Cleaning That New Wood Flooring in Your Frisco TX Home

You’ve chosen the perfect wood flooring from our Frisco TX showroom, had it installed and are loving every inch of it. Now it’s time to clean it, and you want to do everything you can to keep it lustrous and scratch-free. Yes, there is a wrong way to mop a floor! But with our Peek’s pro tips, you can keep your floors in fabulous condition.

Protection Comes First

Once you’ve installed new wood flooring in your Frisco TX home, put down your first line of defense. Door mats outside and floor mats inside will catch water and grit before it gets all over the floor. Grit will scratch up your finish, and water will make your planks swell up and warp. Be quick to mop up spills when they happen as well.


Invest in a good quality broom to pick up dirt and dust on a daily or weekly basis. Avoid dusting cloth “sweepers” that collect dirt and dust on a pad. The pads can drag grit over the surface of the hardwood, scratching up the finish and pushing the grit into the spaces between planks.

Your vacuum cleaner won’t do the best job on a flat floor, but the hose attachment can be your best friend. Use it to suck up stubborn dirt around baseboards, under furniture and deep between planks.


To tackle stubborn dirt and bring the shine back to your floors, mopping is often necessary. Good technique is essential for protecting the health of your floor’s finish and the planks themselves.

  • Choose a flat, swivelhead mop with terrycloth pads. They’re washable, easy to change out and environmentally safe.
  • Use a spray bottle of cleaning solution instead of a bucket. Prolonged moisture exposure can dull finishes, cause cracks and warp planks. Using a spray bottle gives you control over how much liquid is put down so you can mop it all up as you go. You want to leave dry hardwood behind you.
  • Change out our pad for a fresh one as soon as the old one looks grimy.

Cleaning Solutions

For finish-in-place hardwood, plain old water or a specialized floor cleaning solution is the best choice to keep your hardwood looking brilliant. Prefinished floors each have their own manufacturer recommendations. If you purchased your prefinished wood flooring at our Frisco TX showroom or another location, feel free to give us a call and ask us which cleaner to use.

DO use:

  • Plain water: When in doubt, always use water.
  • Specialized hardwood floor cleaner: Brands recommended by your installer are best. Check to make sure if there are types recommended by your floor’s manufacturer. Eco-friendly options are usually available

DO NOT use:

  • Vinegar: Even diluted, the acid in vinegar will eat way at your finish.
  • Ammonia or Bleach: Ammonia and bleach can tear up your floor’s finish. Don’t use them directly on your floors, and try not to use cleaners containing bleach or ammonia on windows or other surfaces directly above your hardwood.
  • Oil soap: All oil soaps, including Castile soap, can destroy your finish.
  • Wax-based cleaners: In addition to dulling the finish, waxy buildup can trap dirt and make it harder to refinish your floors later.
  • Mineral oil cleaners: These make your floors look shiny for a day or two, but it also makes them dangerously slick. These cleaners often have words like “glow” in the name.
  • Olive oil: Like mineral oil, olive oil’s temporary glow also means temporary slickness. Olive oil also tends to “dry down” sticky, meaning you’ll have even more work to do later.
  • DIY wood polishes: Factory sealants and finish-in-place urethane don’t mix with DIY “polishes,” which are usually wax- or oil-based. They can dull the finish, cause buildup and potentially ruin your flooring.

Restoring the Glow to Wood Flooring in Frisco TX

Wood Flooring Frisco TX
If you notice your floor’s finish is looking worse for wear, ask a floor services pro about screening and recoating. This process restores just the protective topcoat, revitalizing luster and prolonging the life of your hardwood with minimal work.

If the damage has gone through the stain to the bare wood, refinishing can bring your floors back to life. Refinished floors are sanded to bear wood, restained and sealed again. You have the opportunity to change up your stain color, and even some engineered wood can be refinished. You can also replace just a few boards if the damaged area is limited.

Hardwood floors aren’t tough to take care of once you establish a routine. Keep grit off, water away and the right tools on-hand. If you have any questions, just drop us a line. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about caring for hardwood flooring.

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