Smart Ways to Save on Your Next Flooring Project

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing a damaged carpet, new flooring has the power to completely transform a space. It can be tough to stay on-budget and get the gorgeous materials you want, but there are plenty of ways a smart shopper can save. A little creativity, a little elbow grease and keeping an eye out for stores that stock builders surplus in Richardson can stretch your budget farther than you think.

builders surplus richardsonGo With a Lookalike

If you’re married to your design but are flexible with your material, you can save instantly by switching to one of today’s “mimic” materials. Ceramic tile, porcelain tile and luxury vinyl can give you the look of high-end materials like hardwood and stone without the high-end price tag.

Using HD printing and special embossing techniques, tile and LVP can copy designer favorites like hickory, reclaimed wood, marble and slate. Both are water-resistant, easy to clean and are often less scratch-prone than their high-end siblings. Tile is wonderfully cool in the summer. LVP is soft and absorbs sound.

Look For Alternatives

If you’re married to your material but are flexible with your design, there are plenty of ways to save on classics like hardwood or get even lower prices on functional favorites like LVP. All you need is the exact square footage of your project and a good eye for sale signs.

Clearance products are an excellent place to start. Manufacturers routinely phase out colors and liquidate the remaining supply. Stores that carry builders surplus around Richardson could also have a similar color to your ideal look in a different wood or a luxury vinyl plank with similar colors as the stone you’ve been eyeing. Products like this often can’t be reordered, so make sure you have your measurements right before you buy. You can also score excellent savings at seasonal sales events. Being patient can pay off if you want a name-brand floor.

Watch Your Underlayments

Underlayments, which go between your flooring and the subfloor, are a surprise cost for many homeowners. Moisture barriers and upgraded carpet padding are two common examples. Underlayments will come bundled free with flooring from time to time, but these often aren’t the best quality. Good quality underlayments are an important part of your comfort and the longevity of your floors.

Underlayments don’t often go on sale, but you can still find deals. Ask about builders surplus at Richardson flooring suppliers to see if you can get higher quality carpet padding, vapor barriers and similar products that might be leftover from new home construction or other homeowners’ projects in your area.

Designing with Builders Surplus in Richardson

If you’re just starting to consider your options, taking your measurements straight to a builders surplus flooring supplier will let you design your home’s facelift around the floors that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Go shopping with a list of must-haves for your floor. Consider points like:
• Do you want it to feel cozy or modern?
• Do you have any maintenance musts like easy care or pet stain resistance?
• Does it have to be water-resistant?
• Do you want a traditional or exotic look?
• Do you need floors that are compatible with radiant heating?

Going in with an open mind can lead you to unexpected but stunning solutions. You could end up with wood-look LVP in the bathroom and Mediterranean-inspired, heated tile in the bedroom. Get creative with the deals available!

DIY the Basics

Flex your muscles and bust out the broom. While it’s always best to let the pros install your floors, you can shave labor hours and disposal fees off your installation by doing some of the prep work yourself. Plan on having the job done the night before your new floor is scheduled to go in.

Carpet and floating floors are the easiest to rip out yourself. If you’re replacing carpet with carpet, make sure you ask your installer about the carpet tack strips. They may want you to keep them in place. You can also tear out tile, hardwood and glue-down flooring, but you have to be careful not to damage your subfloor.

Go With Financing

Higher quality flooring performs better, lasts longer and looks fantastic. If you want to upgrade but don’t want to absorb the hit to your budget right away, you can stretch it out with no-interest financing.

With a no-interest line of credit, qualified buyers get 12 months “same as cash” financing. That’s 12 months of easy payments applied straight to your credit balance. You get more time to pay while you enjoy your brand new floors.

At Peek’s, we offer plenty of ways to save on great products and are happy to help you find the perfect match. Stop by and see what we have on sale now.

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