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Store Exterior

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Flooring Companies  in Frisco, TX – Peek’s Flooring

Peek’s Floor Company in Frisco, TX, offers highest quality products with a professional staff ready and eager to help you keep your house looking great, something you feel proud to show off to visitors.

There are so many ways that Peek’s Floor Company can help you:


You may love the look of stone or hardwood floors, but you don’t like the cost. Thankfully, laminate provides the elegance and beauty at a fraction of the cost of stone or wood. Even better, it tolerates moisture much better and retains its beauty with less maintenance than other materials — it’s highly durable. When you use laminate, you can save yourself labor costs by installing it yourself, since each piece just snaps together and doesn’t require glue.

The manufacturers that Peek’s works with are all household names, such as Mohawk, Armstrong and Shaw: you can rest assured the quality of laminate in Frisco is superb. You get the grace and refinement you would expect from the most expensive materials, with easy installation, at a budget-friendly price. You will love to have visitors over to admire the exquisite beauty of your home. See some of what Peek’s has available for you.


When children’s bedrooms and playrooms have a soft, warm floor covering, not only are they more comfortable, but also safer. Falling onto carpet is much different than falling on a hard surface like concrete, stone or tile. Adults like the feel of carpet on their feet, as well, especially on a cold morning. Carpeting insulates, makes a room comfortable, reduces noise and adds flair and variety to the decor of the room.

Surprisingly, carpet in Frisco offers health benefits, to boot. Medical studies indicate that, in addition to the style, comfort, quiet, safety and low cost, carpet can help improve how you and your family feel. You can depend on Peek’s Carpet Company to offer the beautiful carpet you desire at the affordable prices you need.


What is good about hardwood? Besides the fact that the surfaces are typically sealed to protect from stains better than many other kinds of flooring, when a hardwood floor sustains damage, you can repair and refinish a section without needing to replace more than the affected area. If the entire floor starts to show wear, simply sand and refinish without replacing the materials. With care and maintenance, a hardwood floor can outlast most other flooring materials.

And there is the unique beauty of hardwood in Frisco. Each plank takes on its own appearance and personality, offering timeless elegance than can become better with age. The ambitious among us always have the possibility of self-installation, but with the a professional installation team from Peek’s so close and so inexpensive, you can relax and let the experts do it for you.


No longer is tile relegated to kitchens, bathrooms and other water-sensitive areas. Tile is indeed great in areas where water might commonly end up on the floor, but over the past number of years people have found ways to use it for great effect all around the house as a less-expensive alternative to natural stone, and increasingly for other flooring materials, too.

Either porcelain or ceramic tile can replace traditional hardwood flooring in other rooms to provide a beautiful and elegant change of pace. Newer styles of tile replicate wood looks and have taken on new textures. The fascinating variety of colors, patterns, and textures will amaze you, and tile in Frisco can provide a unique and intriguing atmosphere to a bedroom, office or living room, to say nothing of your kitchen, bathrooms or laundry area.

Whether you taste runs to traditional or contemporary, Peek’s Floor Company has tile products that will inspire your imagination and transform your home into a showplace you can be proud of. .


Vinyl flooring has been around for a long time, but not in the form we see it now. Vinyl is no longer the cheap-looking, utilitarian and definitely not beautiful alternative to the more expensive materials. Forget the bland or even ugly appearance you remember: now vinyl can look like wood or ceramic,

In many ways vinyl is similar to laminate flooring, with a few fundamental differences. They are both relatively inexpensive and easy to install as a DIY project — you just snap the planks together.. While laminate has a wood overlay, vinyl goes a synthetic process, giving it greater resistance to moisture. In a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or wherever water spills might be common, vinyl in Frisco withstands the wetness that might damage other materials. Peek’s Floor Company offers an outstanding selection of styles and types.

In short, with a population that has quadrupled over a 10-year period and is still growing rapidly, and with a lot of nice, newer homes around, it is good to know that people living in or moving to Frisco have access to Peek’s Floor Company, the best of the best flooring companies in Frisco, TX.

Our expert staff at Peek’s Flooring Company is happy to help you select the materials you want for your floor and create a look for your home that you can be proud of. Drop by our Frisco showroom at 2595 Preston Rd #200 to see it all first hand and to talk to our friendly experts.

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