What You Need to Know Before Carpet Installation

You’ve learned everything you can about carpeting, finalized your design plans and made your choice. Now it’s time to consider installation. Being ready for the decisions ahead will help ensure an easy installation and excellent results. Before you schedule your appointment, find out what to expect when you choose carpet installation from Flower Mound, TX’s favorite flooring professionals.

carpet installation flower mound txDon’t Forget Underlayments

Carpeting requires an underlayment, or a padding layer between your carpet and the subfloor below. Carpet pads help prolong the life of your carpeting by giving it a smooth, forgiving surface to sink into when you walk across it. Depending on the condition of your subfloor, you may also need a fresh vapor barrier and plywood installed to further protect your new carpeting.

Most carpeting comes with free padding, but it’s not the best quality. Upgrading to a high quality padding gives you the opportunity to improve your sound insulation, underfoot feel and carpet durability. You’ll be asked about underlayments when you order carpet or schedule carpet installation for your Flower Mound, TX home. Take the opportunity to ask about your options and go with the best you can afford.

Professional Carpet Installation by Flower Mound, TX Specialists

On the surface, it may look like you have a few options for carpet installation. You could do it yourself, hire a big box retailer or go with a flooring specialist. We always recommend sticking with the specialists, and it’s not just because we’re specialists ourselves. Flooring specialists are craftsman with an eye for detail and years of industry experience. You’ll be able to see the difference in your finished flooring.

A professional installer will be able to identify and address issues, including moisture concerns and subfloor problems, you or a rushed big box contractor may miss. Specialists also know how to minimize the appearance of seams better than anyone. We know how to make seaming diagrams, use tricks like running seams parallel to door openings and adapt to specific carpeting types for the best possible look. We also know how to best match surface heights when transitioning between floor types and tackle other tricky areas with ease.

Plan Ahead for Doors and Trim

Installing new carpet can cause a few unexpected hiccups if you don’t plan ahead. The first is doors. New carpeting is often higher than old flooring, even old carpet, and can prevent doors from opening and closing smoothly. Your installers don’t have the tools to fix this problem. While they may be happy to remove doors for you, make sure you have the number of a good general contractor or carpenter handy so you can have your doors planed to fit after your carpet goes in.

The second concern is trims and molding. Trims, baseboards and moldings have to be taken off of walls and put back on in order to install carpet properly. It’s normal for paint to be damaged, moldings to get dinged and older, brittle trims to break. You can purchase easy trim repair kits yourself or plan on having a painter come in behind your installers to fix up the moldings.

Don’t Forget Your Old Floors

In some cases, carpeting can be put over existing hard floors like wood. In other cases, it’s necessary to rip up your old floors to ensure seamless transitions, create an even floor or make sure the new floor doesn’t wear out prematurely. Your carpet installer will be happy to rip up your old flooring and haul away the debris for a reasonable fee. Just make sure you discuss it with them when you schedule installation.

You can also remove your old flooring yourself. If you want to do so, plan on having your old flooring pulled up the day before installation is set to begin. Your installation team can do a quick cleanup before they get to work. They may also be able to haul your old flooring away for you for a small fee if you arrange it ahead of time.

Other Considerations

Before installation day, your installer will ask that you remove all delicate, valuable and personal items from the rooms that need carpeting. This includes things like emptying china cabinets, removing guns from the room, and so forth. Some installers may be willing to move your furniture out of the rooms for a fee. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure it’s done before your crew arrives.

An adult family member will need to be home while installation is taking place. When it’s complete, the project manager will walk the areas with you for a final inspection.

When you’re ready to schedule your carpet installation in Flower Mound, TX and surround areas, give Peek‘s a call. With nearly 50 years of industry experience, we know how to make your new carpet look its best.

Which Carpet Fiber is Best? Getting to Know Carpet Types

From classic wool to new technologies like triexta, there is a surprising number of carpet fiber types on the market. It’s hard to tell which is best for your family just by scrunching your hand in a few samples on the showroom floor. Before you go shopping for carpet in Richardson, TX, get to know the pros and cons of each type so you can make the best decision.

Wool: A Natural Choice for Carpet in Richardson, TXcarpet richardson tx

Wool is the original carpet fiber, and it’s far from obsolete. Wool is today’s luxury carpeting choice and is prized as a sustainable, eco-friendly material. It feels incredible underfoot and boasts a unique feature. Wool helps control indoor humidity levels by absorbing moisture when it’s humid and releasing it when it’s dry.


  • Stands up to the heaviest foot traffic
  • Readily accepts dyes for the richest possible colors
  • Soft, natural feel underfoot and in appearance
  • Superior insulating qualities
  • Hides the appearance of dirt
  • Cleans easily
  • Controls indoor humidity
  • Naturally flame-retardant


  • Most expensive fiber type
  • Can be susceptible to staining if not treated
  • Susceptible to deterioration from alkaline liquids, bleach and enzymatic cleaners
  • Susceptible to fading when consistently exposed to sunlight

Polyester: The Softer Side of Carpet

Economical polyester is the softest of the synthetic fiber types. Most polyester is made from recycled materials, like plastic bottles, and it offers excellent stain and soil resistance for its price range.


