Vinyl Plank

Achieve the look of natural wood and stone no matter what your budget. Luxury vinyl is the latest innovation that lets you capture natural textures without worrying about moisture damage or big price tags. It’s a snap to clean, comfortable to walk on and today’s advanced finishes protect against fading and scratches better than ever. Check out our shopping guide

High definition printing and embossing techniques make our luxury vinyl mimic in-demand hardwood, slate, marble and travertine. Available in tiles and planks, many of our styles interlock for glue-free application. Vinyl sheeting is also available.

Luxury vinyl is the most budget-friendly way to get the look of stone or hardwood throughout an entire level of your home. Because it’s moisture- and heat-resistant, it can go in basements, kitchens and bathrooms. With the savings in your budget, you can even have it installed over radiant heating. Ask about an in-home estimate today.

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