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Flooring Companies  in Dallas, TX – Peek’s Flooring

In a world-class city like Dallas, people want world-class products for their homes, and nothing for your home is more fundamental than the flooring. People in Dallas are fortunate to have Peek’s Floor Company to provide them top-quality materials for their floors, countertops and window coverings. Add to that the fact that the expert professional staff will help you know what you want and make those important decoration decisions, and we see that Dallas residents have an unbeatable source to help them make their homes a true dream home.

See how Peek’s Floor Company can help you in so many ways::


You can imagine that some floor products cost more than others. Certain materials must be harvested, such as wood or stone. The cost of this process can put some flooring out or reach for many homeowners. But fortunately, Peek’s Floors has a budget friendly solution that can still give you a beautiful look throughout your home.

Laminate products available in the 21st century provide beauty and elegance at an affordable price. As an added benefit, laminate flooring is the perfect solution for rooms where water might common get on the floor – it handles moisture much better than other materials. In fact, laminate is among the easiest floor covering to maintain, providing superb durability.  And now, finally, one more wonderful advantage to laminate: you can do away with all labor costs, as well — you can snap the pieces together by yourself without glue. Even if you don’t want to bother, it costs less to hire an Installation because it takes much less time.

Peek’s Floor Company in Dallas gets its laminate for you from the best manufacturers: Mohawk, Armstrong, Shaw, etc., passing on the peace of mind of knowing you are getting top-quality laminate materials when working with Peek’s, You get the look and the quality you want, with the elegance of the most expensive materials, with a price you feel comfortable with.


Imagine how nice a warm, fluffy floor feels on your bare feet on a chilly morning. Think about how the cushion of a carpet and a pad makes things safer for children as they do kids stuff in the house. Carpeting provides a sense of comfort and safety to any room.

Even if you don’t get down on the floor with the children, you know it is good for the kids and you will certainly appreciate the feel of carpet as you walk on it. The carpet with its pad reduces noises, insulating the room not only from unwelcome sounds but also cold. Now think of the color and texture that carpet contributes to a room.

While we are discussing the advantages of this traditional floor covering, we should mention the health benefits. Various medical studies indicate that carpet has an affect on how you and those in your household feel, since it cuts down on airborne pathogens that make us sick. Occasional cleanings will suck the trapped microorganisms right out of your home.

If the style, comfort, quiet, safety and low cost benefits of carpet seems good to you, let Peek’s Carpet Company introduce a wide variety of beautiful carpet colors, textures and styles at amazingly low prices.


High quality hardwood flooring garners universal admiration as an elegant look to your home. But let’s not forget the practical advantages of hardwood on your floors:

  1. The sealant protects the wood from unsightly stains, regardless of what might spill.
  2. In case of damage to one or more boards, you simply replace the bad with new boards and leave the rest of the floor intact.
  3. After years of wear, the floor can look brand new again with sanding and refinishing.
  4. As it naturally ages, hardwood becomes more interesting and elegant.
  5. A well maintained hardwood floor can last a lifetime or more.

Since every hardwood floor is unique, this is an outstanding material for homes in Dallas, Individual planks take on their own look and personality over time, while you enjoy the timeless effect. The more ambitious among us might want to install hardwood as a do-it-yourself project, but the expert installation professionals at Peek’s can ensure that it will be done right, look good, and make life much easier for you.


We often think of tile as a covering for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and other places where water often ends up on the floor.

Nowadays tile becomes a viable choice for any room in the house, offering a less expensive alternative to natural materials such as stone or wood. Whether porcelain or ceramic, tile offers an interesting and exciting change of pace for every part of your home. The numerous  colors, textures and patterns recently available will inspire your creativity. In fact, newer styles give the appearance of wood and feature attractive textures.

Peek’s Carpet in Dallas helps you design a bedroom, office or living room, to say nothing of any kitchen, bathroom or laundry area in a way that visitors to your home will marvel at. Choose from cutting-edge modern styles or tradition, Peek’s Floor Company has tile products that you will love for the unique beauty they bring to your home.


Forget those memories of institutional vinyl floors you experienced in your grade school lunchroom or in an old-time hospital or care center. All the advantages that made vinyl a first choice where functionality was king and looks didn’t matter still exist, of course: it maintains all that functionality and durability, and it is still inexpensive, but now with modern designs, it gives you the beauty and elegance you would like for your home.

Vinyl flooring now looks fashionable, even classy.  You can choose vinyl that looks like wood or ceramic to fit any decor ideas you can come up with.

We often speak of vinyl and laminate together, and they have similarities. Here we want to look at differences. Both are inexpensive compared to other flooring materials, and you can install either easily with no expertise or prior experience. Like laminate, you snap the pieces together. The difference is in the surface. Laminate has a thin layer of wood on the top, while vinyl is a synthetic material. For this reason vinyl works wonderfully in rooms that might get water on the floor regularly: kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms. Rooms in Dallas with vinyl flooring stand up well to wet conditions that damage to other materials. Look to Peek’s Floor Company to see what new vinyl looks like in the modern world.

Flooring in Dallas, TX

Among the many flooring stores in Dallas, TX, Peek’s Floor Company stands out as a dependable source of the materials you want at prices that don’t break the bank.. Let our friendly, expert staff help you select the materials you want for your floor and create a home that you can be proud of.

Drop by our Dallas showroom at 4354 Lovers Lane in Dallas, TX 75225-6921 and discover how you can create the home you desire and feel comfortable in.

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