  • Affordable
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Incredibly stain-resistant
  • Colors won’t fade
  • Produces less static than other synthetic fibers
  • Good durability


  • Not durable enough for high traffic areas
  • May not perform well in low-pile or tight twist styles
  • Oil-based stains can be difficult to remove
  • Once matted, like under heavy furniture, it may not bounce back

Nylon: The Durable Choice

Nylon and nylon blends are the staple for quality carpeting. These tough, elastic fibers can stand up to high traffic areas for many years. They might be stain-prone, but stain-resistance treatments can help preserve your carpet’s color.


  • Most durable synthetic fiber
  • Superior resiliency and elasticity, bouncing back readily from crushing and dragging
  • Available in practically every style
  • Hides the appearance of dirt well


  • More expensive than polyester
  • More prone to static
  • More prone to staining unless treated
  • Acid dyed options can bleach, fade or react with pet urine
  • Some types are prone to fading

Olefin: Great Stain Resistance
Olefin, also called polypropylene, is an economical solution when you need maximum stain resistance on a budget. While it’s not the most durable fiber, it can be a good choice for areas like basements that don’t see a lot of foot traffic but could be susceptible to moisture and drink spills.


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent resistance to water-based stains
  • Colorfast and fade-resistant
  • Quick-drying and mildew-resistant, making it great for basements
  • Resists stains and bleaching from acids


  • Weakest fiber type, making it compress and mat easily
  • Often only available in closed-loop styles like Berber
  • Highly susceptible to oil-based stains
  • Is not soil resistant and can be difficult to clean

Triexta: Superior Stain and Soil Protection

Stain-resistant fibers are one of the most popular choices for carpet in Richardson, TX, and triexta fibers are some of the best available. Also known as Sorona, triexta fibers have permanent stain resistance built in down to the core of each fiber. Mohawk is currently the only brand to offer triexta. Their SmartStrand line has added permanent protection on the exterior.


  • Best stain resistance available
  • Releases dirt readily when cleaned
  • Often made from renewable resources like corn
  • Covered by excellent warranties
  • Excellent resiliency
  • Good for allergy sufferers
  • Often less expensive than nylon


  • New to the market, so little is known about its long term performance
  • Sometimes more expensive than polyester

Now that you have an idea of each fiber’s properties, you can shop all the options with confidence. You won’t find a full range of carpet just anywhere in Richardson, TX. Peek’s has the best selection of carpet in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you have any questions, feel free to stop by and talk to one of our carpeting specialists.

Shopping for High End Hardwood Flooring in Frisco, TX

When it comes to hardwood floors, you know quality when you see it. The colors are deeper, each plank looks handcrafted and you can easily imagine flooring like it in a grand estate or penthouse suite. What makes high end hardwood stand out from the crowd? Our shopping guide will make you a pro at spotting key details when you browse luxury hardwood flooring in Frisco, TX.

What Makes Hardwood “High End?”hardwood flooring frisco tx

If you put good quality and high end hardwood side by side, most people can pick out the upper tier option immediately. Explaining how you can tell is harder. Luxury hardwood seems to radiate grandeur. The subtle perfection of high end hardwoods is part of their expert craftsmanship.

There are a number of factors that set them apart, including:

  • Richer, more dynamic colors within each plank
  • Better color consistency between planks
  • Fewer flaws in each plank
  • Magnificent grain lines that exemplify the species
  • Exotic species available
  • Hand-scraped and distressed textures
  • Small details like edge beveling
  • Wider, longer plank availability
  • Multiple finish options, including matte finishes
  • More durable factory finishes on prefinished hardwood
  • More durable cores in engineered hardwood
  • Better warranties

Clear and Distinct

All lumber is graded based on the “clarity” of the pieces, meaning how often natural defects like knotholes appear in the wood. Fewer defects means “clearer” wood and a higher grade. The lumber isn’t graded based on an inspector’s opinion. They follow a complex series of measurement requirements set by the National Hardwood Lumber Association. High end hardwood tends to use more expensive, higher grade lumber to ensure a consistent look across their planks.

High end manufacturers are also selective about the lumber batches they use. While lower and middle tier hardwood options may show subtle grain differences between species, you’ll see each species’ classic characteristics shine through in upper tier brands. These manufacturers know that if you’re looking at cherry wood, you expect a soft, straight grain. If you’re looking at walnut, you expect a swirling grain with rich tonal variations. They choose lumbar batches that exemplify their species to give you the most impressive visual impact.

Deep and Consistent

Wood stains are a mixture of colorants suspended in oil or solvent that allow them to penetrate wood and set a new, permanent color. Luxury hardwood manufacturers often blend their own stains or use multi-step staining processes that impart deeper, richer tones in stained woods. These custom stains use more pigments, match the right pigments and solvents to the right woods or allow the wood to age to enhance stain absorption.

