of every wood species. At the top of the list are incredibly durable woods like Brazilian cherry and ebony. Typical flooring hardwoods, like oak and ash, are towards the middle. Choosing a tougher wood increases your dent resistance.

Constructed with a man-made core, engineered hardwood is also a more impact-resistant option. Only a thin layer of the showy hardwood is used. Beneath the surface is a dense composite material that can withstand harder impacts than traditional hardwood. Most of today’s engineered choices are made low-VOC and formaldehyde-free, so you don’t have to worry about indoor air quality.

Don’t forget the floor’s finish. Aluminum oxide finishes are generally the most dent-resistant option available. Some brands also offer their own specialty coatings that come with extended warranties.

Water and Stain Resistance

Puddles under snow boots and spilled drinks are the biggest enemy of a quality hardwood floor. Luckily, new options are making hardwood more moisture-resistant than ever before. Many brands now offer pre-finished flooring with waterproof sealants that extend to most or all surfaces of the board. Even if liquid seeps between the planks, you have more time to mop up the spill.

For overall protection, take a look at engineered hardwood flooring for your Flower Mound home. The core material of engineered hardwood is more warp-resistant than traditional wood, and many come with water-resistant or waterproof sealants on the bottom.

Maintenance also plays a role in protecting your floors from moisture. Catch excess water with soft, water wicking mats inside exterior doors. When you clean your floors, use a spray bottle instead of a bucket to control the amount of water that touches your wood.

Shopping for Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound

If you’re having a hard time picking your floors, have questions or just want someone to point you in the right direction, it helps to get professional advice. At Peek‘s, our flooring experts are here to help narrow your options and make a choice you’ll love. Come and visit us today to see which hardwood options will work for you.

Paws and Claws: Choosing the Best Flooring for Pets

They’re messy, scratchy and accident-prone, but we can’t help but love our pets. It just means we have some extra considerations to keep in mind when we go floor shopping. The latest floor tech puts practically every category on the table. From carpet to hardwood, there’s plenty of pet-friendly flooring available in Flower Mound, Texas.

Flooring Flower Mound TexasCarpet

Carpet with pets? Absolutely. Stain-resistant fibers and treatments have improved dramatically in the last few years. Keep in mind that stain and dirt resistance are different things. If you have a family member with allergies, you’ll want both.

All fiber types have their pros and cons. Wool and nylon, for example, hide dirt and are incredibly durable. Wool is also naturally dirt-resistant. However, they both need stain treatments. Olefin and polyester offer excellent stain resistance, but they don’t maintain their appearance as well. Triexta is stain-, dirt- and wear-resistant, but it’s relatively new and hasn’t been “market-tested.”

Narrow your options to cut loop carpeting. Closed loop carpets, like berber, are a snag hazard for pet nails. Shorter pile is easier to clean, but thicker pile conceals the appearance of dirt. If you’re considering anti-stain treatments, make sure you ask about longevity and warranty limits.


Nail scratches and moisture are your concern if you want hardwood. If you have a well house-trained pet, you can set the moisture concern aside. Otherwise, look at engineered hardwood. Its man-made core is more moisture resistant. Peek‘s keeps several types of engineered hardwood as part of the in-stock flooring available at our Flower Mound, Texas showroom, so you can get a quick install, too.

There are several ways you can handle potential nail damage. You could choose a hand-scraped hardwood, put down some rugs and consider any nail marks part of the wood’s character. It’s low-stress! If you’d rather minimize nail marks, research the coatings different manufacturers offer. Many offer new, ultra-strong coatings in their prefinished lines.

Your wood style can also made a difference. Harder woods, including most exotics and bamboo, are more durable. Exotics can be surprisingly affordable in engineered styles. Choosing lighter colors and satin finishes will also help conceal the appearance of scratches and dings.

Luxury Vinyl

Durable and practically waterproof, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and tile are the simplest choice for pet-friendly floors. Today’s styles use high definition prints of real hardwood and stone with intricate embossing to create a stunning, affordable and practical reproductions of the natural material floors you want.

LVP’s softer texture lets pet nails sink in instead of scratching the surface. Premium coatings added during the manufacturing process give you extra insurance against pet damage. Practically all LVP styles are water resistant on the top and bottom. If your pet is prone to accidents, look for lines that also have sealants applied to the interlocking edges.


Using stone tile in hallways, great rooms, kitchens and Florida rooms is becoming a popular style. It’s wonderfully durable if you have pets, but you do want to choose with care. Some stone, like marble, is more prone to staining and scratching. Others are slip hazards for overexcited pets that can end up skidding and hurting themselves.

One good way to shop for pet-friendly tile is to look for choices advertised as kid-friendly. These tend to be tough, non-skid and stain-resistant. Matte or satin finish stone-look porcelain is an excellent option. Because these tiles are man made, they can often give you the look of softer natural stones with none of the pitfalls.

Don’t forget about your grout selection. Grout often stains, but a darker grout is less likely to show discoloration. Choosing a thin grout line will also hide any staining you might end up with.


For well-housebroken pets, laminate can be a fantastic and affordable alternative to hardwood. Like LVP, laminate is made using high definition prints of real hardwood floors. They look beautiful, and the latest options are manufactured with some spectacularly strong top coatings.

Look for aluminum oxide coatings, which use powdered metal to bolster durability. You may want to opt for satin, matte or textured finishes. High gloss laminate is a slip hazard for pets, leading to joint damage and hard impacts with walls.

The paper layer that gives laminate its good looks can end up warped and discolored when exposed to moisture. For moisture insurance, consider laminate with water-resistant edge sealants or full waterproofing technology. These buy you extra clean up time in case of accidents.

Shopping Pet-Friendly Flooring In Flower Mound, Texas
If you’re not sure what you want, seeing all your options in one place can make all the difference. Peek‘s showroom gives you the chance to look at every major brand of every floor type in one place. Pop down to our Flower Mound showroom and browse our selection at your leisure.

Carpet Snugs at Lillie Jackson ECC

Thumbs up from Staff

Two thumbs up for Peek’s Flooring Flower Mound carpet snugs for Pre-K.

Our afternoon carpet sample delivery to Lillie J.Jackson Early Childhood Center in Lewisville ISD had us caught in the parent pick-up line. Goodness!

We hope these “carpet snugs” from Peek’s Flooring Co.’s Flower Mound store make for fun use at school.

Lillie J.Jackson ECC staff are naturals in front of a camera. Got this “thumbs up” without even prompting! Excellent!

Thanks to teachers and staff for all the hard work at Lillie J. Jackson Early Childhood Center in Lewisville.Lewisville ISD Logo

Downing MS Gets Comfy

Students Help

Downing Middle School students help Ms. Anthony load the carpet samples.

Thank you Ms. Anderson of Downing Middle School for helping us distribute these leftover carpet samples.

We hope it makes for a cushy spot for reading or studying. Enjoy!
Peek’s Flooring Company of Flower Mound is proud to support our community by supporting teachers.

Real Innovation Limitless Opportunity

Samples Get a Second Groove

Art Teacher with Donations from Peek's Flooring - Flower Mound

Ms. Richey loads samples donated to her classroom by Peek’s Flooring – Flower Mound.

Can’t wait to see what Ms. Richey’s art students create using our leftover hardwood and tile samples.

Art students at Bettye Myers Middle School, show us what you can do! Peek’s Flooring Flower Mound loves creativity!

Peek’s Flooring Company of Flower Mound is proud to support our community by supporting teachers.Denton Independent School District Logo


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