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Established in 1964, American Tile & Stone is one of the largest distributors of tile and vinyl flooring in the United States. A favorite of builders, architects and designers, American Tile has its roots right in Fort Worth, Texas.

TileAmerican Tile in Dallas

American Tile was founded by a tile contractor who dreamed of using his keen eye for quality to give his customers the best. His vision is still reflected in American Tile’s selection of porcelain, glass, ceramic and stone today. From stamped tiles to textured limestone, you can find unique touches that will make your home shine.

The masterstroke of the American Tile family is Wonder Porcelain, a division devoted to meeting the contemporary design tastes of America’s trend-setters. Wonder Porcelain is extensively tested through the Tile Council of North America to ensure peek performance and durability across all categories.

All Wonder Porcelain is certified by the Porcelain Tile Certification Agency to have a water absorbency rate of under 0.5%, meaning they’re impervious to water. Wonder Porcelain’s average absorbency rate is a mere .03%, making them suitable for indoor, outdoor, wet and dry applications.

In their other lines, American Tile continues to stay focused on meeting and even setting the latest trends. Many of their tiles are available in multiple cuts to let you coordinate and customize your look. Most are rated for high traffic and boast low water permeability so that you can use whatever tile you love, wherever your heart desires.


For a softer touch, consider waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile choices from American Tile. With no fussy maintenance and budget-friendly prices, you can get the designer looks of hardwood and high-end stone in any room of the house.

Always style-conscious, American Tile bases their LVP lines on popular shades and the demands of today’s homeowner. You can find antimicrobial coatings, Uniclic easy-install systems and phthalate-free choices in their selection. Browse fashionable favorites like pale-shade planks, hickory grain and reclaimed wood all available as 100% waterproof flooring.

Every LVP line meets strict quality and durability standards for both residential and commercial use. Their products range in wear layer thicknesses from 12 to 20mil, perfect for everything from family rooms to coffee shops, to protect against scuffs and dents. Many of their lines come with astounding lifetime residential and extended commercial warranties.

As a member of the US Green Building Council, American Tile has their eye on product sustainability and indoor air quality. Their vinyl flooring is FloorScore-compliant and Greenguard-certified to ensure low VOC levels for your family’s health.

Come visit us at Peek’s Floor Co. today and delve into American Tile’s extraordinary selection.

American Tile in Dallas

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