While you look at different brands of hardwood available in Frisco, TX showrooms, pay close attention to the color from plank to plank. In monochromatic plank styles, where each plank is meant to be the same color, you’ll notice that some brands seem to have more color variation between planks. High end brands use a variety of techniques, from pretreatments to custom staining, to ensure consistent color.

About Distressed Finishes

Nothing sets luxury hardwood apart quite like a hand-textured finishes. These craftsman looks have become a must-have in recent years, especially for rustic interior designs, but few people appreciate the artistry that goes into the process. A true hand-textured finish ensures no two planks look the same. Light plays beautifully across your floors, and their natural beauty shines through.

Hand-texturizing uses a variety of tools, including metal brushes and hand scrapers, to distress or scrape hardwood planks. Middle-tier brands may mechanize this process, but luxury hardwood brands employ artisans to finish each plank by hand. The artisans “read” every board and bring out its character with hand-aging and the addition of natural-looking “flaws” like worm holes.

Exotic Hardwoods for Your Frisco, TX Home

If the look of classic hardwoods isn’t for you, high end brands can offer new options in their range of exotic species. You don’t have to have a modern home to enjoy them. Many species, like acacia and teak, can give you a new twist on rustic hardwood floors.

In addition to unique grain patterns, like the swirled cappuccino of acacia and bold sweeps of hickory, many high end hardwoods boast distinctive hues like rich reds you can’t find in other species. Many are also more dense and durable. Brazilian cherry, for instance, is twice as hard as traditional red oak. Your investment practically protects itself.

At Peek‘s, we have one of the widest ranges of high end hardwood flooring available in Frisco, TX. From Italian luxury favorite Bella Cera to Texas native Trinity, you can find brands that set the standard of luxury hardwood. Visit us today to see the difference for yourself.

The No-Stress, High-Success Guide to Finding Carpet Deals

When you have a lot of space to cover, finding a good price on amazing carpet can be a lifesaver. From new builds to home remodels, it can be hard to go hunting for good carpet deals when your hands are full with other projects. Getting that whole-home carpet you want doesn’t have to be difficult. Shopping prepared and choosing the right supplier will set you on the right track to stress-free carpeting buying.

Have Accurate MeasurementsFinding Carpet Deals

Nothing is worse than having picked the perfect carpet for your budget only to find out you made a mistake. Your square footage estimate was off, and there isn’t enough of the special, discontinued color you fell in love with for your rooms. Accurate measurements can save you from headaches, heartaches and hassle.

Professional measurements are the best way to ensure you have the right numbers. If you plan in installing your carpet yourself or want to be able to order any carpeting on-the-spot, it may be worth having professional measurements done before you shop. In other cases, online calculators and guides to tricky areas will help you generate a more accurate ball park number. Your installer can take more precise measurements after you’ve chosen your carpet.

Have Multiple Rooms Done At Once

Most families have at least a few rooms that either need new flooring now or will in the near future. When the budget is tight, you might be tempted to have some rooms updated now and save the rest for later. It sounds good on paper, but it can end up costing you a pretty penny in the long run.

Carpet installation is a simple process with a lot of considerations. Your installation costs reflect necessities like cleanup, hauling and disposal fees for old flooring. If you update your carpeting in three installations over a year, you’ll end up paying three sets of hauling and disposal fees. All that money adds up, and you could be spending it on upgraded carpeting or other household projects instead. You can also end up missing out on carpet deals like multi-room price breaks, brand specials and discontinued products.

Multi-room installation is ideal whenever possible, so take a look around your home before you shop. It might be worthwhile update even mildly stained, damaged, worn or outdated carpeting while you’re at it.

Play Matchmaker

No one says you have to put the same carpet throughout your entire home. In fact, the ideal carpet for your bedroom might not be the best choice for your living room. You can maximize your budget and carpet longevity while minimizing maintenance concerns by matching the right carpet to the right area.

Focus your budget in high-traffic rooms that need maximum stain resistance and durability. Carpeting that’s easy to maintain but feels good underfoot is worth the splurge in these areas, especially if you have pets or kids. Off-the-beaten path rooms like guest rooms and offices, on the other hand, will be just fine with a budget-friendly choice.

Room by room, ask yourself:

  • How much foot traffic does this room see?
  • Are stains a concern? Do you want a warranty to cover staining?
  • Will this carpet see a lot of dirt?
  • Is fading due to sun exposure a concern?
  • Do pets and kids regularly access this room?

