Finding Kid-Friendly Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound

hardwood flooring flower moundLife with children can be unpredictable. For every unforgettable moment and goodnight kiss, there are spills, dirt and stomping feet to go along with them. If you’ve always wanted hardwood flooring for your Flower Mound home, you don’t have to put it off. Today’s hardwood is tough enough to stand up to the rigors of an active family.

What to Think About

Kids are energetic, messy and always trying new things. The ideal hardwood for a family home will be able to withstand the demands of active kids while looking great for many, many years.

As you shop, your priorities should be:

  • Slip resistance
  • Scratch and scuff resistance
  • Dent resistance
  • Water and stain resistance

Preventing Falls

While not as slick as tile, hardwood can be a slip hazard for kids running across the floor. There are three things you can do to reduce the risk of slips and falls. The first is choose textured hardwood, like a distressed or hand-scraped finish. Ridges, ripples and notches let shoes and feet get some traction on the floor. Some brands advertise “kid-friendly” or “anti-skid” hardwood options that are adequately textured.

The second thing to look for is gloss level. High gloss finishes are often more slick than satin or matte. Satin floors are a good compromise of sheen and slickness. Finally, use rugs with proper anti-slip pads in high traffic areas to provide maximum traction and cushioning.

Scuff-Free Floors

From illicit indoor roller skating to tracked in dirt, scratches are a top concern when you put hardwood in a family home. The hardwood flooring available at our Flower Mound showroom features the latest protective finishes on the market. Focus on prefinished floors with aluminum oxide coatings. Aluminum oxide is a metal powder that provides some of the strongest protective coatings available.

Once your hardwood is installed, habits and maintenance is your next line of defense. Most hardwood gets scuffed by tracked-in dirt abrading the finish.

The following changes will help keep your floors looking new:

  • Establish a firm no-shoes policy in the house.
  • Use tough dirt-collecting mats outside every exterior door
  • Establish a regular sweeping and mopping schedule

Of course, it’s impossible to avoid every scratch and scuff. Some homeowners opt for a hand-scraped or distressed finish that helps camouflage minor wear. Lighter woods and satin finishes also help conceal the appearance of scratches.

Avoiding Dents

It’s easy to laugh at ads that claim their product can withstand a bowling ball being dropped on it, but when you have kids, you never know what can happen. To see how dent-resistant your hardwood choices are, take a look at the Janka hardness scale. It ranks the hardness of every wood species. At the top of the list are incredibly durable woods like Brazilian cherry and ebony. Typical flooring hardwoods, like oak and ash, are towards the middle. Choosing a tougher wood increases your dent resistance.

Constructed with a man-made core, engineered hardwood is also a more impact-resistant option. Only a thin layer of the showy hardwood is used. Beneath the surface is a dense composite material that can withstand harder impacts than traditional hardwood. Most of today’s engineered choices are made low-VOC and formaldehyde-free, so you don’t have to worry about indoor air quality.

Don’t forget the floor’s finish. Aluminum oxide finishes are generally the most dent-resistant option available. Some brands also offer their own specialty coatings that come with extended warranties.

Water and Stain Resistance

Puddles under snow boots and spilled drinks are the biggest enemy of a quality hardwood floor. Luckily, new options are making hardwood more moisture-resistant than ever before. Many brands now offer pre-finished flooring with waterproof sealants that extend to most or all surfaces of the board. Even if liquid seeps between the planks, you have more time to mop up the spill.

For overall protection, take a look at engineered hardwood flooring for your Flower Mound home. The core material of engineered hardwood is more warp-resistant than traditional wood, and many come with water-resistant or waterproof sealants on the bottom.

Maintenance also plays a role in protecting your floors from moisture. Catch excess water with soft, water wicking mats inside exterior doors. When you clean your floors, use a spray bottle instead of a bucket to control the amount of water that touches your wood.

Shopping for Hardwood Flooring in Flower Mound

If you’re having a hard time picking your floors, have questions or just want someone to point you in the right direction, it helps to get professional advice. At Peek‘s, our flooring experts are here to help narrow your options and make a choice you’ll love. Come and visit us today to see which hardwood options will work for you.

