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Flooring Companies in Flower Mound, TX – Peek’s Flooring

Peek’s Floor Company in Flower Mound, TX, brings you highest-quality products. Its staff of professionals provide expertise and enthusiasm so that you can make your house comfortable, beautiful and something you can show off. Before you buy from other flooring companies in Flower Mound TX, check out our selection, pricing, installation, and financing.

Check out our exceptional buys on luxury and affordable flooring.


Nobody wants to pay any more than they have to for things they need. Everybody needs a good floor in all the rooms of their home, but there are limits on acceptable cost. Stone or hardwood look great, but they come with a high cost, possibly more than you want to pay or even can afford to pay.
Fortunately, we have wonderful alternatives to these classic materials that fit nicely with just about any budget. Today’s laminate products provide beauty and elegance at a price you can afford. As an added benefit, laminate flooring Flower Mound handles water and moisture better than other materials while needing less maintenance — what a wonderfully durable floor covering! Laminate comes with lower labor costs, as well: the pieces snap together without the need of gluing. Installation costs are less because it takes much less time. In fact, it is so simple, you can do it yourself.

Peek’s Floor Company works with well-known, quality manufacturers, like Mohawk, Armstrong and Shaw. You know you get excellent laminate materials when working with Peek’s in Flower Mound, giving you the refinement and elegance you desire, just like with the most expensive materials. But laminate comes with easy installation, at a budget-friendly price.

Flower Mound Carpet Outlet

Something about a warm, cushiony floor covering gives us a feeling of comfort and security. Whether it’s the comfy softness beneath our bare feet, or the sense that our children are safer living and playing in a room where the floors are not so hard and unforgiving, carpeting provides a snugly safe sense to any room.
A soft, warm floor covering makes a child’s bedroom or playroom more comfortable, and also safer. Adults might not roll around on the floor as often as kids do, but they still appreciate the feel of carpet as they walk on it. Carpet with a pad provides a pleasant insulation value, as well, and it reduces noise. Adding to this, carpet can contribute color and texture to a room.

Any carpet in Flower Mound offers additional health benefits. According to a number of medical studies, carpeted flooring can improve how you and those in your household feel: it can cut down on airborne pathogens that make people sick – all that in addition to the style, comfort, quiet, safety and low cost benefits.
Cheap carpet Flower Mound choices include plush and Berber choices. Many rental home owners have turned to carpet tiles Flower Mound. You can remove one tile and get rid of a stubborn stain forever.

Peek’s Carpet Company offers a wide variety of beautiful carpet colors, textures and types with amazingly low prices.


Most people admire the look of a well-maintained hardwood floor. However, there are many practical advantages of hardwood flooring Flower Mound TX. It can last longer than your home ownership, adding value when it is sold. Unwanted stains are kept out by special sealants. Damaged boards can be individually replaced, reducing replacement costs. Sanding and refinishing can return the entire floor to its original condition, even if it is done decades later.

For a home in Flower Mound, maybe the best attribute of a hardwood floor is in the uniqueness. Over time the individual planks assume an individual look and personality, creating a timeless and interesting effect. Some people might make a hardwood floor installation into a do-it-yourself project, On the other hand, the expert Peek hardwood installation professionals can do it for you quickly and effectively and save you the effort and stress.

Discount Tile Flower Mound TX

People have traditionally seen tile as a material to use in rooms where water might spill or pool on the floor. New developments in the industry have given us a product that people find appropriate for any room in the house. It is a less pricey alternative to stone.

Whether porcelain or ceramic, tile works nicely in place of hardwood flooring and offers an interesting change of pace. Newer styles of tile take on the appearance of wood with intriguing textures. The proliferation of colors, textures and patterns recently available with tile may surprise you. Peek’s Carpet in Flower Mound gives you the means of providing a unique, comforting property to a bedroom, office or living room, and, of course to any kitchen, bathroom or laundry area.
Whether you are looking for the most modern contemporary style or prefer traditional elegance, Peek’s Floor Company has tile products that you will love for the unique beauty they bring to your home. Our team can handle your tile installation Flower Mound.


Vinyl flooring has been around for years. Its practical functionality and durability coupled with its low cost has made it an attractive budget-based flooring alternative.

But that is no longer the case. Vinyl flooring now looks classy and, even fashionable. You can have it with the appearance of wood or ceramic, so much more attractive than utilitarian, ugly floor you remember from elementary school.

Vinyl and laminate are quite similar, but have some important differences that will help you make your decision. Either is inexpensive compared to other flooring materials and can be easily installed with no prior experience or expertise: the pieces snap together without glue. The top layer makes the difference: laminate has a wood covering, while vinyl has a synthetic material. Vinyl is therefore ideal for a room where moisture might be frequent — kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms. Rooms in Flower Mound with vinyl flooring do well with wet conditions that damage to other materials. Check with Peek’s Floor Company to see an attractive and affordable styles.

Flooring in Flower Mound, TX

Among the flooring stores in Flower Mound, TX, Peek’s Floor Company is your dependable source of the help and the materials you want with the prices that go easy on your pocketbook. Let our expert staff help you select the materials you want for your floor and create a home that you can be proud of.

Visit by our Flower Mound showroom at 5701 Long Prairie #200 and look at the many ways we can help you create the home you desire and feel comfortable in.

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