Karndean in Dallas

Karndean in Dallas 1

Karndean is a UK-based luxury vinyl brand that has been successfully capturing the radiance of natural materials from day one. Karndean’s designers travel the globe to find distinctive, hard-to-find materials and transforms their comprehensive image library into long-lasting, hardworking flooring.

Distinctive ElementsKarndean in Dallas

Karndean has been perfecting wood and stone look flooring for over 40 years. From gentle wood tones to bold new looks, they have rich color printing down to a science. Karndean doesn’t just offer everyday choices. They offer gorgeous, surprising choices like spotted gum, tigerwood and metallic tile in a flooring that’s hygienic, waterproof and comfortable to walk on.

Karndean offers several signature looks that can make your spaces spectacular. Karndean is one of the few companies to offer extra long and wide format LVP, including their 59-inch Longboards and extra wide tiles. You can also explore the grand charm of parquet options that will wow your guests and give you something unique to admire.

Korlok Flooring

Three years of development and a hunt spanning two continents went into Karndean’s Korlok flooring, coming soon to Peek’s showrooms. Korlok’s designers strove for aesthetic and functional perfection, and the resulting line features 12 fantastic wood looks with no-fuss installation.

Korlok come equipped with floating LooseLay installation, pre-attached foam underlayment and proprietary K-Core technology. Korlok can be installed right over existing floors with no adhesives and minimal prep. The pre-installed foam also enhances sound insulation and makes Korlok even more comfortable to walk on.

Karndean’s luxury vinyl adds even more diversity to Peek‘s already incredible selection of flooring. Browse Karndean and other premium brands at Peek’s Floor Co.

Karastan in Dallas

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