Make your home extra cozy with a touch of softness and warmth. Carpeting is one of America’s favorite floor coverings, and today’s options have incredible stain-repelling properties, durability, and softness. At Peek’s, you can shop luxury brands like Karastan, Shaw, and Masland all in one place. Whether you want an easy-to-care-for Berber or something with a unique pattern, you can find it at one of the Peek’s Floor Co. locations. We have showrooms located in Richardson, Flower Mound, Frisco, and Highland Park for your convenience. 

Protect Your Floors

Install carpet in your home to protect your floors or to hide them if you don’t like the material. Today, carpets are beautiful, sustainably made, and comfortable. They can prevent falls in your home, reduce noise, and most of our carpets are constructed to withstand heavy foot traffic. They’re also much more stain-resistant than carpeting used to be. This means when you shop with Peek’s you will get a longstanding return on your investment. 


Types of Carpet Fibers

Most carpeting is constructed using synthetic fibers, which are more stain-resistant and inexpensive. However, we also offer some natural fiber carpets. 

Acrylic: This is known as man-made wool that looks and feels just like real wool. It’s a good carpeting solution for areas with light foot traffic. Some advantages of acrylic fiber are static electricity reduction, long-lasting vibrancy, and it is resistant to moisture and mildew. 

Wool: This is a natural fiber and it’s lavish and durable. It’s soft, thick, and it can hide stains better than synthetic carpeting options because, unlike synthetic fibers, it isn’t clear. The wool can be dyed to fit your style as well.

Nylon and Olefin Blend: This fiber blend is resilient, but the fibers don’t resist stains evenly. This means some stains may stand out more than others. 

Nylon: This is the strongest carpet fiber available. It resists abrasions, chemicals, animals, mold, and mildew. It’s also easy to maintain and the color remains vibrant. This option is more affordable than wool and can last up to 15 years when properly maintained. 

Olefin: This fiber is the second most popular carpet fiber. Olefin fibers hold color well, resist abrasions and mildew, it’s easy to clean, and suitable in highly trafficked areas. 

Polyester: This fiber feels incredibly luxurious and it’s fairly durable against abrasions, and it’s fairly easy to clean. However, the fiber may not hold up as well as other carpet fibers under heavy footfall. 

Recycled Polyester: This carpet fiber comes in a variety of bright colors and fun textures. It’s more resistant to stains than nylon and is also pretty good at preventing mold and mildew. This option is also non-allergenic and cost-effective, not to mention environmentally friendly!



There are so many carpeting options available that it would be impossible to provide an estimate here. However, carpet is generally a more cost-effective flooring solution than hard surface floors would be. 


Carpet Installation

Peek’s Carpet offers a variety of carpeting options to fit various rooms in your home and reflect your personal style. We are one of the most trusted carpet installation contractors in the DFW metroplex, and we’ve completed high-quality installations across northern Texas. We can handle carpet installations, even in oddly shaped areas. Just contact us to schedule a consultation. 


Flooring Consultation

When you’re ready to revamp your living space stop by the Peek’s Carpet showroom and talk with one of our flooring experts. We will work with you to find the right product, design, and color to fit your needs. If the product you want is in stock we can deliver and install your carpet as early as the next day! Peek’s always keeps the latest carpeting solutions stocked in-house, and we ensure that our carpets have the latest in waterproofing and stain resistance technology at an affordable price point. 

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