Going Grand: 7 Luxurious Bedroom Flooring Options

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s your place to rest, unwind and feel like the ruler of your realm. Every good monarch needs their royal chambers, and luxury details like silky sheets and gorgeous floors can help you achieve that regal ambiance. Before you go searching Flower Mound for the floors that will give you that special something, get acquainted with seven luxury options to keep in mind.

1. Ultimate Luxury: Wool Carpeting

You might have to worry about economy and practicality in your main living space, but not in the bedroom. You can go for the most sumptuous choice. Satiny, luscious wool is the king of carpets and an unmistakable mark of luxury.

Wool carpeting has a natural radiance and cozy texture no other carpet can match. It’s unique fibers are also natural insulators and humidity regulators, helping your bedroom maintain ideal conditions for sleep in any season. Wool is a long-lasting investment, and carpeting a single room can be surprisingly affordable.

flower mound floors2. The Most Popular Flower Mound Floors: Plush Carpeting

Plush carpeting is a bedroom staple, but you can take it a step further for the softest carpet imagination. Ultra plush carpeting, the same carpeting you’ll find in high end hotels, is the pinnacle of softness.

Ultra plush carpeting features a dense, high pile that feels like walking on a cloud. It’s an excellent high-end look for pet owners. Ultra plush can be made from dirt- and stain-resistant fibers or treated with special coatings to make them easy to clean.

3. Playful But Contemporary: Shag Carpet

If you want a bedroom that invites you to dive in and cuddle up, it’s hard to match frieze shag carpet. Frieze brings a fresh, youthful look that can be made fun with bright colors or classy with neutral choices.

Frieze carpet is made with high pile, tightly twisted fibers. The longer the fibers, the closer to a classic shag look. It hides dirt beautifully, and some choices have a wonderful, light-catching sheen.

4. Worldly Tastes: Exotic Hardwoods

With deep color, stunning tonal variation and eye-catching grain patterns, exotic hardwood makes a statement in the bedroom. From zebrawood to koa wood, you can use exotic woods as the base for any design.

You can get an exotic hardwood look at a lower price tag by looking at engineered and luxury vinyl options. Engineered floors use just a thin sheet of the feature wood over a dense, man made core. Luxury vinyl feels soft underfoot and is a cinch to take for.

5. Refined Style: Patterned Hardwood

Even classic hardwood can be dressed up for a fancy bedroom. Patterned installations like parquet, herringbone and two-tone grids are a glamorous way to show off even the humblest of hardwoods. You can mix some variation into a whole-floor hardwood installation, add interest to a minimalist design or give a small master bedroom a noble presence.

Custom patterned installations are an investment, but you can save by looking for premade parquet tiles. Some engineered hardwood is available in easy-install, tongue-and-groove parquet, mixed width planks and other interesting variations. Ask at our showroom to see what’s available.

6. Cool and Natural: Stone

One of the hottest design trends in Flower Mound is floors that bring in a natural look indoors. Nothing delivers quite like stone tile. Stone’s serene, organic aesthetic is grounding and timeless. New options like elongated and large format tiles make a fantastic base for a contemporary design.

For tight budgets and second-floor bedrooms, a stone tile look isn’t out of reach. High definition printing and embossing techniques can transform ceramic, porcelain and even luxury vinyl into a nearly indistinguishable stone mimic. LVP is comfortable to walk on while ceramic and porcelain give the most natural look. They can even be taken onto the walls for accents and bold designs.

7. Resort Vibes: Clay Tile

Every day is a vacation when your bedroom feels like a beachside hideaway. Clay tile is a rich, romantic foundation for a bedroom design. Go for large format tiles for a Mediterranean villa feel, smaller tiles for the “Southwest rustic” classic or contemporary patterns with a Bohemian feel.

Clay tile will keep you cool on summer evenings, and installing radiant heat will keep your toes from getting chilly on cool nights. Maintenance is a snap, making is a great choice if you great if you have pets that curl up in your bedroom at night. There’s no need to invest in the most durable tile you can find. Affordable ceramic is fine for most bedrooms.

As the premier flooring company in Flower Mound, Peek’s believes floors should transform your space and make you feel good every time you walk on them. If you’re looking for more ideas, stop by our showroom to browse or get advice from our flooring experts.