Smart Carpeting Solutions for Basements

It can be tough to get a comfortable, homey feeling in below-grade spaces like basements. Carpet warms up a room instantly, but conventional wisdom says carpet and basements don’t mix. That doesn’t have to be the case. With good moisture management and affordable carpeting deals on the right kinds of carpet, you might be able to put warm and cushy carpeting in your below-grade rooms.

carpeting dealsCan I Carpet My Basement?

Whether or not you should use carpet in below-grade rooms comes down to a few factors.

1. Moisture. Water leaks, ground moisture wicking into concrete subfloors and humidity from limited ventilation can all cause ongoing water problems. Carpeting can hold onto that moisture and grow mold and mildew. Perpetually wet basements aren’t good candidates for carpet, but drier basements can offset risks with proper installation and maintenance.

2. Carpet type. Some carpets dry faster, are more mildew resistant and easier to recover after leaks than others. If you can find good carpeting deals on more basement-friendly types, carpet can be feasible.

3. Maintenance. Having a carpeted basement means being prepared for leaks and ensuring you minimize moisture levels on a day-to-day basis. If you keep up with maintenance, make smart choices and act quickly after leaks, it’s possible to maintain attractive, healthy carpet in below-grade rooms.

Is Your Basement a Good Candidate?

Step into your basement. Does it feel humid? Do you see any water staining or other signs of leaks? Does it smell like mildew or dampness? If you don’t have any of these issues, your basement might be a candidate for carpet.

To have carpet, your basement needs to be:

  • Well-sealed
  • Leak-free
  • Free from excessive humidity

Moisture detection services can help you pinpoint the source of water problems or test if your basement has significant moisture rising up from the ground. Sometimes, excessive moisture is caused by something as simple as a dryer vent that’s knocked out of place. Your basement can be professionally sealed, and outside drainage issues can be addressed by specialized contractors. Running a dehumifier can also reduce airborne moisture levels.

Choosing the Right Carpet Deals

When choosing carpet for your basement, you’ll want to consider material, type and style. Think style first. If your basement is a little damp or leaky, opting for interchangeable carpet tiles will let you pull up damaged squares and replace them easily. They’re also a great choice for basements that will be kids’ play areas. For drier basements, traditional carpet is a viable option.

When it comes to type, low pile carpeting that’s either closed loop or cut-and-loop will dry out faster than traditional cut pile styles. Closed loop carpet is also easier to extract water from should you ever have a leak or flood. Plush carpeting is only a good choice for very dry basements.

For material, head straight for man-made fibers with excellent stain-, moisture- and odor-resistant properties. Olefin and SmartStrand are the most popular choices. Olefin boasts fantastic moisture- and stain-resistance and is an affordable option for basements that don’t see much foot traffic. SmartStrand, which blocks moisture from the core and is sealed with nanotechnology, is durable enough families and pets. Look for options with moisture-resistant backing for extra protection.

Installing Smart

Once you’ve addressed moisture issues and secured excellent carpeting deals on a smart choice, don’t forget installation. It’s important to consider vapor barriers and padding. Vapor barriers are impervious plastic sheeting that sit between your concrete subfloor and your carpet to block ground moisture. Go with the grade and type your installer recommends to ensure maximum protection.

In cases of leaks and floods, carpet padding can be very difficult to dry out. Make sure you opt for open-cell carpet padding, which dries out faster, with odor-blocking properties. Avoid rubber padding that will trap moisture under the pad and may cause it to pool up against your walls and baseboards. Some people skip padding entirely, but it’s less comfy and can cause your carpet to warp and wear out rapidly. It’s not a good choice for living spaces.

What to Do When It Leaks

Whether it’s a burst pipe or a flood from a clogged window well, most basements will face some type of moisture problem eventually. Carpeting can often be salvaged if you act quickly.

Act on any signs of a water problem, like stains, damp smells or warping baseboards, immediately. A professional water extraction team is usually necessary for significant leaks and floods. In the case of extensive flooding or long-term damage, replacement can be necessary.

Basement carpeting is a risk-reward balancing act that some families are happy to tackle. If it sounds like too much work for you, remember that other soft flooring options, like cork and linoleum from Peek‘s, are always available.

