What are the Top Ten Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring Frisco TX?

laminate flooring frisco tx

Sometimes a copycat is a good thing.  It certainly is when it comes to high quality laminate.  This floor material can mimic hardwood, tile and stone with equal ease.  Laminate flooring Frisco TX gives you the look without the price.

At Peeks, we like to think we are the best laminate floor company Frisco.  Our professional laminate floor installation is a point of pride.  You’ll find a wide selection in our showroom,  but you can start your shopping with our online inventory.  Competitive pricing makes laminate even more affordable.  Special offers bring the price down even more.  Before you buy somewhere else, ask for alternatives from our wholesale laminate flooring installation company. You may get the same or better quality at a more affordable price.

laminate wood flooring companiesHere are the top ten reasons to choose laminate flooring Frisco TX.

  1. Designer looks are surprisingly easy to achieve with laminate.   Digitally printed images are ringers for the highest priced flooring you can buy.  You can go for hardwood or tile in a variety of styles.  High definition images make it look like real marble or walnut. Check out our laminate shopping guide.
  2. Thick layers help it last longer.  Unlike vinyl, laminate is strong.  Dents and scratches have a harder time getting through due to the hard, resin finish.
  3. Fading is less likely, too, because the material has been digitally printed and then treated to protect the look.
  4. Unlike hardwood or stone, the thickness helps cushion your feet when you walk.
  5. Thickness also acts as soundproofing, more like carpeting than hardwood or tile.
  6. Able to resist moisture and temperature changes, laminate is a good fit for laundry rooms, kitchens, and baths. You can’t say the same about carpet or hardwood.
  7. Despite its good looks and durability, this is one of the most wallet-friendly materials that you can buy.  You’ll get a good value and a wide variety when you shop Peeks.
  8. You can save even more because installation is less expensive. It is easier thanks to innovations such click-and-snap pieces.
  9. Unlike the original vinyl options, modern laminate can be very easy to remove because it is installed without nails.  Even if it is glued, it can be glued to the underlayment for easier removal.
  10. Caring for laminate is easy.  Even if kids and pets do their worst, laminate comes clean.  Plus, you can get a hardwood look from laminate wood flooring and never need to polish it.

Discount Laminate Flooring in Frisco TX

Peeks is a hub for those who need wholesale prices.  We offer deep discounts and regular specials.  Our Exceptional Buys may have the look you want at a better price.  Our sales staff can help you beat deals you find at other Dallas flooring companies.

Premium Laminate Flooring Installation

Unlike some discount laminate wood flooring companies, Peeks is full service.  We can remove the existing floor, put down the underlayment, and install your choice of laminate.

How is Laminate Installed?

The most modern way to install laminate starts with the manufacturer.  Laminate planks have tongues and grooves that can snap together and simply float over the subfloor.  It can be used on top of old flooring or concrete.  An underlayment will provide an extra moisture barrier.  Laminate tiles or sheets are generally glued to an underlayment on top of the subfloor.  This makes removal easier.   Your Peeks sales specialist can explain the steps needed to lay your favorite laminate flooring.

Does the Current Floor Need to Be Removed?

When it comes to removing the current floor, there are some materials that can be left in place, provided that the floor is flat.  These include hardwood, ceramic tiles, sheet-vinyl and linoleum.  LVT products and laminate may remain, but only if these were laid with glue instead of the floating floor system.  You cannot place laminate over carpet, carpet tiles, engineered hardwood, stone or brick.

Laminate Flooring Finance Opportunities Available at Peeks

You are ready to renovate, but you want to spread out your payments. The answer is flooring financing at Peeks.   Learn more about loans, low rates and payments plans.

Find Your Favorite Floor at Peeks

Use the convenient form on this page to schedule an appointment. You can also contact us with your questions.  Visit our Frisco location at 2595 PRESTON RD SUITE 200.  You may call us at 972-712-2341.

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