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Flooring Companies  in Richardson, TX – Peek’s Flooring

With Peek’s Floor Company in Richardson, TX, you have a source for great-quality products with a staff of professionals with the expertise and eagerness help you make your house beautiful and something to be proud of

How can Peek’s Floor Company help you?:


Some flooring materials look exotic and glamorous, but might cost more than you are willing or able to pay. Stone and hardwood make for beautiful floors, but the cost is high.

What can you do for yourself if these classic materials are outside of your budget range? Fortunately, today’s laminate provides elegance and refinement at an affordable cost. The fact that laminate tolerates moisture better and requires less maintenance to stay beautiful

than other materials — this is a wonderfully durable floor covering. Laminate also saves you labor costs because installation is so simple, you can do it yourself. Even if you want a professional to install it for you, the cost is less because the individual pieces snap together without glue. It couldn’t be simpler.

The manufacturers that Peek’s works with are all household names, such as Mohawk, Armstrong and Shaw: you can rest assured the quality of laminate in Richardson is superb. You get the grace and refinement you would expect from the most expensive materials, with easy installation, at a budget-friendly price. You will love to have visitors over to admire the exquisite beauty of your home. See some of what Peek’s has available for you.


A soft, warm floor covering makes a child’s bedroom or playroom more comfortable, but with carpet these rooms become safer, as well. Active kids tend to fall frequently, and a cushion to fall on is always better than a hard, unforgiving surface. Adults might not fall as often, or roll around on the floor as kids do, but the feel of carpet on bare feed is always nice. Let’s not forget the insulation value of a carpet with pad, as well, and the fact that it reduces noise. On the plus side, carpet can contribute color and texture to a room.

Any carpet in Richardson offers additional health benefits, as well. According to a number of medical studies, carpeted flooring can improve how you and those in your household feel: it can cut down on airborne pathogens that make people sick – all that in addition to the style, comfort, quiet, safety and low cost benefits. Peek’s Carpet Company offers a wide variety of beautiful carpet colors, textures and types with amazingly low prices.


Hardwood has an undeniable appeal. The way the surfaces are sealed protects the wood from unwanted stains; if one board or several gets damaged, you can simply replace the damaged boards without replacing the entire floor. If the floor begins to show its age, sanding and and becomes more interesting and elegant with age. These factors mean that a good-quality hardwood floor might well last longer than you do.

For a home in Richardson, maybe the best attribute of a hardwood floor is in the uniqueness. Each individual plank assumes an individual look and personality. In that regard, the overall effect is timeless and interesting. Although you could possibly make a hardwood floor installation a do-it-yourself project, the hard-working and knowledgeable installation professionals with Peek’s can do it for you so quickly and effectively that there is no need to try to cut costs with a DIY campaign. Just sit back and let us work for you.


Not many years ago the general sense was that tile, whether porcelain or ceramic, was best suited for rooms where water may spill frequently or pool up on the floor. More recently, however, people find it appropriate for all rooms in the house with stunning effects, and it has become a less pricey alternative to stone along with other kinds of materials for floors.

Porcelain or ceramic tile can work well in areas where traditional hardwood flooring once dominated for a exotic and intriguing change of pace. In fact, recent tile developments can simulate the appearance of wood and feature interesting, attractive textures.  You may be pleasantly surprise at the proliferation of colors, textures and patterns recently available with tile. With Peek’s Carpet in Richardson you have the means of providing a unique, comforting property to a bedroom, office or living room, and, of course to any kitchen, bathroom or laundry area.

From cutting-edge contemporary looks to elegant traditional, Peek’s Floor Company has tile products that will inspire you and turn your home into a place of unusual beauty.


Vinyl flooring has certainly been old school for many decades – functional, durable, and most of all, cheap. Now we can toss that attitude out the window onto the trash heap of the “no-longer-so.” Modern science has created vinyl that looks good, high-class, even fashionable. Vinyl now comes looking like wood or ceramic, much different from the utilitarian, ugly floor of your elementary school lunch room.

Vinyl and laminate have much in common but also much that sets them apart. Both provide an attractive alternative to more expensive flooring materials, Both are simple to install without have to glue them down because the planks just snap together. The differences appear in the top layer: laminate has a wood covering, with vinyl the overlay is a synthetic material. That makes vinyl better suited to areas where moisture might be an issue, such as for a kitchen, laundry room bathroom, or wherever you fight frequently deal with water on the floor. Rooms in Richardson with vinyl flooring withstand the wet conditions that cause damage to other materials. Check with Peek’s Floor Company to see an oustanding array of styles.

Flooring in Richardson, TX

For many of us, Richardson is home, a great place to live. With a growing population, having a source of beautiful flooring, countertops and window treatments within this outstanding community makes the city an even better place to live.

Outstanding among the flooring stores in Richardson, TX, Peek’s Floor Company  is your friend and your store, where you get the help you need and the materials you want with the prices your wallet appreciates. Our expert staff is happy to help you select the materials you want for your floor and create a look for your home that you can be proud of. Drop by our Richardson showroom at Arapaho Central Park, 1002 N Central Expy #601 to witness first hand the ways we can help you create a home you can feel comfortable in and proud of.

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