The No-Stress, High-Success Guide to Finding Carpet Deals

When you have a lot of space to cover, finding a good price on amazing carpet can be a lifesaver. From new builds to home remodels, it can be hard to go hunting for good carpet deals when your hands are full with other projects. Getting that whole-home carpet you want doesn’t have to be difficult. Shopping prepared and choosing the right supplier will set you on the right track to stress-free carpeting buying.

Have Accurate MeasurementsFinding Carpet Deals

Nothing is worse than having picked the perfect carpet for your budget only to find out you made a mistake. Your square footage estimate was off, and there isn’t enough of the special, discontinued color you fell in love with for your rooms. Accurate measurements can save you from headaches, heartaches and hassle.

Professional measurements are the best way to ensure you have the right numbers. If you plan in installing your carpet yourself or want to be able to order any carpeting on-the-spot, it may be worth having professional measurements done before you shop. In other cases, online calculators and guides to tricky areas will help you generate a more accurate ball park number. Your installer can take more precise measurements after you’ve chosen your carpet.

Have Multiple Rooms Done At Once

Most families have at least a few rooms that either need new flooring now or will in the near future. When the budget is tight, you might be tempted to have some rooms updated now and save the rest for later. It sounds good on paper, but it can end up costing you a pretty penny in the long run.

Carpet installation is a simple process with a lot of considerations. Your installation costs reflect necessities like cleanup, hauling and disposal fees for old flooring. If you update your carpeting in three installations over a year, you’ll end up paying three sets of hauling and disposal fees. All that money adds up, and you could be spending it on upgraded carpeting or other household projects instead. You can also end up missing out on carpet deals like multi-room price breaks, brand specials and discontinued products.

Multi-room installation is ideal whenever possible, so take a look around your home before you shop. It might be worthwhile update even mildly stained, damaged, worn or outdated carpeting while you’re at it.

Play Matchmaker

No one says you have to put the same carpet throughout your entire home. In fact, the ideal carpet for your bedroom might not be the best choice for your living room. You can maximize your budget and carpet longevity while minimizing maintenance concerns by matching the right carpet to the right area.

Focus your budget in high-traffic rooms that need maximum stain resistance and durability. Carpeting that’s easy to maintain but feels good underfoot is worth the splurge in these areas, especially if you have pets or kids. Off-the-beaten path rooms like guest rooms and offices, on the other hand, will be just fine with a budget-friendly choice.

Room by room, ask yourself:

  • How much foot traffic does this room see?
  • Are stains a concern? Do you want a warranty to cover staining?
  • Will this carpet see a lot of dirt?
  • Is fading due to sun exposure a concern?
  • Do pets and kids regularly access this room?

Flooring Specialists Have the Best Carpet Deals
It’s easy to think that only your carpeting matters, not where it comes from, but your supplier can make a big difference in your buying experience. With years of experience in just flooring, you can count on a flooring specialist to:

  • Be able to answer all of your questions
  • Help you find ways to accommodate your budget, needs and style
  • Offer solutions to unique challenges, like water problems, more efficiently
  • Carry the widest selection of products
  • Provide a trustworthy, reasonable estimate upfront, not hide inflated material costs behind deceptive “flat fee installation” promises

You’ll notice a difference in installation, too. Carpet specialists like Peek‘s keep a number of brands and colors in stock for quick installation scheduling. Specialized installers know how to tackle challenges that arise on job sites, and you won’t see sloppy work like bubbling or obvious seams. Flooring specialists stand behind their products. If you have a problem or need help filing a claim under your carpet’s warranty, they’ll know exactly what to do.

If you’re overwhelmed by your options, the best thing you can do is talk to a flooring specialist. The pros you’ll meet at Peek‘s showrooms have years of experience helping families in the DFW Metroplex find the right flooring fit. Stop by today and talk to one of our specialists about your carpeting project.

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