Flooring Specialists Have the Best Carpet Deals
It’s easy to think that only your carpeting matters, not where it comes from, but your supplier can make a big difference in your buying experience. With years of experience in just flooring, you can count on a flooring specialist to:

  • Be able to answer all of your questions
  • Help you find ways to accommodate your budget, needs and style
  • Offer solutions to unique challenges, like water problems, more efficiently
  • Carry the widest selection of products
  • Provide a trustworthy, reasonable estimate upfront, not hide inflated material costs behind deceptive “flat fee installation” promises

You’ll notice a difference in installation, too. Carpet specialists like Peek‘s keep a number of brands and colors in stock for quick installation scheduling. Specialized installers know how to tackle challenges that arise on job sites, and you won’t see sloppy work like bubbling or obvious seams. Flooring specialists stand behind their products. If you have a problem or need help filing a claim under your carpet’s warranty, they’ll know exactly what to do.

If you’re overwhelmed by your options, the best thing you can do is talk to a flooring specialist. The pros you’ll meet at Peek‘s showrooms have years of experience helping families in the DFW Metroplex find the right flooring fit. Stop by today and talk to one of our specialists about your carpeting project.

The Big Four Dallas Flooring Installation Methods

If you’re considering hardwood floors, you may be asked an unexpected question. How do you want your hardwood installed? The way your hardwood ends up on your floors matters. There are pros and cons to each method, and some factors can limit your installation options. As Dallas flooring installation specialists, Peek‘s can help you learn the ins and outs of the four methods so you can shop smarter.

Know Your Layersdallas flooring installation

Hardwood installation is about more than flooring. The price of necessities like vapor barriers and plywood can surprise unsuspecting homeowners. Learn your layers so you’ll be able to discuss installation like a pro.

Not all installations require every element, but the basics are:
1. Hardwood
2. Foam underlayment (floating floors) or radiant heating (engineered hardwood)
3. Plywood subfloor
4. Moisture vapor barrier
5. Concrete subfloor

If your concrete subfloor is uneven, a product called float may be used to smooth it out. Float often isn’t necessary with click-lock flooring and similar styles.

1. Nails: The Classic Method

Nails are the preferred method for solid wood floors that are at least 3/4-inches thick, though thinner planks can be accommodated. When it comes to Dallas flooring installation, nails allow wood flooring to expand and shrink with changes in heat and moisture. This reduces the likelihood of splits and cracking.

You might picture nail-down floors as one or two nails at the top or bottom of each board holding it down like in an old timey saloon. In fact, most of the nails will be hidden in the grooves on the sides of each plank. 2-inch nailing cleats, which have a special shape, attach the planks directly to the subfloor. A few visible screws will be used to establish key anchor points along the way.

Nailing is the best method of installation for solid strip and plank floors that are above grade. They need a plywood subfloor to attach to, though your installer can lay the plywood for you. Because it’s time consuming, nailing can be a little more expensive, but it’s often worth it.

2. Staples: Secure and Inexpensive

Staples are a quicker alternative to nails. A few screws anchor key planks around the outside edge of the flooring. The rest are fastened with staples that hide within the grooves of the floor.

1-1/2 to 2-inch staples are driven into the wood using a pneumatic staple gun. Some manufacturers recommend specific sizes of staples and types of staple guns for their floors. Like nails, staples need a plywood subfloor underneath to fasten to.

Because it’s faster, stapling is often less expensive. However, staples are almost too good at their job. They can fasten floors too securely, not allowing enough room for natural swelling and contracting. This makes staples more suited for softer woods. Dense woods, especially exotics, should never be stapled.

3. Glue Down: For Select Floor Types

With glue-down floors, adhesives or mastics are laid directly on the subfloor to secure your hardwood. With Dallas flooring installation, engineered hardwood being installed above grade can often be glued directly to concrete.

Only engineered hardwood and parquet flooring can be glued down. It’s important that the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive type and trowel size are used to install your hardwood. Not doing so can void warranties.

Gluing is more expensive than stapling, but it comes with some bonuses. Because its core has a different composition, engineered hardwood can sound and “feel” different than solid wood when you walk across it. Gluing makes it sound more like classic hardwood. Gluing is also more secure than nailing, but it still allows for essential expansion and shrinkage.

4. Floating: The Fastest Installation

Floating floors are not mechanically fastened to the subfloor below. Instead, the planks anchor to each other and are fit carefully to the room. Some styles need to be glued together from plank to plank. Other “click-lock” options require no adhesive.

Floating floors can be put both above and below grade, and they can be an excellent option for areas that need maximum moisture control. In most cases, they can be installed right over existing floors. For floating floors that require adhesive, the manufacturer’s recommended adhesive must be used.

Both solid and engineered hardwood are available in “floating” styles. Floating floors are the least expensive to install, go in quickly and can be walked on right away. Floating floors have a distinct sound and feel when walked on that isn’t as “dense” as anchored methods, but they can also have foam underlayments placed underneath. The foam improves moisture tolerance, reduces noise, improves energy efficiency and can be more comfortable to walk on.

If you’re not sure which method would be best for you, come talk to a flooring specialist at Peek‘s. We’ll help you plan your Dallas flooring installation project for success.

