So many exciting things are being laid before you, let’s make sure you know the plan.  Here are some of the highlights:


The sales associate or designee will coordinate a day and time to meet you at your home, office, or business to take measurements and do a visual inspection of the area being addressed. This is the time to talk to your Sales Associate about your design, what you envision for your project, any issues or concerns you may have.

You can submit your own measurements. Please be aware that Stacy & Associates is not responsible for any inaccuracy in material due to customer’s measurements.


Once you and a Stacy & Associates sales associate have chosen the right products for your home, office or business, you will be given an estimate for material and services. The estimate is only an approximation, services and costs can vary after final installation is complete.

Before any ordering can be done we will speak with you and get all products and services approved.  At that time we will go over the details of your order with you and confirm all materials, sizes, and colors. Once all items are accounted for and the order is to your liking we will go over the costs with you. Before the material and products can be ordered you will need to pay for your installation in full.  Your order will be placed and a representative from our service department will  contact you.

Only items and services listed on the estimate/quote will be addressed.  If there is something you would like done like painting, caulking, and extra coats of polyurethane (this is not an all-inclusive list) please let your sales person know, they can address it.


Our Purchasing department will be notified of your order request and will communicate any special instructions.  They will get an estimated time of arrival of the material in order to get a date for scheduling installation.

There are a few things that should be remembered;

  • These are estimates of when product should arrive, delays can happen.
  • Vendors can make mistakes too.  It isn’t a common occurrence but occasionally the wrong material is delivered.  If this happens we will work diligently to get the situation corrected as quickly as possible.
  • Carpets that are special order cannot be returned. Miscellaneous items like trim, transitions, grout and adhesives cannot be returned.

Furniture Removal

Before you can enjoy your new area, we will need to be able to access the room.  Please remove all items that would obstruct the process.  If you are entrusting our company to move your furniture, please consult your sales associate, we gladly will do that for a low fee but there are some things you should know beforehand. Our crews are skilled laborers in their crafts, they are not trained professional movers.  Please remove all breakable items first, disconnect all electronics like stereos, TVs, computers, etc. . . . Remove bedding from beds. Please disconnect washers, dryers, refrigerators, and all gas appliances. Stacy & Associates will not move fish tanks, waterbeds, grandfather clocks, or any other items that cannot be moved by a 2 man crew.

Please know that our crews will do all they can to treat your home like ours, however they are not professional movers. We value our customers and do not want anything to happen, if you are concerned about any of your items please make arrangements to have professionals move your belongings.  Stacy & Associates will not be responsible for any damages associated with moving furniture.

Carpet/Flooring Removal

Out with the old, in with the new! Construction pains are part of getting your updated project completed.  We will be taking up old flooring to make room for the new flooring you ordered, taking up old flooring can be loud, there may be multiple trips in and out of your home, dust/dirt/debris may be present.  We will do all we can to minimize these disruptions.

Extra Material

You might notice extra material left after your install.  This is because in most cases the rooms are not the exact measurement the materials come in. Our installers will have to cut the material to fit the room.  Your sales associate will order a little more material to account for this situation.  If there is salvageable material our installers can leave it for you to have for future use.  If the material is too small or not deemed usable, the installer will bag it up and take it with them to dispose of it. 

Please reach out to your sales associate if you would like to have extra material for future use. They can ensure you have enough to keep.  *Special Note: It’s a good idea to have some extra material to save in case you need to replace part of it, dye-lots change, material is discontinued, or it isn’t available.*

Baseboards, Trims, Transitions

Our installers are capable of installing baseboards, trims, and transitions, please let your sales associate know if you would like some finishing touches to your home. As a rule we do not paint or caulk the baseboards, if you would like them done we can help you find someone that does. 

Our installers do not undercut doors. At times the new flooring installed may be “taller” than the previous material, this can cause your doors to rub against the floor, it may make it difficult to shut the door, this does not mean your installation was done incorrectly.  The doors may no longer be cut to the appropriate height for the flooring installed. You will need to contact someone who specializes in that trade. Our installers are not able to undercut the door.

Miscellaneous Items 

We at Stacy & Associates appreciate you welcoming us into your home. We want to ensure your installation is free from surprises and added stress. Knowing all information before the day of installation can help us plan ahead to ensure your job goes smoothly.

What cannot be seen cannot accurately be priced. There is much we cannot know before the old flooring is removed. Floor tolerance is very important with certain products.  The floor must be as flat as possible to ensure the new flooring will perform the way it should. Once the old floor is remove the existing sub floor can be evaluated and treated to ensure proper installation. Floor prep or self-level is recommended to help a floor be level.  Your sales associate can estimate how many bags will be needed initially, but once the floor is exposed you may need to adjust the amount. Your sales associate will call you with any added or special information.

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