Rustic Floors from LVP to Reclaimed Wood in Dallas

The look of reclaimed wood is a Dallas design staple. Now that it’s a popular element in mainstream decorating, getting the rustic barn elements and cozy, weathered texture you want is easier than ever. Distressed and reclaimed wood floors make an excellent foundation for decor with plenty of comfortable character. Check out Peek‘s top rustic flooring picks plus a few tips for taking your design to the next level.

Authentic Reclaimed Wood for Dallas Flair

Taken from antique barns and houses, reclaimed wood is the quintessential rustic floor choice. Its dark grain and texture variation are striking and full of personality. Reclaimed planks can be left as-is or remilled for a smoother finish. You can choose from finishes like durable urethane and classic tung oil. Tung oil is a durable, water-resistant, natural finish that brings out the warmth of the wood like no other finish can.

A lot of reclaimed timber is made from pine. Pine develops phenomenal warmth as it ages and takes on some color variation from plank to plank. Different species yield different durabilities, so make sure to ask your flooring specialist what variety they think their material is. True pine is more durable than classic floor choices like oak and ash. It’s the best choice for high traffic areas. Heart pine is a little less durable and is more comparable to beech. Longleaf pine is further down the scale, closer to cherry and cedar.

reclaimed wood dallasDistressed Hardwood

New flooring with a distressed finish can get you that reclaimed barn wood look with easier installation, more color options and greater color consistency between planks. New wood floors come in seemingly unlimited combinations of wood species, stains, finishes and special coatings that enhance durability. They can also save you time and a bundle on installation with prefinished and glueless options.

If you need maximum durability, engineered hardwood is an ideal choice. The wood veneer can be stained and distressed just like regular hardwood while the man-made core offers better water and impact resistance than wood alone. The way the edges are finished give you a slightly different look than normal plank flooring, but many people can’t tell the difference.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury vinyl plank, or LVP, offers the ultimate combination of durability, water resistance and comfort. Don’t let the word “vinyl” deceive you. High definition printing processes and advanced embossing techniques let LVP manufacturers mimic high-end distressed hardwood and reclaimed wood with Dallas country style for a fraction of the cost.

LVP ranges from high water resistance to completely waterproof. It’s great for basements, kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms. Options like LVP can also help you focus your budget in the areas where it matters the most. You can put genuine reclaimed wood in key areas like the entry, invest in shiplap or install a barn wood accent wall, then use LVP floors to save money without sacrificing looks.

Green Reclaimed Design

For eco-friendly homes, there are a surprising number of ways to get the cozy country look you want. Salvaged flooring is green by nature. No new trees have to be cut down to make it. Instead, reclaimed wood from Dallas is saved from flooring in barns, antique homes and old out buildings to have a second life.

Even new flooring can be green. By using a thin veneer instead of a full plank, engineered hardwood yields a lot more flooring with fewer trees. Bamboo, a sustainable resource, can now be made into wide-plank floors and has recently become available in more distressed finishes. For a unique twist, consider cork flooring for large spaces. Its natural texture and color variation is reminiscent of salvaged material.

More Rustic Charm

Flooring isn’t the only antique and antique-style lumber you can use in your design. For walls, traditional wood siding and gapless shiplap can be worked into contemporary, cottage and even Scandinavian-inspired decor. You can also take flooring planks and repurpose them into custom furniture and art pieces.

Consider replacing columns with wooden posts or updating your fireplace surround with reclaimed brick. Carrying shiplap onto the ceiling is popular in luxury design, and it looks fantastic when set against dark-colored barn beams. You don’t have to have vaulted ceilings for exposed beams. Thinner beams with wood siding ceilings cozy up kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms beautifully.

Round out your design by upgrading your doors. Sliding barn doors and reclaimed antique doors add immediate interest and are great conversation pieces. Don’t stop at the front door. Rustic doors can be used for your pantry, hall laundry, outdoor living space and even as room dividers.

At Peek‘s, we’re here to help you find the perfect pieces for your projects. Stop by one of our convenient locations today to take a look at our reclaimed lumber and talk to an expert about your needs.

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