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For Fine Flooring Grapevine TX, Choose Peek’s Floor Co.

Carpet | Hardwood | Tile | Laminate

Serving the public since 1969, Peek’s Floor Co. is a leader among flooring companies in Grapevine. Our fine flooring Grapevine products include carpet, engineered wood, bamboo, laminate, and tile. You can rely on our experts for hardwood floor installation and floor repair needs.

With our selection, you’ll have the designer looks and durability that you desire for every room in your house. Stop by our local store to see all we have to offer.


Our Grapevine carpet outlet offers high quality flooring. Styles range from classic to modern. For those on a strict budget, you can get simple laminate flooring Grapevine Tx. If you are watching your costs, but you want top quality, there are many affordable options. If luxury is what you’re after, we’ve got the best hardwood flooring and stone counter tops that money can buy. Before you buy from other flooring and carpet places in Grapevine, let us quote you a price.

Why Choose Peek’s Floor Co.?

  • Big Selection
  • Luxury Choices
  • Affordable Options
  • Budget Buys
  • Helpful Staff
  • DIY Destination Expert Installation
  • Financing Assistance
  • Long history of service to Grapevine area residents
  • Regular Discounts and Specials

hardwood flooring grapevine-txLAYING THE GROUNDWORK FOR LUXURY DESIGN


The right materials can add value to your home. That’s why we offer top quality hardwood flooring Grapevine TX. Professional installation ensures a good fit and finish. Our engineered hardwood alternatives have an upscale look and offer real durability, and our rich carpeting adds a soft floor for your favorite rooms.


Tile and natural stone offer classic looks and provide real durability. Countertops are available in tile, marble, granite and many other fine materials. Our professionals provide countertop and tile installation Grapevine. You can count on our team for attention to detail. Our technicians will ensure a truly beautiful finish for your granite countertops and ceramic tile surrounds.



Since we cater to all types of shoppers, Peek’s Floor Co. is definitely the place to save money. From discounts on wood flooring Grapevine to inexpensive laminate flooring, our showroom has everything you need for affordable flooring.


Well-made and handsome, engineered wood and bamboo provide an affordable alternative to hardwood. The installation is easier, too, making it possible to get the look you want more quickly. New advances in manufacturing have made this an especially durable choice.


Among our cheap carpet Grapevine choices, you’ll find many styles and colors. A modern favorite, carpet tiles Grapevine are a great way to replace your flooring with a soft covering. Unlike large carpet pieces, carpet tiles can be replaced individually. You won’t have to worry so much about a single spill ruining your carpet’s good looks.


You can get a variety of laminate floors or counter tops that mimic hardwood or stone. These materials offer a good value, clean up easily, and are made to last.


Looking to save money on your kitchen or bath? Our discount tile Grapevine TX selection offers variety and color. As a tile outlet commercial warehouse, we can buy in bulk, reducing costs for our customers.

Do-it-Yourself Destination

We supply many crafts people and DIY home owners with high quality merchandise. Let us know how we can help you get the job done!


You can get financing for your home improvement projects. Learn about financing offers for carpeting, wood flooring installation, quartz countertop and more.

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