Stone Flooring Pros and Cons A Peek’s Flooring Review

There are many products that can imitate stone, and many people will choose them rather than invest in actual stone. Yet stone has many advantages as a flooring and as an investment. Here in Dallas, its natural cool properties are one reason to put it on your floor shopping list. A list of stone flooring pros and cons may help as you made your decision.

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What are the Advantages of Natural Stone Tile?


Stone flooring is natural, and that makes it highly desirable in any home. Natural flooring products always add value to your home investment and will help when you sell your home someday.


Each stone’s unique look combines to form a distinctive floor like few others. This adds an elegant touch to any home.


Marble and granite tiles are cooler than wooden flooring, carpeting or manmade tiles. Dallas homeowners will like the feel of cool tiles on a hot day.


No matter how many people run across it on a regular basis, stone flooring can take it. It can handle families and big parties and much more. Dogs and cats won’t make a dent. Wear and tear just isn’t much of a factor with this type of flooring.

Easy to Clean:

Natural stone is easy to clean. It just takes a quick wipe or wet mop to renew the look. Some varieties are more susceptible to staining than others, but a protective sealant can protect the look.


Stone flooring fits in well with any design. With natural colors or materials, it is a perfect fit, but it also adds a classic touch to the contemporary.


You are unlikely to replace a stone floor unless there’s structural damage to the home. This should allow you to enjoy redecorating without the stress of having new floors put in.

Are There Disadvantages to Natural Stone Flooring?

Different types of natural stones pose different challenges. Here are a few that shoppers should be aware of when choosing their flooring.


This is the main deterrent when a consumer wants stone floors. Manufactured stone tiles are an alternative, and we certainly have those at Peeks for you to compare.


If a stone is naturally porous, it may require the application of sealing agents every few years to ensure that liquids don’t penetrate the surface.


A highly polished stone is more likely to show scratches. Families may not want a highly polished stone for their busiest rooms.

Pros and Cons of Specific Stone Flooring Choices

These are the pros and cons of stone flooring in general. However, it should be noted that each stone type has its own pros and cons. We’ve outlined a few stone flooring pros and cons below.


The natural matte finish on Travertine makes it popular for busy areas and for those with kids and pets. Definitely elegant, it has a softer feel than its rivals. Home owners may use it indoors or outdoors.

Shoppers who want a glossy finish should look to marble or granite. Likewise, if the cooling quality is what you’re after, marble or granite are a better fit.


Limestone is more resilient than Travertine or marble. It creates a more uniform look because the color is more uniform within the slab. Thus the tiles have a similar appearance and match more exactly than granite or marble.

Since this is one of the more porous stones, it will absorb water. This makes it slippery when wet. It is not the best choice for bathrooms or poolside use. Home owners will need to apply a protective sealant every few years to keep it protected from stains.


Granite is considered the most durable stone. It comes in textures and colors that make it appealing to consumers. Each tile is different, and the final look is truly natural. Compared to many rivals, such as wood flooring, the absorption rating is very low, and water damage is unlikely.

Installation is more expensive, and the subflooring must be rid of any imperfections, providing a smooth surface for the granite tiles.


Marble flooring has the glossiest look, and it has the most elegant finished design. Rich colors add vibrancy to any room.

Scratching and staining are more likely for this stone. Sealing must be done with care. The right protective sealant can help you maintain a marble floor indefinitely.

Should You Choose Stone?

If you want a natural look, stone is definitely a great way to go. You’ll find a selection at Peek’s Flooring Co. Our expert installation crew will make sure your new stone floor lasts for generations.

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