Paws and Claws: Choosing the Best Flooring for Pets

They’re messy, scratchy and accident-prone, but we can’t help but love our pets. It just means we have some extra considerations to keep in mind when we go floor shopping. The latest floor tech puts practically every category on the table. From carpet to hardwood, there’s plenty of pet-friendly flooring available in Flower Mound, Texas.

flooring flower mound texasCarpet

Carpet with pets? Absolutely. Stain-resistant fibers and treatments have improved dramatically in the last few years. Keep in mind that stain and dirt resistance are different things. If you have a family member with allergies, you’ll want both.

All fiber types have their pros and cons. Wool and nylon, for example, hide dirt and are incredibly durable. Wool is also naturally dirt-resistant. However, they both need stain treatments. Olefin and polyester offer excellent stain resistance, but they don’t maintain their appearance as well. Triexta is stain-, dirt- and wear-resistant, but it’s relatively new and hasn’t been “market-tested.”

Narrow your options to cut loop carpeting. Closed loop carpets, like berber, are a snag hazard for pet nails. Shorter pile is easier to clean, but thicker pile conceals the appearance of dirt. If you’re considering anti-stain treatments, make sure you ask about longevity and warranty limits.


Nail scratches and moisture are your concern if you want hardwood. If you have a well house-trained pet, you can set the moisture concern aside. Otherwise, look at engineered hardwood. Its man-made core is more moisture resistant. Peek‘s keeps several types of engineered hardwood as part of the in-stock flooring available at our Flower Mound, Texas showroom, so you can get a quick install, too.

There are several ways you can handle potential nail damage. You could choose a hand-scraped hardwood, put down some rugs and consider any nail marks part of the wood’s character. It’s low-stress! If you’d rather minimize nail marks, research the coatings different manufacturers offer. Many offer new, ultra-strong coatings in their prefinished lines.

Your wood style can also made a difference. Harder woods, including most exotics and bamboo, are more durable. Exotics can be surprisingly affordable in engineered styles. Choosing lighter colors and satin finishes will also help conceal the appearance of scratches and dings.

Luxury Vinyl

Durable and practically waterproof, luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and tile are the simplest choice for pet-friendly floors. Today’s styles use high definition prints of real hardwood and stone with intricate embossing to create a stunning, affordable and practical reproductions of the natural material floors you want.

LVP’s softer texture lets pet nails sink in instead of scratching the surface. Premium coatings added during the manufacturing process give you extra insurance against pet damage. Practically all LVP styles are water resistant on the top and bottom. If your pet is prone to accidents, look for lines that also have sealants applied to the interlocking edges.


Using stone tile in hallways, great rooms, kitchens and Florida rooms is becoming a popular style. It’s wonderfully durable if you have pets, but you do want to choose with care. Some stone, like marble, is more prone to staining and scratching. Others are slip hazards for overexcited pets that can end up skidding and hurting themselves.

One good way to shop for pet-friendly tile is to look for choices advertised as kid-friendly. These tend to be tough, non-skid and stain-resistant. Matte or satin finish stone-look porcelain is an excellent option. Because these tiles are man made, they can often give you the look of softer natural stones with none of the pitfalls.

Don’t forget about your grout selection. Grout often stains, but a darker grout is less likely to show discoloration. Choosing a thin grout line will also hide any staining you might end up with.


For well-housebroken pets, laminate can be a fantastic and affordable alternative to hardwood. Like LVP, laminate is made using high definition prints of real hardwood floors. They look beautiful, and the latest options are manufactured with some spectacularly strong top coatings.

Look for aluminum oxide coatings, which use powdered metal to bolster durability. You may want to opt for satin, matte or textured finishes. High gloss laminate is a slip hazard for pets, leading to joint damage and hard impacts with walls.

The paper layer that gives laminate its good looks can end up warped and discolored when exposed to moisture. For moisture insurance, consider laminate with water-resistant edge sealants or full waterproofing technology. These buy you extra clean up time in case of accidents.

Shopping Pet-Friendly Flooring In Flower Mound, Texas
If you’re not sure what you want, seeing all your options in one place can make all the difference. Peek‘s showroom gives you the chance to look at every major brand of every floor type in one place. Pop down to our Flower Mound showroom and browse our selection at your leisure.

