Carpet Shopping Guide

Having a floor covering that’s soft and cozy makes your whole home feel inviting. From stain resistance to ultra-mod style, Peek’s Floor Co. has the choices you need. Not sure where to start? Let our handy shopper’s guide help you navigate the options.

What Types Are There?

Saxony: This soft and smooth style has a medium pile that feels incredible underfoot. You can expect to see footprints and vacuum lines.

Frieze: Fuzzy and full-bodied, frieze carpets have twisted fibers that curl in different directions. They do an excellent job of hiding footprints.

Looped: These dense styles, like Berber, have a low, level and uniform look. They’re stain resistant, high-traffic tolerant and easy to maintain. Because the loops can snag on pet nails, they aren’t always the best choice for pet owners.

Cut and Loop: By combining styles, cut and loop carpets create stylish patterns that look great and conceal footprints.

Know Your Vocabulary

– Density: How tightly packed the carpet fibers are.

– Loop: Each carpet fiber starts out as a loop that is either left as-is, like Berber, or cut to create a fuzzy pile.

– PAR rating: The 1 to 5 scale rating of Performance, Appearance and Retention. The higher the number, the better the carpet stands up to wear and tear.

– Pile: The height of the carpet fibers.

– Weight: The carpet’s ounces per square yard.

Good To Know!

– Carpets are made from numerous materials, from wool to cutting-edge synthetics. Each has its own benefits!
– Denser carpets are often more durable.
– Heavier carpets are often higher quality.

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