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Peek’s Floor Co. knows flooring up and down, and who better to clean your carpets than than your favorite flooring professionals? Peek‘s is proud to offer full-service carpet, tile and oriental rug cleaning services to the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex.

  • Two-step deep cleaning includes scrubbing and steam
  • Low-water process and included drying service means dry floors, faster
  • Pet and stain treatments included
  • Special treatments for wool
  • Enzymatic power treatment available
  • Cleaning solutions available
  • No hidden fees

Giving You a Deeper Clean

Carpet upholstery, tile, oriental cleaningAt Peak’s, we use a two-part cleaning system for maximum dirt-lifting power at an affordable price. Our methods leave your floors clean, bright and scrubbed of stains and allergens.

We begin with cleaning your floor with a machine called a bonnet. Bonnets use large, circular spin brushes that allow us to use detergent solutions with minimal moisture. Bonnets take care of surface dirt and stains more effectively and with less expense than hot water extraction.

When the bonnet clean is done, we follow it up with a quick-drying steam clean. Steam cleaning shoots hot water deep into carpet fibers. It attacks deep dirt and stains, pulls out any leftover detergents from the bonnet clean and kills odor-causing bacteria. The steam even gets hot enough to kill dust mites and mildew.

Going the Extra Mile for Dry Times

Having to stay off your carpet for ages just isn’t practical for today’s homeowners. That’s why we chose our two-part system. The low-moisture bonnet method and fast-evaporation steam clean leaves less moisture behind than typical carpet cleaning methods.

We take it a step further to speed things up for you. At the end of your cleaning, we use a water vacuum to siphon as much of the excess water up out of your carpet as we can. You’ll be able to enjoy your freshly cleaned carpet in no time.

Pet & Specialty Treatments Included, No Extra Charge!

In nearly 40 years in the Dallas area, we’ve learned that most of our customers have pets. Rather than charging extra for a service practically everyone needs, we include pet odor treatments in your service for no extra charge.

We firmly believe in offering a comprehensive floor cleaning service with no hidden fees. We’ll perform stain and spot treatments at no extra charge, and you’ll get a comprehensive estimate before your cleaning begins.

Busting Stains and Odors with Enzymes

The toughest stains and worst smells are often caused by organic compounds, like the urea from pet urine and terpenes from mildew. Enzymes are special proteins designed to react with and effectively destroy these organic compounds, breaking them up and allowing them to be flushed away.

Using a special tool, we flush your carpet all the way to the padding with commercial quality enzyme solution. The enzymes will continue to work at odors deep within your carpet for several days after your service is complete. It’s even safe for stain-resistant carpeting.

Want to Go Green? We Have You Covered

We understand the concerns of customers that want to stay eco-conscious or need to accommodate family members with chemical sensitivities. Our Planet Guard floor cleaning service is just what you need. Planet Guard is made with food grade, eco-friendly cleansers that can deep clean even high traffic areas safely and effectively. Click to see Planet Guard’s specifications.

Gentle Handling for Wool and Rugs

Yes, your wool rugs and carpets can be professionally cleaned! Regular cleaning extends their life and keeps them looking radiant. Wool yarn demands special care to be cleaned without drawing up color or breaking apart their fibers. For your quality wools, we use specialty, fine-fabric detergents and stain removers. These pH-neutral formulations contain no enzymes or harsh bleaches.

Tips for Cleaning Day

  • Move small items, like end tables, toys and delicate things, out of the rooms to be cleaned. Make sure all electronics are up off the floor.
  • You can leave large furniture items, like pianos, bookcases and china cupboards, in place. While we won’t move them, we’ll clean around and beneath them. Be advised the bottom edges could be exposed to a little bit of water and detergent.
  • We’ll put large but manageable pieces, like sofas and coffee tables, up on blocks at no extra cost. Just make sure there are no loose items, like lamps or decorations, left on tables you want moved.
  • We recommend staying off freshly cleaned carpet for at least 3 hours after cleaning. Make sure the carpet is completely dry before putting chairs and heavier furniture back in place.

What do you do between professional carpet cleanings?

It’s always a great idea to clean up a spill on your carpets as soon as you can. If it’s a bad spill make sure to schedule an appointment with us but if it’s something you can manage, here are some good homemade carpet cleaning solutions you can try.

Ready to schedule your cleaning? Give us a call today or get more information via our online contact form.

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