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For finer floors, start with the right carpet from Peek’s Flooring Co. We’ve got one of the largest selections you’ll find at carpet places in Grapevine.

Better Carpets Last Longer

Today’s carpets are more stain-resistant than ever. Each type has its own merits, and the many styles will make it possible to find an exact match for your needs. Here are just some of the reasons to choose a style from our Grapevine carpet outlet:

  • Best floor covering for sound-proofing
  • Best floor covering for insulation
  • Non-slip surface
  • Soft to the touch
  • Invites lounging
  • Cushions items against breakage
  • Cost Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Fast Installation
  • Wide variety of colors and textures
  • New stain resistant styles

carpet tiles grapevineYou Are Invited to Pick Your Pile

Carpets can be sorted based on the pile. There are two in which the fibers are bent into loops. These include Berber and Multi-level loop carpets. Then there are cut pile carpets which eliminate the loop entirely. A fourth type blends cut pile and loop pile to create a hybrid.


This level loop is often chosen for its ability to handle high traffic. Durable and stain resistant, Berber maintains a lower profile. Less plush, it offers limited cushioning compared to a multi-level loop carpet.

Multi-level Loops

With different levels of loops, carpeting takes on a patterned texture. This gives it a medium profile and increases cushioning.

Loop and Cut Pile

When cut pile and loop pile are combined in one carpet, the resulting floor covering can be good at hiding stains and dirt. The cut pile adds a softness that the loop pile couldn’t provide on its own.

Cut Pile

Manufacturers will also cut the yarn tips, eliminating loops. Softer than Berber or Multi-level Loop carpet, cut pile carpets are generally plush and dense. Here are some of the varieties.

Cable is known for thick long fibers that are especially comfortable to walk on or lie down on.

Frieze can have such long fibers that it becomes shag carpet. Generally, however, it is simple a long-fiber choice that is relished for walking barefoot and lounging.

Plush presents a smooth appearance that is even and soft. It is considered one of the most formal carpet textures.

Saxony is known for its smooth look and feel. To achieve this, manufacturers use longer fibers that are twisted. This gives it body. Footprints are more likely to show on this surface.

Textured cut piles have a rougher surface due to the way the fibers have been cut unevenly.

carpet stores grapevineCarpet Materials

Wool, nylon, polyester and olefin are the main materials used for carpet fibers. For the most stain resistance, the choice tends to be nylong. However, olefin is stain and moisture resistance. It is generally used for dense cut or loop pile carpets. In between, polyester offers longer wear for normal traffic, and it can offer a luxurious look and feel. Wool is the oldest material and the only natural one. It isn’t natural stain resistant but it has natural soil resistance. For any choice, you can get special stain resistant treatments to make them look good longer.

Wall-to-wall Carpeting

Professional installation of wall-to-wall carpeting is still the preferred way to enjoy your carpeting choice. Using precision instruments, your Peeks installation expert will cut the piece to match the exact dimensions of each room. High quality padding is laid down to add cushion and sound proofing. The carpet is then stretched to the right tautness as it is attached to the floor. When we are done, you will see little evidence of its installation. There’s just a perfectly smooth surface for you to enjoy for years to come. Our carpet stores Grapevine offer a wide assortment to suit your taste, specific room needs, and budget.

grapevine carpet outlet

Carpet Tiles Grapevine

Tiles have been a real innovation for carpeting. It first became popular with businesses and rental properties, With innovations in quality and style, it has attracted smart home owners who want to take advantage of its easy maintenance. Each tile can be replaced if it gets stained. The whole look stays fresh longer. This is a good pick for entryways and busy rooms such as the family den. If you want cheap carpet Grapevine that will last, tiles may be the answer.

Peeks Carpet Dealers Grapevine TX

What will you find at Peeks? Unlike Home Depot or Lowes, we are truly in the business of selling high quality carpet and laying it for our customers. Our personnel have answers to your tough questions about carpet. We’ve got inexpensive choices by the dozens and just as many luxury choices. There are plenty of ways to match your budget to the right floor covering. Check out out carpet shopping guide.

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If you are still window-shopping, you can get more information about today’s carpet styles at Peeks.



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