Special Services from Flower Mound Flooring Stores

Every home project has its unique challenges, and every homeowner likes to approach their projects differently. Choosing floors is no exception. From wet basements to tight budgets, experienced flooring companies can rise to meet customer challenges with a range of special services. Offering great products and installation aren’t the only things your local Flower Mound flooring stores can do.

Simplify Your Choices with Flooring Consultationsflower mound flooring stores 5-5

When you walk into Flower Mound flooring stores, hundreds of choices are laid out before you. Every type, brand and line has its strengths, and that’s before you dive into aesthetics. No one expects you to be an expert in every option. The experts are on staff, waiting to help you out.

Design and lifestyle consultations can narrow an overwhelming tide to a manageable handful of options that address your wish list. A flooring expert will help prioritize your needs and point out considerations you may have overlooked. At Peek‘s, every member of our sales team has at least 15 years of industry experience maximizing budgets, finding creative solutions and honing our floor matchmaking skills.

If you know you want help from a flooring expert, consider bringing along:

  • A list of must-haves like stain resistance, moisture resistance or budget ballpark
  • Pictures of your current decor and flooring looks you like
  • Any square footage estimates you have
  • A list of special concerns like indoor allergies, asthma or need for slip resistance

Accurate In-Home Measurements

Whether you’re looking at tile, laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring, the cost of every installation depends on the size of the job. “Square footage” is the magic word, and most shoppers start with a rough guess of how much square footage they need to cover. It’s a good place to start, but you can’t beat getting professional measurements upfront.

Knowing your exact square footage will help you price options accurately as you shop. It saves you from unpleasant surprises when your installers tell you’re going to need more than you budgeted for or run out of flooring in the middle of a DIY project. It also keeps the hassle of awkward calculations off your plate. How much carpet do you need to cover stairs, anyway? A measurement expert will be able to let you know. If you have a product in mind, you can also get an estimate on the spot that includes possible necessities like underlayments and subfloor fixes.

Reliable Moisture Detection

Sometimes, the hardest part of having floors installed is addressing existing issues in your home. Moisture issues can wreak havoc on hardwood floors, carpeting and grout in tile floors. Whether you know you have a moisture problem or are wondering how damp your below-grade subfloors are, moisture detection services can land a hand.

Peek‘s Floor Co. was the first in the industry to use infrared technology exclusively to solve flooring-related moisture concerns. Since we began, we’ve helped nearly 500 homeowners and business address their moisture concerns. Infrared technology helps us detect temperature shifts indicative of dampness and track the water to its source. We can help you identify leaks, decide whether you need to seal your basement or determine what types of flooring are the best choice for your situation.

Moisture detection can be a good choice if you have:

  • Below-grade areas like basements and lower floors of split levels
  • Obvious leaks around flooring
  • Bathrooms with mildew issues
  • Rooms with obvious signs of mold, mildew or moisture damage along baseboards or lower drywall
  • An older home with a history of moisture problems

Big Savings with Overstock Discounts

In general, there are two types of Flower Mound flooring stores. The first only stocks samples and has to order your flooring no matter what you choose. The second type, like Peek‘s, keeps plenty of on-site stock. On-site stock is great for quick project completion, and it has an added bonus. We often end up with discontinued product lines and overstock we need to sell, and our extra stock can mean big savings for you.

Overstock specials can range from 10% to 60% off carpeting, tiles, hardwood flooring and more. You may find one species of hardwood, a few patterns of carpeting or a whole line vinyl available at fantastic prices. In addition to overstock savings, you can also find factory direct pricing and brand-wide sales events. With these kinds of savings, you can afford more bang for your buck or can free up space in your budget for other projects.

The experts at Flower Mound flooring stores like Peek‘s take the questions, hassle and stress out of installation so you can focus on the fun of shopping and design. Call today to learn more about Peek‘s signature support services.

Shopping Smart to Get the Best Carpet Prices in Richardson

Shopping for new carpet is exciting. There are colors to pick, cool features to check out and samples to play with. But when it comes time to make a decision, it’s tough to know if you’re getting good carpet prices from Richardson retailers. Peek‘s has been in the business for over forty years, and we know that a lot of factors go into a solid deal. Here are our tips for savvy carpet shopping.

Quality Matterscarpet prices richardson

When you’re shopping for carpet, it’s important to have a firm understanding of what determines carpet quality. Finding a great deal on carpet prices in Richardson is about balancing quality and price.

There are plenty of lovely, affordable options that can withstand a busy home, but never take a good price at face value. Examine the samples closely and ask your salesman plenty of questions. A dependable carpeting expert will know the answers or get them for you quickly. Here are a few ways to judge quality:

  • How easy it is to sink your fingers in and touch the carpet backing? The more difficult it is, the denser and more durable the carpet is likely to be.
  • What’s it made of? If it’s made of soft polyester but supposedly high traffic tolerant like nylon, ask how.
  • Does it resist staining? How, and is it warrantied?
  • How does the carpet’s weight compare to carpets of similar pile heights and densities? A carpet that’s heavy for its type will be more durable.
  • What’s it’s twist level? Twist level refers to the number of twists in a once-inch strand of carpet. More twists means the carpet doesn’t fray as quickly and keeps its looks over time. Five twists per inch is a good baseline. You can count them yourself if the information isn’t readily available.

