Staying On-Trend: Rustic Meets Minimalism

Visual clutter is out. Simple, soothing minimalism is in. Over the past few years, more and more people have been embracing the idea of clean design that highlights select, favorite materials and just a few beloved items. If you love the idea but don’t want to give up your farmhouse elements, you’re in luck. A growing trend is pulling rustic and natural flare into minimalist design. As you shop for flooring, keep in mind how you can coordinate your plans for wood floor installation with this next Dallas design favorite.

Wood Floor Installation DallasCrisp Neutrals, Barnwood Textures

Using a bright, crisp neutral tone as your primary wall color is the foundation of minimalist design. White is a popular choice, but don’t feel limited. You can define your palate with calm beige, natural gray, earthly brown or even relaxed, muted colors.

These clean neutrals show off the colors and rough-hewn texture of wooden ceiling beams, reclaimed wood furniture and rustic floors. When you plan wood floor installation for your Dallas oasis, consider hand-scraped or wire brushed hardwoods to get that textural pop. Deep woods make the biggest statement against pale walls, but blonde woods are nice and sunny. If you like to keep things cozy, think about matching a medium wall tone with a paler floor. Pale gray woods will keep your space looking open without cooling it down too much.

Natural Stone, Industrial Details

In glosses and mattes, stone is becoming one of the most popular ways to add natural textures without looking “busy.” Paired with metallic, industrial details like bronze or nickel, it can easily blend both contemporary and countryside aesthetics.

White and gray marbles with brass are the biggest trend for upscale design. You might think the pairing is too “ritzy” to go Dallas rustic, but paired with medium-toned woods and white walls, it looks spectacular. Slate and steel or copper is an easier combination to work in. Think slate tiled walls with metal light fixtures, banisters or chair legs.

Save Your Furniture, Change the Upholstery

If you already have a few furniture pieces that reflect your down-to-earth sensibilities, don’t replace them just because you want some cleaner design. Take a step back and decide if you can make them work. Simple changes, like paint and upholstery, can marry your crisp and country tastes.

Upholstery often makes the biggest difference. Minimalist design favors monochrome fabrics. It doesn’t have to be pale. If the rest of your decor is pale, dark sahdes can look great. You can also use upholstery to make your color statements in an otherwise neutral palate. Go ahead and use that bright red or navy blue. If you want to go neutral, think textured fabrics. It gives that natural feel without being too bold.

Going Gray

Gray is still going strong in minimalist palates. Think gray is boring? Take a second look. It’s one of the most versatile shades in the paint section. There are purple-grays, green-grays, red-grays and orange-grays. You can warm up or cool down your palate without adding a strong color or add a bright or deep shade without going too stark with black and white.

Gray hardwood is one of the darlings of minimalism, and it’s a golden opportunity to bring in classic Texas flare. Today’s hardwood options mean you can even carry it all the way into your kitchen. Getting engineered wood floor installation for your Dallas kitchen or basement gives you the look you want with the moisture tolerance you need.

Staying Inspired

Not sure what else to do? These ideas will help keep your design fresh:

  • If your home has good architecture, draw attention to it. Minimalism loves good lines. Highlight features like exposed beams, high ceilings and beautiful moldings.
  • Choose one or two natural materials to showcase prominently. Wood, stone, linen and plants are good foundations. If you go with two, make sure the shades either contrast or compliment for a cohesive look.
  • Pay attention to your light fixtures. They’ll stand out in minimal designs, and they’re an easy way to introduce rustic features.
  • Remember to stay de-cluttered. Shy away from busy patterns unless they’re going to be complimented by pure surroundings.
  • Don’t forget wool, sheepskins and cowhides for throws, rugs and pillows.
  • Don’t be afraid to contrast materials. Glossy, manmade countertops look amazing next to a stark, stone backsplash. Hand-scraped hardwood looks regal next to acrylic and chrome.
  • Mixing metals, even wood tones, can work if you plan for it. Bring everything together with complimenting upholstery, fittings or accessories.

At Last! Scheduling Wood Floor Installation in Dallas

When you have a design in mind, Peek‘s flooring professionals can help you find the hardwood to match. Stop by one of our showrooms today to browse our incredible selection of hardwood floors.

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