Victor Bravo

Victor Bravo is a 5th Grade science teacher at Stonewall Jackson Elementary School in Dallas ISD, where  he has taught for 14 years.  At Stonewall Jackson the last four years, he has built a science program that incorporates hands-on experiments, the outdoor lab—the school’s well established garden and wild  scape, journaling, and an annual fall trip to Camp Grady Spruce at Possum Kingdom Lake.  Here the students spend four days connecting Life and Earth science concepts learned in the classroom to the real world.  Another ongoing project includes monitoring weekly energy production from the campus’ solar panel, which is mounted on top of the classroom portable. Every day he guides 80 students to an  understanding and hopeful appreciation of how science makes the world better. He was the Teacher of the Year at Stonewall in 2014-2015.

He is married to a teacher, and their daughter also teaches.  Two wonderful grandchildren are the seeds of the future!

Like-New Looks: Keeping Your New Carpet in Great Shape

You’ve just had full carpet installation for your Richardson, TX home. Every room has fresh, clean carpet that looks and feels amazing. Now all you have to do is battle life, kids, pets, spills, dirt and allergens to keep it that way. You don’t have to be a neat freak. The right routine is all you need.

 carpet installation richardson txWhat You Need To Know

From olefin berber to plush wool, every carpet has its own ideal cleaning regimen. Pile height, loop style, fade-resistance, fiber type and other factors can change the best approach. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations or speak with a local company specializing in carpet installation for Richardson, TX homes for guidance.

You need to know:

  • What vacuum settings should I use with my carpet?
  • Are there any cleaning solutions that work well or that I need to avoid?
  • Are there any special care tips for this fiber type or dye method?
  • What are the manufacturer recommendations for my carpet?

Dirt: It’s Not Just Ugly

Dirt is unsightly, allergy-triggering and gritty. The longer it sits on your carpet, the more ground in it gets. Ground-in dirt is harder to vacuum up, and it scratches and dulls your shiny new carpet fibers.

A weekly vacuuming schedule is the most important part of a carpet care routine. Ideally, high traffic areas should be vacuumed twice a week. Exterior doors should have mats inside and out. Put course, dirt-catching mats outside and softer, water-wicking mats inside.

Vacuum Selection and Maintenance

Don’t underestimate the difference a quality vacuum can make. If it’s easy to use, you’re more likely to get around to vacuuming. Strong suction will pull more dirt out of the carpet, long cords are a life saver and built-in filters are a great options for combating allergens and pet odors. Good attachments also make tricky areas like stairs much easier on your hips and back.

Also keep in mind:

  • Overfull bags and bagless cups will dramatically cut your suction power. Empty cups and replace bags when they’re about three-quarters full.
  • Don’t forget to replace disposable and wash washable filters. Clogged filters also cut suction.
  • If you have pets or family members with long hair, your brush bristles can get clogged with hair. Check and clean them regularly according to manufacturer recommendations.

Vacuum Smart

Make sure you vacuum using a steady, overlapping technique to maximize your dirt pickup. High traffic areas may need two passes.

Don’t forget to set your brush height! When the brush is too high, it won’t kick out any dirt. When it’s too low, it stresses the vacuum and damages the carpet.

To find the right height:

  • For closed loop carpets: Put the vacuum on its hard surface mode to turn off the brush roll. Brushes will fuzz out your nice, tight loops.
  • For cut loops: Set your vacuum to the highest height and turn it on. Slowly lower the height until you feel a gentle pull.

Annual Carpet Cleaning

Weekly vacuuming won’t take care of every bit of dirt. Eventually, you’ll need the help of soap and water. Personal carpet shampooers usually leave too much residue on the fibers and water in the carpet, damaging the carpet and attracting more dirt in the long run. Professional cleaning is the best solution for removing deep dirt.

At Peek‘s, we don’t just specialize in carpet installation for Richardson, TX homes. We apply our years of expertise in carpet to deep cleaning, too. Our two-part deep clean is designed to pull dirt, allergens, odors and stains out of carpeting with minimal water and no soap residue left behind.

Fiber Type Concerns

Every fiber has its quirks. If you haven’t purchased carpet yet, make sure you pick one with a fiber type that matches your needs and has maintenance demands that work for you. If you have, make sure you understand your carpet’s requirements.

Wool, for instance, should never be cleaned traditional detergents or spot treatments. It needs a gentler touch. Nylon installed in rooms with bright light could benefit from having big furniture and rugs moved every now and then. That way, any fading isn’t too noticeable. Polyester, which doesn’t bounce back well after it’s crushed, is often the opposite.

