Interceramic in Dallas

Interceramic in Dallas 1

Interceramic has been revolutionizing tile for over 35 years. With a strict code of ethics, strong social values and dedication to product quality, Interceramic proves that gorgeous tile can represent more than just style. It can support positive change from manufacturing to local communities.

Lumen FX Digital TechnologyInterceramic in Dallas

Wood- and stone-look porcelain and ceramic are in high demand. Interceramic meet and exceeds expectations using digital scanning and printing for true-to-life imaging on every tile. By performing high definition scans of hundreds of source pieces, they can provide crystal clear, natural-look flooring with little repetition.

Interceramic’s premier natural-look like is Lumen FX. Using a specialty ink, they can add subtle reflective notes and highlights to key points in every tile. The resulting look adds exceptional depth and heightened realism to Lumen FX tiles.

Green Squared Certified

Interceramic in DallasNumerous Interceramic lines are Green Squared certified, a sustainability benchmark for tile manufacturers. Every Interceramic sporting the Green Squared certification exemplifies stringent sustainability and accountability standards and reflects some of the most green manufacturing practices on the market.

Interceramic’s Green Squared tiles reflect policies like reforestation, solar energy initiatives and locally sourced raw materials. Every Interceramics plant conducts ongoing emissions monitoring and constantly looks for new ways to reduce waste, emissions and energy consumption.

Durabody: Porcelain Durability at Ceramic Prices

Interceramic is the only manufacturer to offer a higher standard of ceramic tile. Durabody provides frost resistance, water impermeability and durability comparable to porcelain tile at a fraction of the price.

Durabody gets its strength from the same high temperature fires and quality glazes used for porcelain. A Durabody tile can boldly go where normal ceramic can’t. Inside or outside, high traffic or low, Durabody can take the rigors.

Come and see the difference Interceramic innovation makes for yourself. Plan a trip to Peek‘s today.

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