Don’t Forget Padding

Padding is one of the most overlooked factors when shoppers are researching carpet prices in Richardson. If the sudden costs don’t sneak up on you, the uninformed choices will. The thin, free padding that comes with your carpet looks like a great deal now, but you’ll regret not upgrading when your carpet starts to wear out. Tell your salesperson about your needs to make sure you’re getting the right padding for your situation.

Here are the basic types:

  • Foam Pad: Standard carpeting foam only suited for low-traffic areas
  • Frothed Foam Pad: The ultra-durable choice
  • Rebond pad: A good midground between durability and price
  • Memory foam: Ultra soft but not as supportive for the carpet

Ask About Warranties

Imagine you find an amazing, affordable carpet, take the leap and have it installed. Five years later, you notice it’s wearing down or staining when you were told it should last ten years or more. What can you do? If you don’t have a good warranty, you’ll have to buy new carpet.

Warranties protect you from manufacturer defects and give you recourse if something goes wrong, like a stain not coming out when it should. Warranties can range from as little as a year all the way up to a lifetime with different warranties for different aspects of the carpeting. Carpets with spectacular warranties often cost a little bit more, but the added protection is worth it in the long run. If you plan on selling your home in the near future, be sure to ask if the warranty will transfer to the new homeowners. It can be a potential selling point.

Be Wary of Hidden Fees

If you flip on the TV, you’ll be bombarded with commercials advertising all sorts of flooring specials. One of the most common promises is steeply discounted, flat fee installation or half a dozen rooms for the price of one. If you think it sounds too good to be true, your intuition is right on the money. Big box retailers that offer cutthroat-cost installations make their money back in hidden fees.

You may be overcharged for underlayments or given lower quality products at high prices. The costs for routine needs could be inflated or tacked on unexpectedly when they aren’t included in the “basic installation package.” Rather than hiding the costs in the details and tricking you into thinking you got a deal, a responsible installer will explain every aspect and cost associated with installation up front. You’ll have more control over where your money goes and be able to trust the quality of your materials.

The best way to ensure you’re getting fantastic carpet prices in Richardson is to go with a trustworthy flooring company. Peek‘s as been an area favorite since 1969, and we’re here to help with any questions you have. Stop by today and take a look at our truly great deals on carpeting.

Cleaning That New Wood Flooring in Your Frisco TX Home

You’ve chosen the perfect wood flooring from our Frisco TX showroom, had it installed and are loving every inch of it. Now it’s time to clean it, and you want to do everything you can to keep it lustrous and scratch-free. Yes, there is a wrong way to mop a floor! But with our Peek’s pro tips, you can keep your floors in fabulous condition.

Protection Comes First

Once you’ve installed new wood flooring in your Frisco TX home, put down your first line of defense. Door mats outside and floor mats inside will catch water and grit before it gets all over the floor. Grit will scratch up your finish, and water will make your planks swell up and warp. Be quick to mop up spills when they happen as well.


Invest in a good quality broom to pick up dirt and dust on a daily or weekly basis. Avoid dusting cloth “sweepers” that collect dirt and dust on a pad. The pads can drag grit over the surface of the hardwood, scratching up the finish and pushing the grit into the spaces between planks.

Your vacuum cleaner won’t do the best job on a flat floor, but the hose attachment can be your best friend. Use it to suck up stubborn dirt around baseboards, under furniture and deep between planks.


To tackle stubborn dirt and bring the shine back to your floors, mopping is often necessary. Good technique is essential for protecting the health of your floor’s finish and the planks themselves.

  • Choose a flat, swivelhead mop with terrycloth pads. They’re washable, easy to change out and environmentally safe.
  • Use a spray bottle of cleaning solution instead of a bucket. Prolonged moisture exposure can dull finishes, cause cracks and warp planks. Using a spray bottle gives you control over how much liquid is put down so you can mop it all up as you go. You want to leave dry hardwood behind you.
  • Change out our pad for a fresh one as soon as the old one looks grimy.

Cleaning Solutions

For finish-in-place hardwood, plain old water or a specialized floor cleaning solution is the best choice to keep your hardwood looking brilliant. Prefinished floors each have their own manufacturer recommendations. If you purchased your prefinished wood flooring at our Frisco TX showroom or another location, feel free to give us a call and ask us which cleaner to use.

