Top Home Design Trends in Dallas with the Flooring to Match

Out with the old and in with the new. Needing a new floor is a great opportunity to keep current with the latest in home design. We’ve taken a look at what’s hot around town and picked the design profiles we think will stay chic for years down the road. For any homeowner in Dallas that wants flooring with lasting style, try one of these interior design trends on for size.

Reclaimed Contemporary
Design Trends Dallas

The rustic look is still going strong, but it’s slowly swinging away from modest, historic farmhouse and into a more bold, weathered barn appeal. “Reclaimed wood” is the buzzword. You’ll see its distressed finish contrasted by crisp paint on cabinets, cozied up by soft lines on furniture and gentrified by cosmopolitan materials like marble.

Distressed and weathered look woods are essential for this trend. Our showroom in Dallas has flooring options in a variety of color palates, from soothing neutrals to handsome chocolates, to let you customize your design. The latest flooring technology gives you the freedom to choose between materials. Options like genuine hardwood, laminate and even waterproof luxury vinyl let you get the perfect balance of looks and function.

Natural Materials Reign Supreme

Texans have always appreciated the purity of solid, natural materials. Good wood and stone are taking center stage in new and unexpected ways. Stone tile is creeping across kitchen floors and up walls for stunning displays in bathrooms and living rooms. Wood is spreading out from entryways into every room in the house, even onto walls. The more fluid yet unexpected, the better.

The most popular facet of this trend is wood flooring in the kitchen. Moisture-tolerant options like bamboo, edge-sealed laminate and luxury vinyl make it possible. In bathrooms, wood-patterned tile on the walls and stone countertops are making a statement. Stone tile is also gaining popularity in all areas of the home, especially when paired when radiant heating in entryways and bathrooms.

Soft Contemporary

It’s all about big windows, soft colors and simple yet luxurious materials framed by crisp, clean lines. This is one of the biggest design trends in Dallas. Soft contemporary features traditional architectural styles updated with simpler features. Think light-colored cabinets with modern handles, simple fireplace surrounds and soothing neutrals with plenty of light.

You’ll notice that soft contemporary homes in Dallas have flooring that seems more polished. The little details are key. When you shop for flooring, make sure you invest in the moldings that go with it. Softened divisions between floor types and clean lines around baseboards add all the polish to soft contemporary. Don’t overlook carpet for this trend. Subtle, cut-in patterns can be the definition of soft contemporary.

Open Concepts

Like rustic style, open concept floor planning shows no sign of losing popularity. Open floor plans make homes feel bigger, more fluid and filled with light. Open kitchens are especially popular. Simply taking down a view-disrupting cabinet and carrying one floor style from your kitchen into your living space can make a big difference.

If it’s not in your budget to tear down fixtures, you can still give your home a more “open” feel by carrying the same flooring from room to room. Hardwood and other materials with light-bouncing gloss are an excellent choice. You can get the hardwood look on a budget with materials like bamboo and laminate.

Outdoor Living

Year-round outdoor living spaces are just starting to hit “trend” status, but expect it to get big. These spaces go beyond a nice patio. You might see window treatments, fireplaces, TVs, chandeliers, wall art and small kitchens in these little slices of paradise.

Outdoor rooms are especially fun to create in Dallas because flooring options are open. With little rain or frost to worry about, your biggest concern is the sun. Fully enclosed, shady patios and sunrooms might be candidates for luxury vinyl. Tile of almost any variety can be used. One fantastic look to consider is carrying your outdoor room choice inside, such as from a kitchen onto a patio, for a more open design.

Flooring You’ll Love Years Later

Trends come and go, but flooring is a semi-permanent investment. It’s important to make a choice that you’ll love today and ten years from now. If you know you’re prone to design whims, you might want to choose something you can refinish like wood or swap out affordably like luxury vinyl. If you want a lasting choice, think of how many looks you can design around any option you like. If you can think of several, it’s probably a good choice.

These trends are just the start of what’s popular today. Find a look you love and run with it. The pros at Peek’s will be here to help you pick and install your new floors when you’ve found your style.

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