Inquire Before Your Carpet Installation in Richardson, TX

Flooring professionals know the ins and outs of different carpets like the back of their hand. They have years of experience, manufacturer recommendations and industry insider knowledge to pull from. Ask your sales rep for advice when you purchase your new carpet.

If you need advice on your carpets or are in the market for some new, easy maintenance options, come see us at Peek‘s Floor Co. Our carpeting experts will be happy to help!

Tamilynn Jackson

I am and Oregon girl in a Texas world! I teach hands-on science to students ranging from 3 year old to 5th grade. I started teaching nine years ago at Independence Elementary in Lewisville ISD. I have a fun, loving husband and four beautiful, intelligent children. I am very involved in the community with a Girl Scout troop of 33 girls and a Cub Scout Tiger den of 11 boys. I enjoy connecting with the needs of my students and helping to enrich their lives. Science knowledge is important but I truly feel like a teacher when I teach someone to swim, teach them to speak up and advocate for themselves, or guide them to advance their learning in a new direction.

Carol Makil

Born in Colorado, raised in Vietnam, Philippines, Colorado, and Texas, Carol currently puts her multi-culture background to good use, teaching 9th and 10th grade ESL students as well as carrying out her duties as LPAC Chair (handling official papers for English Language Learners). She has taught for over 25 years in different educational settings, including middle and high school plus college in the States and overseas. One of the wonderful rewards about her job is to see students grasp new ideas and relate their experiences to writers from the past and present, thereby deepening their understanding and appreciation for themselves and for life. The great outdoors is her stress buster, and she also enjoys playing with her friends in the church orchestra. For every strength, she gives thanks to the Lord.

Can Carpet and Allergies Exist in Harmony?

It’s on every list of recommendations for allergy sufferers. “Carpeting traps allergens! Just say no to carpeting!” Does having allergies really mean you have to say goodbye to soft, cozy carpet? As experts in carpet installation for Frisco homes, Peek‘s is happy to say that there are carpeting options for allergy sufferers. All you need is a good cleaning routine and a little help from the latest carpeting technology.

carpet installation friscoGo Low

The yarn that gives carpeting its irresistible softness is the very reason many doctors recommend allergy sufferers reject it. Carpeting yarn forms a forest that can trap allergy-causing dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander. When you walk across the carpeting later, the allergens are stirred back into the air and into your nose.

Taller pile tends to trap and release more allergens, so one great option for allergy-friendly carpeting is low pile. Think berber and cut and loop. They’re less plush than other carpeting, but they clean easily, are durable and are wonderfully stain-resistant.

Go Dirt-Repellent

Don’t lose heart if you want a plusher carpet. There are still options available. The latest dirt-repellent materials and special treatments make even high pile carpeting release trapped allergens with ease when you run your vacuum cleaner.

Triexta, also known as SmartStrand, is one of the most popular options for allergy sufferers. A plant-based carpeting, the fibers are so smooth that they’re naturally stain resistant and dirt repellent. Wool, whose natural fibers have microscopic “scaling” on the surface, is also naturally dirt-repellent. Before you schedule carpet installation for your Frisco home, ask a flooring specialist which dirt-repellent option suits your budget and lifestyle best.

Go with a Routine

A cleaning routine, that is. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner with a built-in HEPA filter. HEPA filters remove 99% of allergens from the air they process and prevent any allergens you suck up from getting back out. Vacuum at least once a week, including things like rugs and stairs. Routine vacuuming prevents allergens from accumulating in your carpeting and keeps it looking great, too.

Changing your habits can also help reduce the allergen build up in your carpeting. Make a “no shoes in the house” rule. Shoes track in allergens and grind them deep into your carpet fibers. Setting up a bench and shoe rack just inside the door will encourage the new rule. Keeping the windows shut during the peek of allergy season will minimize the allergens that blowing in from outside.

Also keep in mind:

  • Clean your rooms from the top down. Dust high surfaces first, work your way down to your baseboards, then run your vacuum. That way, none of the dust you knock down will linger on your carpet.
  • Use the right vacuum settings for your carpet’s pile height. The wrong settings will prevent your vacuum from cleaning effectively. It also damages your carpeting.
  • Vacuum slowly. If you go too fast, you won’t pick up as much dirt.
  • Remember to change your vacuum’s built-in filters regularly.

