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If you’re one of Peek’s customers in Dallas that has hardwood floor installation on the horizon, you may be wondering what to expect. Understanding installation before you shop and being prepared for the big day will help make your installation smooth and free from surprises. We asked one of our installation experts for tips on what you need to know for a hassle-free installation.

The Three Techniques

When it comes to hardwood, there three main styles of wood available. Each is installed in a different way.

  • Floating: Floating floors are put down without nails or being glued to the subfloor. Floating floors are prefinished, meaning they’re already stained and sealed when they arrive on the job site. Their quick installation time makes them a popular choice for hardwood in Dallas. Some styles, often referred to as “click-lock,” are put together without glue between the planks as well. Engineered hardwood is more likely to have this option available than traditional hardwood.
  • Traditional Prefinished: Another popular choice in contemporary Dallas flooring, prefinished hardwood is nailed or glued down but is still ready to walk on as soon as it’s installed. It’s less likely to warp than a floating floor while still being convenient to install.
  • Traditional Unfinished: Unfinished, or finish-in-place, hardwood is sanded and stained on-site after being nailed or glued down. This seamless finish is the most versatile in terms of color and lay pattern options. The installation of the floors may need to take place over several days to allow stains and sealants to dry, but many believe the finished product is unparalleled in beauty.

If you have any questions about the different hardwood styles, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Dallas hardwood floor installation specialists. It’s important to know whether your home’s physical quirks and family’s lifestyle are well-suited for the options you’re looking at.

Why Professional Installation?

We know our community, and we know Dallas homeowners are often keen to DIY their home projects. When it comes to laying hardwood floors in Dallas, however, you can’t beat a professional finish. As Dallas hardwood professionals, we know the exact nails and adhesives to use with which brands of wood. We cut sharp, straight lines, can fit difficult corners and make moldings look like they were milled just for your home. We know the right amount of space to leave around planks and edges with floating floors, and we have the years of experience needed to spot unexpected subfloor issues that could turn into big problems down the road.

For a stellar look now and lasting beauty later, you just can’t beat professional hardwood floor installation.

What To Do Before Dallas Hardwood Floor Installation

  1. Pack up any personal and breakable items in the rooms your new flooring will be installed in. For liability reasons, your installation team can’t move any of these items themselves. Personal items include cash, checks, guns, jewelry and similar items. Don’t forget to empty things like curio and china cabinets as well. If we spot any overlooked items in the work area, we’ll contact you and ask you to move them.
  2. Remove all bedding and pillows from the work area.
  3. Remove all items from the floors of closets that will be getting wood floors.
  4. Remove all TVs, DVDs, stereos, video game equipment, etc.
  5. If appliances need to be moved, please disconnect all water and gas lines. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact us for assistance.
  6. Electricity must be available at the job site, and indoor heating must be available in cold weather.
  7. We may drop off your new flooring a few days early to allow it to acclimate to its new climate. This is an important step to prevent warping after installation. Boxes will be opened up, and any loose planks will be stacked out of the way.
  8. If you’re removing old flooring yourself, please do so at least one day before the installers arrive to make sure we have enough time to clean the subfloor. If you’re pulling up old carpet, make sure to pull all the old staples up. Ask your installers whether or not you should try to remove the old carpeting tack strips from the perimeter of the room.

What To Expect

  1. When your hardwood flooring arrives, we’ll contact you to set an installation date and approximate arrival time. We can’t set exact arrival times, but our floor installers will do everything they can to arrive within an one-hour window.
  2. Make sure you check your new hardwood floors to see that they’re the correct style and color before installation proceeds.
  3. Hardwood flooring and trims are natural products with variations in grain and stain uptake. They may not be an exact match.
  4. Pulling up old flooring is a messy process, and it can produce a large amount of dust. While we do everything we can to keep the dust down in a routine installation, you may want to take advantage of our “Dustless” hardwood and tile removal service. Ask one of our sales reps about this fantastic option.
  5. In the end, dust is an inevitable part of flooring installation. Our installers aren’t responsible for the dust created by the removal of old flooring.
  6. It’s often not possible for us to fully assess a subfloor until we tear up existing flooring. If we discover your subfloor is too uneven for secure hardwood installation, we may need to level it with a product called float. Float is currently billed at $60.00 per bag. We’ll notify you if this becomes necessary.
  7. Because of all the tools needed to ensure a perfect fit, walls and baseboards will likely get minor marks and scratches during the installation of hardwood floors.
  8. Our installation teams don’t paint or chalk quarter round moldings. We also don’t cut or plane doors.
  9. Our hardwood installers are courteous professionals that can be expected to respect you and your home. No member of your installation team should smoke or play loud music in your home. Should this occur, contact us immediately at 972-680-8012.
  10. When the job is finished, your installer will walk every completed room with you for inspection.

Since 1969, any homeowner in Dallas who wants hardwood floor installation has been able to trust Peek’s Floor Co. for quality craftsmanship, respectful work crews and prompt project completion. If you have any questions about installation or your new floors, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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