Hardwood Shopping Guide

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of genuine hardwood. To compliment any decor from rustic to ritzy, Peek’s Floor Co. carries an extensive selection of engineered, pre-finished and unfinished hardwood in a range of lengths and widths. Other than overall look, it’s important to keep durability factors in mind as you shop. Here’s our easy shopper’s guide to help you keep the details in mind.

Engineered Versus Traditional

Engineered hardwood is a more durable alternative to traditional planks. It uses a thin layer of genuine hardwood over a base of a more durable, man-made material. The engineered planks are more moisture- and temperature-tolerant than all-wood planks, making them less likely to cup or buckle. The price is comparable, and the look is almost exact.

So, how do you choose? Engineered woods are a better choice for rooms that see intense temperature fluctuations, including full sun, or may see more moisture, like kitchens. Traditional hardwood will always have the most authentic look.

Know Your Vocabulary

– Cup or Buckle: Humps or dips in wood planks caused by changes in temperature or moisture. Cupping is minor and temporary while buckling is major and difficult to fix.

– Finish: The top coating applied to the wood either in the factory or on-site. Different finishes have different durability, VOC content and dry times.

– Finish-In-Place: Hardwood that needs to be sanded, stained and sealed after installation. Allows for custom looks and unrivaled beauty.

– Floating Floor: Installs without glue or nails. The planks interlock to hold the flooring in place.

– Hardness: How well a species of wood stands up to indentation. Higher numbers mean harder, more durable wood.

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