DO use:

  • Plain water: When in doubt, always use water.
  • Specialized hardwood floor cleaner: Brands recommended by your installer are best. Check to make sure if there are types recommended by your floor’s manufacturer. Eco-friendly options are usually available

DO NOT use:

  • Vinegar: Even diluted, the acid in vinegar will eat way at your finish.
  • Ammonia or Bleach: Ammonia and bleach can tear up your floor’s finish. Don’t use them directly on your floors, and try not to use cleaners containing bleach or ammonia on windows or other surfaces directly above your hardwood.
  • Oil soap: All oil soaps, including Castile soap, can destroy your finish.
  • Wax-based cleaners: In addition to dulling the finish, waxy buildup can trap dirt and make it harder to refinish your floors later.
  • Mineral oil cleaners: These make your floors look shiny for a day or two, but it also makes them dangerously slick. These cleaners often have words like “glow” in the name.
  • Olive oil: Like mineral oil, olive oil’s temporary glow also means temporary slickness. Olive oil also tends to “dry down” sticky, meaning you’ll have even more work to do later.
  • DIY wood polishes: Factory sealants and finish-in-place urethane don’t mix with DIY “polishes,” which are usually wax- or oil-based. They can dull the finish, cause buildup and potentially ruin your flooring.

Restoring the Glow to Wood Flooring in Frisco TX

wood flooring frisco tx
If you notice your floor’s finish is looking worse for wear, ask a floor services pro about screening and recoating. This process restores just the protective topcoat, revitalizing luster and prolonging the life of your hardwood with minimal work.

If the damage has gone through the stain to the bare wood, refinishing can bring your floors back to life. Refinished floors are sanded to bear wood, restained and sealed again. You have the opportunity to change up your stain color, and even some engineered wood can be refinished. You can also replace just a few boards if the damaged area is limited.

Hardwood floors aren’t tough to take care of once you establish a routine. Keep grit off, water away and the right tools on-hand. If you have any questions, just drop us a line. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about caring for hardwood flooring.

Top Home Design Trends in Dallas with the Flooring to Match

Out with the old and in with the new. Needing a new floor is a great opportunity to keep current with the latest in home design. We’ve taken a look at what’s hot around town and picked the design profiles we think will stay chic for years down the road. For any homeowner in Dallas that wants flooring with lasting style, try one of these interior design trends on for size.

Reclaimed Contemporary
Design Trends Dallas

The rustic look is still going strong, but it’s slowly swinging away from modest, historic farmhouse and into a more bold, weathered barn appeal. “Reclaimed wood” is the buzzword. You’ll see its distressed finish contrasted by crisp paint on cabinets, cozied up by soft lines on furniture and gentrified by cosmopolitan materials like marble.

Distressed and weathered look woods are essential for this trend. Our showroom in Dallas has flooring options in a variety of color palates, from soothing neutrals to handsome chocolates, to let you customize your design. The latest flooring technology gives you the freedom to choose between materials. Options like genuine hardwood, laminate and even waterproof luxury vinyl let you get the perfect balance of looks and function.

Natural Materials Reign Supreme

Texans have always appreciated the purity of solid, natural materials. Good wood and stone are taking center stage in new and unexpected ways. Stone tile is creeping across kitchen floors and up walls for stunning displays in bathrooms and living rooms. Wood is spreading out from entryways into every room in the house, even onto walls. The more fluid yet unexpected, the better.

The most popular facet of this trend is wood flooring in the kitchen. Moisture-tolerant options like bamboo, edge-sealed laminate and luxury vinyl make it possible. In bathrooms, wood-patterned tile on the walls and stone countertops are making a statement. Stone tile is also gaining popularity in all areas of the home, especially when paired when radiant heating in entryways and bathrooms.

Soft Contemporary

It’s all about big windows, soft colors and simple yet luxurious materials framed by crisp, clean lines. This is one of the biggest design trends in Dallas. Soft contemporary features traditional architectural styles updated with simpler features. Think light-colored cabinets with modern handles, simple fireplace surrounds and soothing neutrals with plenty of light.

You’ll notice that soft contemporary homes in Dallas have flooring that seems more polished. The little details are key. When you shop for flooring, make sure you invest in the moldings that go with it. Softened divisions between floor types and clean lines around baseboards add all the polish to soft contemporary. Don’t overlook carpet for this trend. Subtle, cut-in patterns can be the definition of soft contemporary.

Open Concepts

Like rustic style, open concept floor planning shows no sign of losing popularity. Open floor plans make homes feel bigger, more fluid and filled with light. Open kitchens are especially popular. Simply taking down a view-disrupting cabinet and carrying one floor style from your kitchen into your living space can make a big difference.

If it’s not in your budget to tear down fixtures, you can still give your home a more “open” feel by carrying the same flooring from room to room. Hardwood and other materials with light-bouncing gloss are an excellent choice. You can get the hardwood look on a budget with materials like bamboo and laminate.

Outdoor Living

Year-round outdoor living spaces are just starting to hit “trend” status, but expect it to get big. These spaces go beyond a nice patio. You might see window treatments, fireplaces, TVs, chandeliers, wall art and small kitchens in these little slices of paradise.

Outdoor rooms are especially fun to create in Dallas because flooring options are open. With little rain or frost to worry about, your biggest concern is the sun. Fully enclosed, shady patios and sunrooms might be candidates for luxury vinyl. Tile of almost any variety can be used. One fantastic look to consider is carrying your outdoor room choice inside, such as from a kitchen onto a patio, for a more open design.

