Like-New Looks: Keeping Your New Carpet in Great Shape

You’ve just had full carpet installation for your Richardson, TX home. Every room has fresh, clean carpet that looks and feels amazing. Now all you have to do is battle life, kids, pets, spills, dirt and allergens to keep it that way. You don’t have to be a neat freak. The right routine is all you need.

 Carpet Installation Richardson TXWhat You Need To Know

From olefin berber to plush wool, every carpet has its own ideal cleaning regimen. Pile height, loop style, fade-resistance, fiber type and other factors can change the best approach. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations or speak with a local company specializing in carpet installation for Richardson, TX homes for guidance.

You need to know:

  • What vacuum settings should I use with my carpet?
  • Are there any cleaning solutions that work well or that I need to avoid?
  • Are there any special care tips for this fiber type or dye method?
  • What are the manufacturer recommendations for my carpet?

Dirt: It’s Not Just Ugly

Dirt is unsightly, allergy-triggering and gritty. The longer it sits on your carpet, the more ground in it gets. Ground-in dirt is harder to vacuum up, and it scratches and dulls your shiny new carpet fibers.

A weekly vacuuming schedule is the most important part of a carpet care routine. Ideally, high traffic areas should be vacuumed twice a week. Exterior doors should have mats inside and out. Put course, dirt-catching mats outside and softer, water-wicking mats inside.

Vacuum Selection and Maintenance

Don’t underestimate the difference a quality vacuum can make. If it’s easy to use, you’re more likely to get around to vacuuming. Strong suction will pull more dirt out of the carpet, long cords are a life saver and built-in filters are a great options for combating allergens and pet odors. Good attachments also make tricky areas like stairs much easier on your hips and back.

Also keep in mind:

  • Overfull bags and bagless cups will dramatically cut your suction power. Empty cups and replace bags when they’re about three-quarters full.
  • Don’t forget to replace disposable and wash washable filters. Clogged filters also cut suction.
  • If you have pets or family members with long hair, your brush bristles can get clogged with hair. Check and clean them regularly according to manufacturer recommendations.

Vacuum Smart

Make sure you vacuum using a steady, overlapping technique to maximize your dirt pickup. High traffic areas may need two passes.

Don’t forget to set your brush height! When the brush is too high, it won’t kick out any dirt. When it’s too low, it stresses the vacuum and damages the carpet.

To find the right height:

  • For closed loop carpets: Put the vacuum on its hard surface mode to turn off the brush roll. Brushes will fuzz out your nice, tight loops.
  • For cut loops: Set your vacuum to the highest height and turn it on. Slowly lower the height until you feel a gentle pull.

Annual Carpet Cleaning

Weekly vacuuming won’t take care of every bit of dirt. Eventually, you’ll need the help of soap and water. Personal carpet shampooers usually leave too much residue on the fibers and water in the carpet, damaging the carpet and attracting more dirt in the long run. Professional cleaning is the best solution for removing deep dirt.

At Peek‘s, we don’t just specialize in carpet installation for Richardson, TX homes. We apply our years of expertise in carpet to deep cleaning, too. Our two-part deep clean is designed to pull dirt, allergens, odors and stains out of carpeting with minimal water and no soap residue left behind.

Fiber Type Concerns

Every fiber has its quirks. If you haven’t purchased carpet yet, make sure you pick one with a fiber type that matches your needs and has maintenance demands that work for you. If you have, make sure you understand your carpet’s requirements.

Wool, for instance, should never be cleaned traditional detergents or spot treatments. It needs a gentler touch. Nylon installed in rooms with bright light could benefit from having big furniture and rugs moved every now and then. That way, any fading isn’t too noticeable. Polyester, which doesn’t bounce back well after it’s crushed, is often the opposite.

Inquire Before Your Carpet Installation in Richardson, TX

Flooring professionals know the ins and outs of different carpets like the back of their hand. They have years of experience, manufacturer recommendations and industry insider knowledge to pull from. Ask your sales rep for advice when you purchase your new carpet.

If you need advice on your carpets or are in the market for some new, easy maintenance options, come see us at Peek‘s Floor Co. Our carpeting experts will be happy to help!

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