Pergo Extreme Flooring Has an Attitude of Excellence

Pergo Extreme is flooring with an attitude. This material is water resistant and guaranteed against dents. Rigid Core flooring imitates hardwood, but it is much simpler to install and much easier on the budget. Pergo Extreme Wider Longer is made for stylish homes, providing visual interest and long wear. You can see how these luxury vinyl planks (LVP) will fit your home with a free estimate from Peeks flooring Dallas TX.

Extreme Wider Longer is Better

Extreme Wider Longer planks truly look like hardwood planks. This makes it less obvious that it is a manmade product. Shoppers will want to do a cost comparison to other vinyl tile, engineered wood or laminate. Designers will tell you that bigger planks make a room look more spacious. That combination of size and look are sure to add luxury to any home.

Pergo is Truly Luxurious

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is truly long lasting. These resilient floors have a dent-proof guarantee and a ten-year warranty. Since its waterproof, it can be used where occasional spills or wet shoes are common such as kitchens, basements, and entry ways. Since its beautiful, it will look great in dining rooms, living rooms and dens. If we still had ballrooms, this would be the perfect vinyl floor.

Easy to Clean

It never needs waxing, and you don’t need special flooring products to keep it clean. A broom or a vacuum take care of dirt and dust. An occasional wet mop gets rid of anything sticky. By contrast, more expensive wood floors are not waterproof, and they will require a professional wax.

Pergo Extreme has a 22-millimeter top layer. This especially tough wear layer won’t let dirt through. The layer protects the look from fading. Since it is waterproof, you’ll have few worries unless you have standing water such as a burst pipe or flood. This extremely durable rigid vinyl is 100 percent pet proof and 100 percent kid proof, according to the manufacturer. It is backed with a warranty that implies that this is truly a good investment.


Extreme floors truly are worry free. They come with a lifetime residential warranty for homeowners. For rental properties and businesses, the commercial warranty is 10 years.

How is Pergo made?

The manufacturer, which originated laminate 40 years ago, knows how to make this luxury vinyl flooring. There are many layers and seals within a waterproof rigid core plank.

They start with textures that imitate real wood. They add ScratchGuard Advanced to protect from pets and other scratchy wear-and-tear. PermaMaxTM rounds out this transparent wear layer.

To waterproof, Hydroseal adds a hydrophobic coating. With that, water runs off rather than seeps in. This also prevents moisture from swelling up the plank. GenuEdge applies pressed bevels that protect the look while keeping water out.

Next there’s a design layer. Shoppers pick from many choices that imitate hardwood perfectly.

Third, high-density fiber board forms a rigid core. This adds to its ability to resist dents. Snap-together installation is achieved with patented click-joins. Uniclic doesn’t require glue, but it is tight and waterproof. This keeps water on the surface where it can dry.

Finally, a bottom layer adds stability. An underlay provides sound-proofing and insulation.

Colors and Styles

There are many colors available. To find out more about Wider Longer styles, please ask a Peeks flooring specialist.

Wider Longer colors include:

  • Chocolate Turtle
  • Cinnamon Brulee
  • Moon Sail
  • Sesame
  • Soulful Grey

Extreme Wood Enhanced colors include:

  • Antelope
  • Ayres
  • Grey Opal
  • Meadows

Extreme Wood Originals include

  • All Spice
  • Angel Dust
  • Ariel
  • Ballard Oak
  • Blanched Pine
  • Blythe
  • Bohanon Caffeine Hit
  • Cape Sands
  • Chimney Smoke
  • Copper Hide
  • Dark Oasis

Pergo Price

Getting a price on a flooring product is as easy as filling out a form on our website, calling our store, or visiting in person. To get a price on Pergo installed, you’ll need to have one of our professional flooring installers visit your home and take measurements.

Soon you’ll have a beautiful, long-lasting floor you will be proud of. Call or visit Peeks today and ask for your free estimate.

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