Moisture Detection: Rooting Out Water Problems

Moisture Detection: Rooting Out Water Problems 4

If you’ve ever seen a good floor buckle, warp, peel and discolor due to moisture damage, you know how destructive water can be. “Sweating” subfloors and unseen leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. To help you get to the heart of your moisture problems, Peek’s Floor Co. offers comprehensive moisture detection services to the Dallas Ft. Worth area.

Think You Have a Moisture Problem?

It doesn’t take fancy equipment to spot the many common signs of water damage. If you see any of these simple indicators, moisture detection can help you find the cause:

  • Abnormally high indoor humidity
  • Cracks in moldings, grout and walls
  • Soft spots in drywall
  • Wood floors and cabinets cupping, buckling or discoloring
  • Presence of termites, which are drawn to moist wood
  • Water bills spiking suddenly
  • Flooring that is warm or hot to the touch
  • Strong mildew smells or visible mildew

Comprehensive Moisture Detection

We use two kinds of meters to detect moisture in walls and floors. The first is infrared. Using infrared cameras, we take thermal images that compare the temperatures of different spots in your home. Fluctuations like the cool water running down a wall or hot water puddling behind a shower will show up in thermal imagining.

In some instances, infrared can’t help us track down a problem. If the whole floor is cold and damp due to moisture seeping up from the ground, it will all show up as the same temperature on infrared. That’s when our moisture meters come into play. They compare the moisture levels around a floor to the ambient temperature in the room to see if they’re normal.

Our methods can often directly identify the cause of moisture problems or significantly narrow your search area. This can save you time and money that could otherwise be sucked up by excessive exploratory service calls, cutting and digging.

What Causes Moisture Problems?

Water and water vapor are a part of our daily lives. Simply by breathing, we’re adding water vapor to our home’s airflow. Homes are built to handle running water and moisture from the environemnt, but every once and a while, something goes wrong. It only takes one missing, blocked, broken or deteriorating component to lead to a water problem.

Some common causes include:

  • Improperly sealed windows and outdoor vents
  • Improper insulation around doors, windows and cold water pipes, allowing water condensation
  • Improper venting of showers, kitchens and other structures
  • Poorly sealed basements and crawl spaces, allowing ground water to seep in
  • Outdoor drainage issues directing water towards the home
  • Leaking pipes indoors
  • Roof leaks
  • Inadequate vapor barriers under floors, in walls and around showers

Why Peek’s? We Pioneered It

In 2005, Murphy “Murph” Dykes was frustrated. As the general manager of Peek’s Floor Co., he kept seeing client after client suffering from moisture-related flooring problems. He was sick of not being able to help them find the cause quickly and efficiently. Luckily for Peek’s and its customers, Murph had an idea.

Infrared technology has been used by the military, police, home inspectors and in marine-related jobs for years to spot structural irregularities. While it’s often used to see failures in insulation, spot hollow areas in structures or identify electrical issues, Murph had other plans. He realized he could easily apply infrared to track moisture problems in flooring.

Murph bought himself an infrared camera and signed up for a week-long “building science” certification course to teach him how to use it. He was the first person to be certified for the sole purpose of diagnosing moisture problems in flooring. Since then, Murph has used his moisture detection methods to solve over 485 moisture problems in residential and commercial buildings.

Give Us a Call!

We encourage any client that suspects they have a moisture problem to address it before they install new floors. Whether you have a restored home with old pipes or a new home with a damp basement, Peek’s is here to help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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