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Carpeting has been refined with new technologies and materials. It has many advantages for today’s home or business. At Peeks Carpet Stores Frisco TX, our staff can show you the advantages of each style. Until then, enjoy this guide to choosing carpet.

Before you buy flooring at any other carpet places in Frisco TX, make sure to compare the total cost of carpet and installation by talking to the experts at Peeks. You may save money, get a better product or both.

Why Choose Carpet?

There are many reasons that carpet is a good pick. At our Frisco carpet outlet, our customers give these reasons that they want to use carpeting.

  • Cushioning
    No other flooring actually provides sound-proofing or insulation. These make carpet especially appealing. It’s a non-slip surface, which reduces the chances of falling. If a person does fall, the landing is cushioned. This also protects breakables that fall on the floor.

  • Choices
    There are more stain resistant styles that keep carpet looking better longer. There are also carpet tiles which can be replaced one by one as needed. Best of all, there are so many colors and textures.

  • Affordability
    Carpet can be extremely cost efficient. Less expensive than installing a hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring for your home, installation is fast, especially when it’s done by the experts at Peeks. 

carpet dealers frisco txChoose Between Wall-to-Wall and Tiles

Traditional carpeting is also called wall-to-wall carpeting. It is fitted to the exact dimensions of your room. High quality padding adds sound proofing and provides extra cushioning. Your Peeks carpet installation Frisco professional will make sure to stretch the carpeting to provide the right tautness.

A newer approach involves carpet tiles Frisco TX. This innovation was developed for businesses and rental properties. A tile can be replaced when there’s a damaging spill. This keeps it looking fresher and cleaner longer. Homeowners sometimes choose tiles for the cost. This cheap carpet Frisco helps parents cope with messy kids. It is a good pick for the family den or a toddler’s bedroom.

Choose Your Preferred Material

  • WOOL. If you want natural soil resistance, the answer is wool. However, it is not stain resistant like manmade fibers can be. It wears well and is especially warm in the winter.
  • NYLON. Nylon offers significant stain resistance and is used in many affordable carpets.
  • POLYESTER. This material can provide longer wear in normal traffic. It can offer a more upscale luxurious look.
  • OLEFIN. Stain and moisture resistant, this luxurious material is generally used for loop pile or dense cut carpeting.

Choose Your Pile

Carpet construction can be sorted into four categories. When the manufacturer uses looped fibers, it is either Berber or Multi-level Loop. Cut pile carpets refer to fibers where the loops have been cut. Hybrid pile simply means that the manufacturer uses looped and cut pile.

  • Berber. Looped piles are short and even. Advantages include durability and stain resistance. Disadvantages include less cushioning.
  • Multi-level. Looped piles are at different levels, achieving a patterned texture. This increases cushioning.
  • Hybrid. Looped strands and cut strands are alternated. Stains and dirt can hide better, and softness is increased.
  • Cut Pile. The loop tips are cut, and the resulting pile is thicker and plusher. These carpet flooring products come in cable, frieze, plush, Saxony, and textured varieties.

For More Information, Visit Peeks Carpet Dealers Frisco TX

Why pick Peeks? Our professional staff has years of experience. We’ve got answers to your questions in a way that you won’t find at a Lowes or Home Depot. Plus our team installs carpet. So we aren’t just selling the “before” product. We are with you until your carpet is ready for your use. You can count on Peeks for expert carpet installation Frisco Tx.

Learn more with our carpet shopping guide or visit our Frisco store at 2595 Preston Road near the Stonebriar Centre.

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