Get Carpeting Cleaning

Annual carpet cleaning, especially steam extraction, is an excellent compliment to your regular vacuuming routine. The water and specialized shampoos flushes allergens from deep within carpet fibers and padding. Steam cleaning even gets hot enough to kill allergen triggers like dust mites and molds.

To ensure your cleaning service knows how to give you a thorough clean, choose a service that also specializes in carpet installation in the Frisco area. Flooring specialists understand how to care for different types and brands of carpeting. At Peek‘s, we also include special treatments like pet odor busters at no extra cost.

Get Better Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a concern whether you have carpeting or not, but allergens circulating in your air can end up trapped in your carpet. Choose high quality furnace filters that are rated for allergy sufferers to improve your whole-home air quality. If you have a family member with particularly bad allergies, consider putting a HEPA-grade air filter in their bedroom.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, can also have an impact on indoor air quality. VOC sensitivities often go hand-in-hand with concerns like allergies and asthma. Talk to your carpeting installer about low VOC carpet and padding. Don’t worry about limiting your options. Most of today’s top carpeting brands offer a range of low VOC options and boast commitments to environmental stewardship.

Get Advice on Carpet Installation in Frisco

Allergies are rarely the only consideration on your plate when you go floor shopping. Pets, kids, high traffic areas, moisture concerns and design demands all need to be met. At Peek‘s, we understand. The carpeting pros at our showroom will talk you through your options and help you make a choice you’ll love. Visit us today and see our allergy-friendly carpeting choices for yourself.

Lauren Tucker

My name is Lauren Tucker, and I am a First Grade Teacher at Smith Elementary School in Frisco ISD. I live in  Mckinney with my husband Clint, and our three kids Jackson, Reese, and Reagan.  I have taught Kindergarten and First Grade for a total of 12 years. I love my students, and their families!  My students are kind and respectful, and have a great love for learning!  It is a blessing to get to share my classroom with them each day.

Allison A. Stamey

Allison Stamey has been in Lewisville ISD at Lewisville High School for 22 years.  She taught her first two years at Trinity High School.  She and her husband have three sons that also graduated from Lewisville High School and have lived in Lewisville for 26 years.  Stamey is the Student Activities Director and Leadership teacher at Lewisville High School. She serves on the PediPlace Development Committee and the Texas Association of Student Council’s Credentials Committee and has led several programs helping Student Council advisors in our district and state. She was the Lewisville High School Teacher of the year and the Lewisville ISD Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2000-2001 and continues to help other Teachers of the Year with the district’s program.

She has sponsored Student Council for 21 years and continues to have a council with over 700 student leaders the volunteer hundreds of hours toward school and community.

She organizes food drives for CCA, Salvation Army, and the Childrens Advocacy Center. She has organized many homecoming activities and the annual Homecoming parade as well as assisted with Prom and oversees Graduation each year. Each day she works with 180 students, organizing them as they mentor at the district’s elementary and middle schools and working with them on school and community projects.  One of the new projects Stamey has started is the Seniors Helping Seniors Technology teaching program.  Three years ago, she and the Lewisville Senior Center Board member, Joe Seiler, put together an award winning program that is growing each year.  Stamey’s students go every other week to the senior center and help our senior citizens learn technology.  She is one of the organizers of the successful Hey Day each year.

In 2014, She was the Communities In Schools of North Texas Educator of the Year.  This program is near to Stamey’s heart and they help so many of her students each year.  This article is just one of the ways they help: Worked with the Chamber of Commerce Lead Forward Program.

Since 2003, she has organized our Lewisville ISD’s Angel Tree, helping over 800 children in our school district.  She is the director of two blood drives a year, winning Carter Blood Care’s Excalibur Award and has coordinated over 40 blood drives. In 2013, she was selected as the Lewisville Texan Journal’s Citizen of the Year for her school and community efforts. In 2015, she received the Lewisville ISD’s Building A Better Community Award for her hours of service to our surrounding communities. She was awarded by the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society for collecting over $70,000 through the 15 years of collections.

She takes student leaders on three weeks worth of training a year, building them into leaders of tomorrow.

She has dedicated her life to her family and to her students and our community.  “I believe that organizing volunteers to get involved in our community helping the young to our senior citizens, shows my students first hand that they can start that ripple of love that will continue to spread through the years.  It will enrich their life forever.”