Flooring You’ll Love Years Later

Trends come and go, but flooring is a semi-permanent investment. It’s important to make a choice that you’ll love today and ten years from now. If you know you’re prone to design whims, you might want to choose something you can refinish like wood or swap out affordably like luxury vinyl. If you want a lasting choice, think of how many looks you can design around any option you like. If you can think of several, it’s probably a good choice.

These trends are just the start of what’s popular today. Find a look you love and run with it. The pros at Peek’s will be here to help you pick and install your new floors when you’ve found your style.

Why Choose Bamboo Flooring in Your Dallas Home Remodel?

Every homeowner has a remodeling wish list. What’s on yours? Maybe you want whole-home hardwood despite a tight budget. You might be shooting for a green remodel, or you have a child with asthma and good indoor air quality tops your list. All of these wishes can be met with one flooring type, beautiful and durable bamboo. Bamboo flooring is a Dallas decorator favorite for good reason. If you haven’t considered bamboo flooring before, take a closer look at this fantastic option.

Material Sustainability

We often refer to bamboo as “wood,” but it’s not wood at all. It’s a type of grass that grows as dense, thick reeds. While it takes your average hardwood tree 25 to 50 years to be harvest-ready, bamboo can be harvested in as little as three years. It also grows in compact stands and is so resilient that it requires almost no pesticides or fertilizers. That means it can be grown on sustainable plantations with minimal disruption to surrounding habitat.

Bamboo is consistently awarded LEED certification by the US Green Building Council and is heavily favored by eco-conscious interior designers and architects. If material sustainability is a must-have for you, go all the way and ask about Forest Stewardship Council-certified bamboo flooring at our Dallas showroom. FSC certification verifies that your flooring was produced in an ethical, eco-friendly way.

Bamboo Flooring with that Dallas Flare

When you picture bamboo floors, you might think of thin, pale blonde planks with a distinctly modern look. That style is certainly available, but bamboo has broadened its horizons. Think traditional, contemporary, Old World, ultra mod and everything in between. There’s something to fit every design scheme.

Bamboo is now available in a range of plank widths, including extra wide, and a rainbow of colors from deep darks to pale gray. Manufacturers are also taking advantage of bamboo’s unique texture to make breathtaking styles. The incredible tiger striping and rich plank-to-plank tonal variation you spy in high-end home design owe their colors to bamboo. You may even find weathered options for flooring with some Dallas country style.

Natural Materials, Great Prices

Natural materials are the Rolls Royce of remodeling, but it’s no secret that they’re an investment. With a strict remodel budget, you may think you have to choose between your natural material dreams and laminate or similar options to keep costs down. Bamboo offers a way to save your dream of authenticity without breaking the budget.

Bamboo flooring averages about a third of the price of hardwood flooring like oak and pine. Engineered choices are often comparable to the cost of laminate and are available in easy-to-install, click-lock styles. Seamless, room-to-room natural flooring isn’t a pipe dream with bamboo.

Grown Tough

Hardwood toughness is rated on the Janka Hardness Scale. Low on the scale are soft woods like balsa, which you can practically carve with your fingernails. Up at the top are virtually dent-proof exotics like Brazilian ebony. It may come as a surprise, but bamboo is so dense that it actually outstripes flooring favorites like oak and ash on the hardness scale.

Bamboo’s denseness also makes it more resistant to warping than other woods. It can often be used in light moisture areas like kitchens without issue. For maximum toughness, new manufacturing methods use extra-hard coatings or the core strands of the bamboo to make flooring strong enough to withstand the busiest lifestyles.

Indoor Air Quality

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are natural and man-made substances that easily evaporate into the air we breathe. Many are harmless, but some people are concerned about the presence of harmful VOCs like formaldehyde and benzene in their home. Some homeowners have health concerns like allergies or migraines, but many simply want the best possible indoor air quality.

It’s possible for the glues, adhesives and finishes used in flooring to contain VOCs. Bamboo is readily available in low-VOC options. When you ask about bamboo flooring at our Dallas showroom, you can review options that meet EPA low-VOC standards, third party certifications or manufacturer guarantees.

Other Eco-Friendly Flooring

Bamboo isn’t the only green flooring choice. For bathrooms and basements, go for recycled materials. Moisture-friendly, recycled material floors like luxury vinyl tile come in wood and stone looks. For bedrooms and living rooms, softer flooring like carpet is available in both recycled and low-VOC lines. If you’re looking for another sustainable, natural choice, check out cork. It’s elegant and comfortable to walk on.

Bamboo isn’t just for minimalist apartments. With its top-notch durability, startling affordability and a litany of stunning styles to choose from, bamboo can find a place in any eco-friendly home design. For pricing information or to take a look at some samples, stop by one of our four showrooms. Our experts can give you the run-down on our bamboo flooring choices.