Laminate Flooring Dallas TX Shopping Guide

Laminate flooring shopping guide

When it comes to flooring, you may be on a budget, but you don’t want to give up quality or beauty. That’s where laminate comes in. It is a low maintenance, budget-friendly flooring choice that can be the foundation for your home’s interior design. At Peek’s Floor Co., we stock the latest styles in laminate flooring Dallas. Let this laminate flooring shopping guide familiarize you with the market and get ready to make your choices.

Laminate flooring DallasWhat Is Laminate?

Laminate floors consist of layers of manmade materials, including plastics, wood composites and digitally printed images. Today’s images are so finely detailed that the laminate really looks like marble, wood, tile, or other more expensive flooring choices. In many cases, people cannot see the difference between laminate and the real thing. Flooring styles are available as tiles and planks in our laminate showroom Dallas.

What Types Are There?

Glueless Laminate: Quick and easy to install, these “floating” styles firmly interlock together without glue. They’re available with and without attached underlay.

Glued Laminate: The original laminate flooring, this style’s tongues and grooves need to be glued together to remain stable. You can purchase pre-glued styles that are less messy and faster to install.

Know Your Vocabulary

– Screens: The image variations used when printing laminate. Different planks or tiles will use different ‘screens.’

– Subfloor: This is the surface you place your laminate on. It could be concrete, wood or plywood. Peek’s laminate installation Dallas experts can lay laminate on nearly any surface.

– Underlayment: The moisture and sound barrier between your laminate and the subfloor. It also allows the floor to expand and contract with temperature changes, preventing issues like warping.

Good To Know!

– The more individual screens a laminate style uses, the more realistic it looks.
– Laminates look best when paired with matching moldings around baseboards, doorways, stairs and where it meets carpeting.
– Peek’s professional installation ensures a perfect fit, reducing problems down the road. If you like to do it yourself, we’ve got the premium product you need.

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