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Mohawk Flooring Company has been manufacturing a wide range of quality flooring since 1878. Mohawk’s award-winning floors are manufactured 100% in the United States, and they’re known throughout the industry for their exceptional looks, durability and eco-friendly business practices.

CarpetMohawk in Dallas

Got pets? Got kids? No problem. Mohawk knows that today’s homeowners want the best looks, comfort and stain resistance all in one carpet. Mohawk’s carpet technology ranges from durable Wear-Dated nylon to 100% recycled EverStrand, each range with its own unique colors, patterns and features to match your lifestyle.

If you want to know how well Mohawk carpet performs, just ask one of the 14 million homeowners that have trusted Wear-Dated carpet over the last 30 years. Superior durability and fade-resistance define the Wear-Dated line, and Scotchgard protection rounds it out with fantastic stain protection.

Fight odors and stains without compromising comfort with the ultrasoft Forever Fresh line. Every strand is bolstered with zeolite, a naturally odor-neutralizing mineral, and protected by Scotchgard Protector. Forever Fresh is made with the best PET available, so every step you take is cushioned by luxuriously soft carpeting.

Save the planet with the world’s most sustainable carpet. Everstrand is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, making some of the strongest PET carpet fibers on the market in the process. Its exceptional color and innate dirt-resistance is bolstered and protected by Scotchgard.

For the softest underfoot feeling, look beneath the carpeting. Mohawk’s SmartCushion underlayment is made from visoelastic memory foam. Its more than just cushy. It can improve energy efficiency, extend the life of your carpet and protect your subfloor from odor-causing spills.


Mohawk in DallasMohawk’s extensive tile range includes ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you want to tile a bathroom in wood-look porcelain or a screened in porch with quarry stone, you can find strong, beautiful options with Mohawk.

For easy cleaning and fantastic looks with little effort, many Mohawk tiles are infused with Microban technology. Microban is an antimicrobial coating that resists unsightly mold, mildew and bacteria. Unlike similar coatings, it doesn’t need to be activated by UV light. All you have to do is sit back an enjoy a lovely product.

Mohawk bakes Microban right into the tile glazing. It never needs to be reapplied and will last the entire life of your tile. No matter how heavy the foot traffic or how often the scrubbing, you can trust these PTCA-certified tiles to perform.

As trends change, so do the demands people want to place on their flooring. To help homeowners capture the look of their favorite materials in more spaces, Mohawk introduced Reveal Imaging technology. This advanced imaging method allows Mohawk to put true-to-nature stone and wood images on durable, stain-resistant porcelain tile.

With Reveal Imaging, you can put travertine looks on kitchen floors, wood looks on backsplashes and even marble outside. With Mohawk tile, it’s easy to keep up with the latest trends and stay true to your dream design no matter what look you want.

HardwoodMohawk in Dallas

Mohawk’s hardwood flooring designers have an eye for taste and maintenance simplicity. Whether you want for all-wood floors for a classic look or engineered hardwood for added durability, Mohawk is ready with styles ranging from ultra-modern to historic beauty.

In their quest to make flooring better for indoor air quality and the environment, Mohawk created Purebond engineered hardwood technology. Purebond flooring uses no formaldehyde in its composite wood core. Purebond engineered flooring reduces potential indoor VOC levels, meets CARB compliance regulations and is eligible for LEED green building points.

Paint and permanent marker were once the bane of hardwood, but Mohawk found the cure in Scotchgard protection. Scotchgard-protected hardwood resists staining, cleans up easily and looks gorgeous longer between deep cleanings.

To maximize durability, look no further than Armormax. Armormax has been a premier dirt- and wear-resistant coating for more than 50 years. It’s Scotchgard-infused and up to five times more durable than similar products. Look for Armormax in both engineered and all-wood styles.

For fast installation, Uniclic is the answer. Mohawk’s Uniclic floating floor system installs in a snap and can overcome concerns like uneven subfloors. Uniclic hardwoods are available in plank widths up to 7.5 inches and in practically every wood option. You don’t have to choose between looks and convenience with Mohawk.


Mohawk in DallasMohawk’s stunning luxury vinyl tile and plank borrow their good looks from natural materials like marble, quarry stone and hardwood. These high performance options are comfortable underfoot and waterproof, bringing the looks you want into the most challenging areas of your home.

Enjoy ease of installation, spill protection and stability with patented Uniclic vinyl floors. This tongue-and-groove system eliminates the need for glues and dry times. Almost every Mohawk luxury vinyl plank and tile line is available in Uniclic, so you never have to choose between style and ease.

With SolidTech luxury vinyl choices, you can get the most natural hardwood look with incredible durability. Because they’re impervious to warping from temperature changes, they’re a fantastic choice for Texas homes. SolidTech planks are even 50% denser than most similar products, meaning you can lay them right over ceramic tiles without worrying about uneven floors.

Spills and messes from kids and pets are no problem with 100% waterproof SolidTech floors. Its secure installation process even prevents liquid from seeping between planks. You never have to worry about mildew, and each plank provides incredible resistance to scuffs and scrapes from rough-and-tumble families.

At Peek’s Floor Co., you’ll find a robust range of Mohawk products to choose from. Stop by today and explore the stunning colors, textures and technology Mohawk in Dallas has to offer.

Mohawk in Dallas

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