Getting a Cozy Country Look with Barn Wood Decor

Here in Dallas, we’ve always loved rustic decor. Now that the rest of America is jumping on the bandwagon, country design is officially in. Whether your inspiration is a cozy cottage or a country star estate, reclaimed barn wood adds instant rustic charm to any home. Here are some of our favorite ways to bring antique flare to home design.

barn woodGo Bold with Barn Doors

Used as a front door, concealing messy built-ins or as a creative room divider, barn doors are a great statement piece. Traditional installations have exposed tracks that look interesting and are fun to use. Peek’s sells a variety of new barn doors that let you take advantage of the natural wood grain, easily paint them to match your decor or weather them for an authentic look.

Go Rich with Reclaimed Floors

Distressed flooring has been popular in area homes for years, and it doesn’t get more distressed than reclaimed planks. Their beauty and warmth comes from darkened wood grains, worn texture and plank-to-plank tonal variation you can only get from exposure to the elements. They’re a popular choice for entryways, living rooms and even kitchens when properly sealed.

Get Classy with Shiplap Walls

Many popular design shows, blogs and magazines today are showing off white plank walls that look both rustic and elegant. These walls are made of a material called shiplap, a special tongue-and-groove wood siding. It’s traditionally an outdoor siding material, but designers like HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines have been turning it into an indoor must-have from floor to ceiling. Any horizontally installed plank can give you the look of shiplap, and you don’t have to take it all the way to the ceiling to capture the style. Half-walls or just the ceiling is fine.

Go Big with Barn Wood Focal Walls

Reclaimed boards aren’t limited to flooring. Take your salvaged boards up for an accent wall. Cover the whole wall, choose a special area like above the fireplace or do a half wall treatment with a chair rail all the way around the room. Widen a cramped space with a horizontal installation, go vertical to add height to stuffy rooms or mix things up with horizontal planks. Focal walls make the biggest impact when the boards are either unpainted or have a weathered paint look, so be prepared to match the wood color to existing furniture and fixtures.

Play Up the Details with Salvaged Wood Accents

Working salvaged wood into a space doesn’t require a grand move. Salvaged wood details can warm up a space or help tie big elements like barn doors into the rest of your design. Shop for pieces in antique stores or make some yourself. Turning salvaged wood into shelving, wall art or picture frames is easy. Even larger pieces like a headboard only require the right screws and glue.

Save Some Cash with “Upcycled” Furniture

A simple weekend project can help you update your space on a budget. All you need is a piece of furniture that could use an update and a barn wood board or two. You can replace the top of an old coffee table, make new cabinet doors for a buffet or replace door fronts on a desk. A complementary paint job will complete the look. Soft whites, “antiqued” finishes, milk paint or chalk paint would emphasize the rustic feel. Bright whites and vivid colors can help you tie rustic elements into modern decor.

Get Creative with DIY Furniture

If you’re handy with tools, a few pieces of reclaimed wood can become a piece of custom furniture with perfect country charm. Purchase whole boards to make end tables, benches, mantle pieces and consoles. Scrap pieces from flooring or shiplap installation can be made into spice racks, mini shelves and even candle holders.

Get Outdoorsy with Landscaping Elements

Take some waterproof polyurethane to your wood and add a little character to your landscaping. Barn doors are a unique touch on sheds, play houses and outdoor living spaces. Reclaimed planks can be turned into potting benches, planters, seating and even “pavers” for a garden path.

Make It Work with Matching Elements

When it comes to design, barn wood is just one “paint” you can use in a palate of colors and textures. You can pair it with elements like wrought iron, galvanized steel, old tools and rough-spun fabrics for a more country vibe. You can mix it with concrete, brass, and a monochromatic color scheme for a more modern look. No matter what your overarching theme, mixing in details like natural fabrics, stone, leather and plants will help your design look cohesive.

From major renovations to little updates, reclaimed wood adds character and texture to any room. Start transforming your decor into your dream design today with a little help from Peek’s Floor Co.

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