Chester Hollingsworth Still Working at 100

Chester HollingsworthChester Hollingsworth has accomplished a great deal in his life. You might think that is not surprising, given that he is closing in on 100 years of living, but even at that, his work has been remarkable. He started making his mark on the world when he volunteered for the navy the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

After returning home from World War II he began working in the flooring business, eventually becoming a partner in S&H Flooring, the parent company of Peek’s Floor Co. With a lot of hard work and great leadership, Chester helped create a solid and profitable service company, marked by a strong commitment to quality and benefiting the community. Finally reaching the age when people think about retiring, he left the work-a-day world to a life of – leisure. Soon, however he discovered a life of idleness was not his cup of tea, and he asked to come back to work. Now at the age of 99, he works two days a week for the company, managing inventory and helping out around the store.

Chester HollingsworthIf you ask him about the secret of his good health and longevity, he will tell you that he neither smokes nor drinks alcohol, but even more significantly, he touts his customary breakfast of Dr. Pepper and a chocolate donut, “heavy on the chocolate,” as the key to his excellent health. That may well be, but we have to believe that his positive outlook on life and his enthusiasm for living certainly contribute to who he is today.

And the recognition of who he is today continues to come in various forms. His partner and his co-workers love and appreciate him for his great attitude and the solid contribution he still makes to the business. On an even larger scale now, the Texas Rangers Major League Baseball team honored him – he threw the first pitch at a playoff game. The honor of throwing the first pitch is rare and special, but then Chester Hollingsworth is a rare and special guy. As he approaches his centenary, we hope he has many more years ahead of him.

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