Love Tile? Meet the Latest Tile Flooring Trends

Practical and sophisticated, tile flooring comes in endless options with new looks being developed every day. Tile has its trends just like any other flooring type. If it’s time to update your floors, look for inspiration in the most popular styles of tile flooring you’ll see in Frisco, TX homes today.

flooring frisco txLook Grand with Large Format

Possibly the top trend in tile, large format tiles have swept everything from budget remodels to million-dollar mansions. Any tile with an edge longer than 15 inches is considered large format, and the range is incredible. Some tiles today break the 100-inch mark. That’s over 8 feet long!

Large format tile make spaces look bigger, more modern and grander. They also appear more seamless, with low-grout varieties creating a virtually unbroken pool of color and texture from wall to wall. Large format tile was once limited to stone, but it’s now available in affordable porcelain and ceramic.

Go Thin for Minimalism

A favorite of contemporary design, thin tile is making a statement on walls, changing up tired bathrooms and even making its way into main living spaces. Thin tile ranges from small, elongated rectangles to “planks” to large format designs many feet long. Once too brittle to be practical as flooring, modern manufacturing produces porcelain and ceramic thin tile that’s durable and even commercially rated.

Thin flooring creates an unmistakably modern look. Think subway tile, bamboo planks and Scandinavian influences. It’s a crisp, geometric design that adds pattern without being complicated. Thin tile also draws the eye in the direction it’s oriented. It can make small spaces look bigger, direct the eye to feature pieces and add dimension to any space.

New Patterns for Dynamic Design

Read any design guide today and you’ll come across one word again and again, “texture.” Now, you can get it in tile. Advancements in embossing, durability, printing and colorants have put a whole new world of tile patterns and texture on the market. You can find fabric textures, mixed patterns, metallics, “brick” and even “cement” flooring at our Frisco, TX showroom.

These tiles bring aesthetic interest, depth and dimension to any design. You can take a cement look into apartments and upper story rooms without worrying about the weight. Take “brick” onto walls with easy-install, thin tiles that fit practically anywhere. Metallic tiles add flash and a touch of luxury, and fabric is an unexpected twist that mimics the visual coziness of carpet. You can even get the warmth with radiant heating.

The Most Durable “Hardwood” Ever
The hardest “hardwood” available isn’t wood at all. It’s tile. New printing, embossing and durability techniques have made wood-look tile “planks” a reality. You don’t have to worry about dents, scratches or moisture levels, and you can even install them with radiant heating. It’s also a fraction of the cost, so a whole-home wood look can be on the table for your family.

If you love the idea of hardwood alternatives but want something softer and warmer than tile, take a look at luxury vinyl plank. Low-maintenance and comfortable underfoot, LVP floors are one of our most popular choices for flooring in Frisco, TX.

High-End Stone Beauty on a Budget

Stone has long been the creme de la creme of tile flooring. Marble has been synonymous with magnificence for hundreds of years, and everything from warm travertine to soothing slate is used to add elegance to homes today. Choosing stone used to mean juggling big price tags, picky maintenance and costly installations. Modern printing techniques eliminate the hassle by mimicking the stone looks you want on ceramic and porcelain tile.

Ceramic and porcelain are the most versatile and affordable tile types. Stone looks that were once too heavy or thick to go on the walls are now accessible. You can get the look of marble without its notoriously high maintenance or steep price tag. Soft stones like sandstone can now be captured in high traffic areas without worry.

Bigger, Bolder but Cheaper Tile Flooring in Frisco, TX

On a budget? One of our favorite tile trends can also save you a bundle on a designer look. New manufacturing techniques are making ceramic tile better than ever. By firing ceramic at higher temperatures and treating it with special glazes, the tiles can be made almost as durable as porcelain for a fraction of the cost. You can also find ceramic that’s wide format, thick for durability, thin for wall applications and printed with high definition printing to mimic the look of high-end materials.

Tile flooring never goes out of style. Wonderfully cool in Texas summers but able to warm up with radiant heating options, it’s an excellent choice for any family. If you’re ready to switch to easy maintenance floors with knockout looks, come visit the tile showroom at Peek‘s Floor Co.

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