The right window coverings will give you the perfect amount of light control, offer insulating properties and look fantastic with the rest of your decor. At Peek’s, we’ve put together a selection of wood, faux wood, aluminum, and vertical blinds that can fit a variety of window shapes and sizes.

Our precision-crafted wood and faux wood blinds are designed to not only look phenomenal but also add value to your home. Our genuine wood blinds are made from North American hardwoods like oak, ash and cherry. These rich tones add unrivaled elegance to any space and provide an excellent barrier against the Texas sun.

Our faux wood blinds are an ideal choice for anyone that wants sturdy blinds at a practical price point. Available in an array of fade-resistant colors and finishes, you can match your decor in a material that resists warping and cracking. Ask about our selection today.

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