Trendy Today, Timeless Tomorrow: Our Top Flooring Picks for 2017

Every aspect of home design has its trends, and flooring is no exception. We have our eye on what’s hot for Dallas floors today, and we’ve combed through some of this year’s top trends to pick a few styles that aren’t just popular. They’re practical, attractive and sophisticated enough to stand the test of time.


Bamboo stormed the market over a decade ago, and it shows no sign of slowing down. New colors and styles are hitting the market all the time, making it easy to find something that matches your decor. Bamboo is also incredibly durable. When properly treated, it’s as hard or even harder than traditional favorites like oak.

Choosing bamboo used to mean thin planks only, but the latest versions come in wide planks that mimic classic hardwood. Others are made from the toughest core bamboo fibers, transforming it one of the most durable wood flooring options available.

Bamboo’s widest appeal may be its sustainability. Bamboo is a rapidly-growing grass that is easy to produce, harvest and mill into flooring. With the world becoming more and more concerned with sustainable choices, you can always feel good about an eco-friendly choice.


Like bamboo, cork is a sustainable material that you can feel good about putting on your floors. Its spectacular textures are pulling it into the spotlight this year, and it has an interesting perk. Because it’s easily cut and laid like tile, you can make magnificent patterns out of different shapes and colors or mimic the classic plank look of wood.

The newest versions of cork tile available are more colorful and durable than ever. It’s a fantastic choice for Dallas floors because of its natural insulating properties. When you blast that AC in the summer, your flooring will help keep that cold trapped inside without feeling chilly on your feet.

Cork also boasts a soft, almost bouncy feel underfoot and is excellent at absorbing sound. It makes it ideal for children’s playrooms, living rooms and craft rooms. At a price tag well below that of hardwood, you can get the natural texture you crave well within your budget.

Luxury Vinyl

Home designers once turned their nose up at vinyl, but don’t be shocked when you see it making a comeback in your favorite home design magazines. Luxury vinyl tile, also called LVT or vinyl plank, is often so breathtaking that you’ll have to touch it to believe it’s not the hardwood or stone it’s mimicking.

LVT pulls off its trickery with high definition printing and embossing for the color and dimension of real stone, wood and porcelain. Perhaps its best feature is that it’s moisture-friendly. You can get the look of hardwood in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room without batting an eye. It’s also a fraction of the cost, so you could easily redo an entire level of your home for a budget-friendly price.

It’s toughness that makes LVT a great choice for Dallas floors. Vinyl is resistant to denting, scratching, warping, staining and all the other downsides of natural materials. It promises low installation costs compared to natural options, and its even easy to clean.

Wider, Longer Plank Flooring

Whether you choose LVT, bamboo, laminate, engineered hardwood or traditional hardwood, the trend is the same. Wider, longer planks are in. With its ability to open up spaces, the wide plank look can make any room seem a little more grand.

In addition to adding the illusion of space, wider planks also give a more seamless, flowing effect to your flooring. It’s especially effective if the planks are installed across several rooms in an open-concept floor plan. The planks can be laid horizontally, diagonally or vertically to create just the right feel.

While gray tones, mixed plank sizes and distressed woods are also “in” this year, the simple, visual tricks of wide planks cannot go out of fashion. A small step up to 4.0-inch planks can make an enormous visual difference.

Large-Format Tile

Similar to wide plank, large-format tile is another “in” design whose visual tricks are timeless. The bigger tiles open up small rooms and help larger rooms keep their open, airy feel.

Large-format tile looks sleek, streamlined and dramatic in any space. With hundreds of new tile designs hitting the market, even some that mimic the look of wood and concrete, there are plenty of design options to choose from.

With fewer grout lines to fuss with, large-format tile is easier to maintain than standard tile sizes. They can even be mounted on the walls of bathrooms or paired with smaller tiles for a dramatic design.

Design trends for Dallas floors come and go, but a smart choice will blend seamlessly into new looks year after year. Our picks will make your investment last in terms of both design and durability.

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